Where We Are

48: What Is This?

“This feels like deja vu”

Maia, who was sat cross legged in the middle of her bed, lifted her head at the sound of Alex’s voice before she shook it, her fingers fiddling nervously with the ends of her hair. “It’s not as bad as last time” she murmured, not shifting her stare from the duvet. It had been awkward, after Maia had admitted that there was a chance that she was pregnant for the second time, she had been a little quiet and distant, but still she was glad that Alex was there, even if she had been a little off with her. She was glad that she had her friend’s support.

Alex, who’d moved to sit down at the foot of the bed, quirked a small smile before she leant back, resting her weight against the mattress. “You were a mess last time” she quipped “I mean, I don’t think you stopped crying” she added, her voice warm and playful. She could see that Maia was anxious, from the moment the idea of her being pregnant again had fallen out of her mouth, she hadn’t quite been herself, and Alex wanted to try to buoy the mood, even if it was likely to be in vain. She wanted to at least see Maia attempt to crack a smile.

Maia shook her head. “It was a pretty big deal” she quipped “I mean, I had just broken up with Iker and the idea that I was pregnant was....it was pretty overwhelming” she babbled.

“I know it was” Alex mused “But it worked out, didn’t it?” she posed.

Maia spared her a soft look before she nodded, a faint smile pulling at the corner of her mouth. “I’d say so” she murmured “I mean, Ella’s pretty spectacular and Iker...I love him, Alex” she added gently.

Alex nodded. “I know you do” she quipped “I’d be a pretty shitty best friend if I didn’t know that” she added.

Maia laughed lightly before she shifted her hand, gently re-tucking her hair behind her ear. “Did I ever thank you?” she asked.

“What for?” Alex returned, a small frown on her face.

“Encouraging me to talk to Iker” Maia replied “I think we both know that without you, I’d have chickened out for a lot longer” she added timidly.

Alex allowed her words to hang in the air for a moment before she shook her head, a warm grin on her face. “You’d have told him” she noted “And you’d have done it because it was the right thing to do. Baba deserved to have Iker in her life, Maia, and Iker deserved to be in baba’s life, and you knew it. It might have taken a little longer, but you’d have done it, and I think you and Iker would have still figured things out. As silly as it sounds, I am pretty convinced that you two are supposed to end up together” she added encouragingly.

Maia’s cheeks flushed a soft shade of pink at Alex’s words before the sound of the timer of her phone filled the air, causing her to take in a deep breath before she tentatively pushed herself up to her feet. Hesitating for a second, she spared a timid glance towards the bathroom before she padded towards it, quickly stopping ahead of the counter.

“I looked last time” Alex quipped, startling Maia slightly “You want me to do it again?” she posed.

Maia, who was focused on the two upside down tests, mulled her offer over briefly before she shook her head. “I can handle it” she quipped.

“You sure?” Alex posed.

Maia nodded her head before she took in a breath, gently lifting the tests into her hand. Twisting them around in her hand, she briefly contemplated handing them off to Alex before she shook her head, turning them over so that the results looked up at her. Chewing on her lip, she scanned the instruction pamphlet, before she shook her head, a faint smile pulling at the corner of her mouth.

Alex, who was stood in the doorway, spotted the smile before she took a pace forwards, scanning the results over Maia’s shoulder. “You’re going to need a bigger place” she quipped.

Maia let out a small laugh before she nodded. “We are” she noted.

Alex offered her a small smile before she wrapped her arms around her, squeezing her gently. “Congrats, Maia” she mused warmly.

Maia smiled gently at her words before the sound of Alex’s phone filled the air, causing the ginger woman to let out a small groan. “That’s going to be Will” she murmured “We’re supposed to head out tonight, but if...”

“I’ll be fine” Maia interjected, knowing what was coming “Besides, I am sure that hanging out with your boyfriend will be a lot more fun that spending the evening with me” she added.

Alex feigned thought for a moment before she nodded, a cheeky smile on her face. “You’re right” she quipped “I’ll see you later?” she posed.

Maia let out a laugh before she nodded. “Of course, Alex” she noted “Have fun” she added impishly.

Alex poked her tongue out playfully before she ducked out of the bathroom, allowing Maia to drop her stare back towards the tests which sat in her hand. Staring down at them for a moment, she allowed her eyes to scan over the results before she gently settled them back down onto the counter, a soft smile tugging at her lips as she padded out of the bathroom.

Pulling the front door closed behind him, Iker allowed a yawn to fall out of his mouth, his dark eyes surveying the quiet hall way. He wasn’t surprised that it was so quiet, with his match having been away, he hadn’t gotten back until late, and he was confident that both Maia and Ella would have been asleep for a while. Yawning to himself once more, he settled his kit bag down away from the door before he quickly made his way through the apartment, ducking quietly into his bedroom where Maia laid, sleepily contently against her pillow.

Stopping in the doorway, he admired her quietly for a moment before he stepped into the bathroom, pulling the door to behind him. Lifting his shirt up, he pulled it up over his head before he took a pace towards the sink, collecting his toothbrush before his eyes fell on something which was sat on the counter, causing a small frown to appear at the corner of his mouth. Blinking a couple of times, he stared down at the counter briefly before he reached his hand out, gently lifting the two tests into his hand.

Staring down at them, he allowed the surprise to pass over him, before he shook his head, his feet quickly dragging him back out towards the bedroom where he sat down on the edge of the bed, his hand nudging against Maia’s shoulder. “Maia” he breathed.

Maia stirred at the sound of her name, but didn’t wake up, something which caused Iker to offer her shoulder a slightly stronger nudge. “Maia, nena, wake up” he noted, his voice slightly urgent.

Maia let out a small snuffle before she blinked her eyes open, staring up at Iker confusedly. “Iker?” she spluttered “What?” she huffed.

Iker simply jutted his hand forwards, showing off the two tests which sat in the palm of his hand.

Maia blinked sleepily before she sat up slightly, turning on the bedside lamp. “It’s one in the morning” she complained “What couldn’t wait?” she added.

“This” Iker breathed “What is this?” he added as he offered his hand out slightly further, pulling her attention down towards it.

Maia stared down at his hand for a second, quickly recognizing the pregnancy tests, before she shook her head, her blue eyes staring up at him as she tried to decipher the expression which had appeared on his face.
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