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53: Tell Me Not To

Placing two plates down onto the kitchen table, Maia tentatively lifted her hands, pulling her dark hair out of her face before she padded back towards the stove, retrieving the pot of food which sat on top of it. It had been a little while, with the news of her second pregnancy still settling in and their families keen to make a fuss of Ella’s first Christmas, it had been a little while since she and Iker had had the opportunity to take a night for themselves, but when her mother had dropped in on her to offer to babysit, Maia had been quick to agree, wanting to take a little time for just the two of them. It played on her mind, the prospect of their relationship slipping was a thought which had passed through her head more than once, and she wanted to put the effort in, even if Iker had insisted that he wasn’t worried. The last thing she wanted was for things to falter for a second time.

Carefully carrying the pot over towards the table, she settled it down before she moved to collect a spoon, settling a portion of food on each plate.

“Where is Ella?”

Maia, who’d been staring down at the plates, visibly startled at the sound of Iker’s voice before she dropped the spoon, something which caused her to glare up at Iker who stood in the doorway, an amused smirk on his face. “I didn’t mean to scare you” he quipped.

“That smirk says otherwise” Maia retorted as she leant down, collecting the spoon.

Iker shook his head. “I really didn’t” he noted “I got back a couple of minutes ago and I thought I would check in on Ella before I came to see what you were up to. You found a babysitter?” he posed, pulling out a chair.

“My mother came by” Maia confirmed “She said that she and my papa didn’t have plans for the night and offered to take Ella. I decided to take her up on it, seeing as it is New Year’s Eve and all” she added with a small shrug.

Iker lifted an eyebrow. “So this is a date?” he quipped, a boyish smirk on his lips.

Maia rolled her eyes. “You’re an idiot” she quipped.

Iker simply grinned up at her, something which made her let out a soft giggle before she padded around the table, taking the seat opposite him. “I thought it would be nice” she mused “It’s been a little while since we had a date that wasn’t the two of us sitting in the bathroom while I throw up, and I thought tonight would be romantic” she added, messing with the fork with sat in her hand.

Iker watched her fuss with the fork for a moment before he quirked a small smile, his foot lightly nudging hers beneath the table. “It sounds like a good idea to me, Maia” he enthused warmly.

Maia spied the soft smile which had appeared on his lips before she ducked her head, trying to hide the small hint of colour which had appeared on her cheeks. Iker noticed the blush, but opted against making a comment, instead moving to knot the fingers of their spare hands together before he offered her hand a slight squeeze, more than looking forwards to the prospect of a night to themselves.

“Are you sure that you’re not cold?”

Maia, who’d moved to pull the blanket that she wore around her shoulders a little closer, smiled at the concerned tone of Iker’s voice before she lifted her head, offering him a small nod. “I’m fine” she noted.

Iker, who’d moved to sit down on the balcony beside her, lifted an eyebrow. “You sure?” he posed “I mean, I could easily duck back inside and get a few more...”

“I’m fine, Iker” Maia interrupted, a soft giggle tumbling out of her mouth.

Iker spared her another slightly dubious look before he nodded his head, moving to settle his arm comfortably around her waist. It had been a quiet night, with Ella with her grandparents, Maia had been quick to arrange an evening which had been quiet, but still romantic, and Iker had enjoyed it, even if he did love spending time with both Maia and Ella. He enjoyed the opportunities that he and Maia took to spend an evening together as a couple. They tried, whenever the opportunity arose, they tried to make the most of it, and it buoyed Iker’s confidence in them, even if he knew that there were a few doubts that played on Maia’s mind. He had little doubt that they’d continue to make things work.

“What time is it?”

Iker, who’d been quietly staring off into the night, startled at the sound of Maia’s voice. “Huh?” he spluttered.

Maia giggled. “What time is it?” she repeated “Have we got much longer before midnight?” she added, tugging her blanket a little more around her shoulders.

Iker spared a quick look down towards his watch before he shook his head. “About five minutes” he noted “Are you sure that you’d rather not watch the fireworks on television? I mean, it’s a lot warmer indoors” he fussed.

Maia rolled her eyes playfully before she turned, pressing a soft kiss against his cheek. “It’s more romantic this way” she quipped.

“It’d be a lot more romantic if I wasn’t freezing” Iker pointed out.

Maia rolled her eyes once more before she shifted a little, settling herself down between his legs before she swung the blanket over his shoulder, ensuring that it was wrapped around the two of them. “Is that better?” she posed, peeking up at him through her eyelashes.

Iker stared down at her for a second, his dark eyes admiring her blues, before he leant forwards, pressing their lips together. “Much” he mumbled as he pulled away from her.

Maia offered him a tender smile before she turned away from him, resting her back contently against his chest. Iker flex his grip around her waist before the sound of his watch alarm filled the air, sparking the start of the fireworks which marked the start of the New Year. Smiling, he watched the sky for a few seconds before he carefully readjusted himself, pulling something out his pocket before he settled it on Maia’s knee, something which caused her to look down, a soft sound falling out of her mouth. “Iker” she breathed.

Iker quirked a boyish smile. “Tell me not to ask” he noted.

“What?” Maia breathed.

“Tell me not to say it, and I won’t” Iker clarified “But this is something that’s been on my mind since Alex brought it up and I can’t think of a time better than this one to broach it. So, if you don’t want me to ask, just tell me, and I can put this back and we can wait for the right moment to come along” he added softly. He could see that she was surprise, the expression on her face screamed it, and he wanted to offer her an out. Not wanting her to feel backed into something that she wasn’t ready for.

Maia, who was still staring down at the item which sat on her knee, blinked a couple of times before she lifted her head, meeting his eyes. “You want to do it?” she posed quietly.

“I wanted to do it eleven months after I met you” Iker countered “That’s when I bought it, but I convinced myself that it was best to wait. I didn’t want to scare you off, I still don’t want to do that now” he added.

Maia shook her head. “We’re having a baby” she pointed out.

“I know” Iker mused “And I am not pushing for us to get married tomorrow, or even in the next year or two, I just...I want to know that that’s where we’re headed, but if this is too much, just say the word, and we can forget it for now” he added, his voice soft but still insistent.

Maia, who’d diverted her stare back down towards the box which sat on her knee, was quiet for a few seconds before she shook her head. “Ask” she murmured.

Iker tilted his head. “You sure?” he asked.

Maia simply nodded, something which made Iker quirk a light smile before he leant forwards, brushing a light kiss against the back of her neck. “Maia, mi amor, will you marry me?” he whispered tenderly.

Maia’s stomach twitched the butterflies at his words before she quirked a shy smile, offering him a gentle nod of her head. “Yes” she breathed.

Iker, who had moved to press another kiss against her neck, smiled against the warm skin, allowing her ‘yes’ to hang in the air around them.
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