Status: 2k17 Nano Novel

Winter Twilight

Long ago, she refused the romantic advances of a Warlock and because of that, she was taken away. The land became frozen, covered in snow and ice. The inhabitants of the land called it the Curse of the Winter Swan. Many have tried breaking the curse, but every attempt failed and soon the Frozen Land became too cold to live in and all the inhabitants of the kingdom fled, scattering to live in other lands.

Centuries have passed and with it, the Curse of the Winter Swan, the land, and everything associated with it all, but disappeared, becoming nothing more than a bedtime story to children. It is said that no relatives of the cursed princess exist. Save for one. A young maiden named Skyla. Skyla, a mysterious girl, winds up in the kingdom of Arisia where she meets crowned Prince William and they soon fall in love. As their love blooms, they marry, becoming the next King and Queen of Arisia. And with it, comes trouble, trouble named Rothbart.

As Rothbart, William's former friend and advisor plots to take over the kingdom, Skyla dies in childbirth, leaving but two children, two princesses of Arisia, Odette, and Leda. Rothbart, having been exiled, steals one of the twins away and William soon faces another problem, an inevitable war. Williams reaches out to an old friend of Skyla's, Queen Uberta, whose own kingdom faces a similar threat. Hoping to unite their kingdoms, William and Uberta spend 18 years preparing Princess Odette and Uberta's son, Prince Derek for a political marriage.

During the 18 years of forced summer visits, Odette and Derek grow up, unable to tolerate each other until the 18th summer, when Odette turns 18. When they laid eyes on each other, they fall in love and prepare to marry until Odette asks one question:

"What do you love about me?"

Unable to receive an answer beyond, "Your beauty," Odette breaks off the engagement. Only to be taken away by an evil "beast" on her way home, losing her father in the process, and to be cursed by Rothbart.

Desperate to break the curse, a Prince Derek sets off find Odette and break the curse, but the curse can only be broken with a vow of everlasting love.

This story is inspired by and based off of the Swan Princess animated movies with some elements drawn from Frozen. I will be using the same character names as the ones from the movies, but with some minor changes. Story layout by aubs @ her shop.
  1. Prelude: Desperate Escape
    She tries to escape the curse and the only ones to hear her cries are two childhood friends.
  2. Prelude: Darkness
    He senses dark powers calling to him.
  3. Prelude: Ill At Ease
    What did he see exactly?