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57: I’m Just Appreciating It

Allowing a tired yawn to fall out of his mouth, Iker quietly tossed onto his side, his hand flicking the switch on the alarm clock which beeped irritatingly from its spot on the end table. It had been set early, with Ella’s first birthday having rolled around, Maia had been quick to set the alarm a little earlier than usual so that they could start to get things ready, but Iker didn’t want to move, even if the idea of seeing their daughter on the morning of her first birthday was tempting, a larger part of him wanted to remain curled up beside his girlfriend for a little longer.

Ensuring that the alarm had been shut off, he carefully looped his arm around Maia’s waist before he shuffled a little closer to her, pressing a soft kiss against the back of her neck. Maia, who’d been comfortably sleeping, stirred a little at the feel of his lips against her skin before she peeked an eye open, sparing him a sideward glace over her shoulder. “What time is it?” she murmured quietly.

“It doesn’t matter” Iker replied “All you need to know is that it is early and that we can get back to sleep for a little longer” he added, pressing another soft kiss against her warm skin.

Maia quirked a sleepy smile at the feel of the kiss before she turned over, her blue eyes peeking up at him softly. “You know that we have to get up” she mused as she carefully reached her hand out, pushing a few hairs off of his forehead.

“Eventually” Iker countered “But right now? We don’t. Ella’s still sleeping, our parents aren’t going to show up until the middle of the morning. We’ve got some time to just lay here and enjoy each other’s company” he argued softly. It was infrequent, with a young daughter around, it wasn’t unusual for Iker and Maia to wake up at two different times, and the keeper wanted to make the most of that morning, even if it was likely to only be a little while before Ella started to stir. He was keen to enjoy a few extra minutes curled up beside his girlfriend.

Maia, who was happily playing with his dark hair, smiled a little at the softness in his voice before she carefully leant towards him, pressing a tender kiss against his forehead. “You enjoy my company?” she mumbled as she carefully worked her way down his face, pressing brief kisses to his nose and cheeks before she pulled back slightly, leaving a small gap between their lips.

“I might do” Iker quipped, playing along.

Maia offered him a slightly impish grin before she leant a little closer, lightly brushing their noses together. “I might enjoy your company too” she murmured softly.

Iker gently nudged their noses together, preparing to press a kiss against her lips, before the sound of Ella’s cries emanated away from the baby monitor which sat on the nightstand, a sound which made Iker groan.

Maia smirked a little at the groan which fell out of his mouth. “See” she quipped “We do need to get out of bed” she added smugly.

Iker offered her a small glare, something which simply made Maia giggle before she swung her feet out of bed, tentatively pushing herself up to her feet. “Aren’t you going to come and say good morning to the birthday girl?” she quipped as she moved to collect her robe, wrapping it around her shoulders.

Iker, who was still settled in the bed, paused for a second before he pushed himself up, making a beeline towards Maia before he cupped the back of her neck, pulling her into a warm kiss. Maia squeaked a little at the contact, surprised by how sudden it was, but she quickly warmed to it, kissing him back happily for a few seconds before she pulled back, flashing him a bashful smile. “What was that for?” she breathed.

Iker shrugged. “I felt like kissing you” he quipped boyishly.

Maia rolled her eyes playfully before she moved to take a hold of his hand, leading him out of their bedroom and towards Ella’s. Gently knocking the door open, she stepped quietly into the nursery before she settled her stare on Ella who sat in her crib, a pout fixed on her face. Dropping her hold on Iker’s hand, she padded towards the crib before she lifted Ella into her arms, pressing a soft kiss against her cheek. “Happy birthday, baby” she murmured quietly.

Iker, who was stood in the doorway, watched the two of them for a moment before he stepped forwards, pressing a light kiss against Ella’s other cheek. “Happy birthday, Ella” he murmured gently.

“Are we nearly ready to sing happy birthday?”

Maia, who’d been placing a number one candle into the centre of the birthday cake, startled slightly at the sound of Iker’s voice before she turned slightly, offering him a small smile. It had been a busy day, with Iker having had training, and their parents having dropped in to spend time with Ella, it’d been difficult for the two of them to catch more than a couple of seconds alone with their daughter, but Maia didn’t mind. It was an important day, Ella’s first birthday was something that she and Iker had both been looking forwards to, and she was pleased that their families were so keen to be involved, even if it had mean dodging a couple of curious questions from their cooing mothers. She was more than glad that everyone was around.

“I think so” Maia replied “But what are you doing out here? I thought you were watching Ella” she added.

Iker took a couple of paces forwards before he gently settled his arms around her waist, his palms resting flatly against her pronounced bump. “I was” he murmured quietly “But your madre was more than happy to step in so that I could come and check on you” he added, pressing a light kiss against the side of her neck.

Maia, who’d moved to light the candle, flushed a little at the feel of his lips against her skin before she tilted her head, peeking up at him gently. “You’re very affectionate today” she pointed out.

Iker nodded. “I know” he noted “Are you complaining?” he asked.

Maia shook her head. “Of course not” she noted “But it’s not like you. Is everything Ok?” she asked.

Iker quirked a small smile before he nodded. “It’s pretty wonderful actually” he noted “My little girl is a whole year old, my second baby is only a matter of months away from arriving, and my fiancée is a pretty beautiful woman. Things are pretty good for me right now, and I am just appreciating it a little. Is that a problem?” he asked, his voice warm and kind.

Maia smiled a little at his words, a blush prominent on her cheeks, before she shook her head. “It’s not a problem at all” she mused.

Iker flashed her a slightly boyish smile before he craned his neck, pressing a kiss against her lips that he was quick to stop, his attention drawn towards the feeling of movement against the palm of his hand. Staring down at Maia’s bump, the grin on his face stretched a little wider before he dipped down, pressing a quick kiss against the front of her shirt before he straightened up, quickly collecting the birthday cake before he strode out of the room.

Maia watched him out of the door before she shook her head, a bright smile pulling at the corner of her mouth. Things were going well for them, since she had discovered that she was expecting for a second time, things seemed to have been better than ever between her and Iker, and she was hopeful that it would last. She liked what was happening between them.
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