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His Mission

It was strange how humans worked. The soul of his vessel seemed to stir at the many sights, whether it was seeing a butterfly flying down to kiss the petals of the nearby flowers or the sounds of a car honking, everything made her stir from within this frail body. Just what did his brother see in this lowly being.

The first step outside of the house wasn't as exhilarating as many of his fellow angels had said it would be when they took over their vessels.That first breath, seeing the world their Father created through the eyes of his most beloved creation. It didn't feel very exciting to him. Though feeling the cold wet drop of rain falling out of the sky and hit his, no her face startled him. It was cold, was that the right word? Cold? But he ignored it as he walked off the small porch and immediately made his way to the sidewalk. Immediately, all of his angelic senses became active and he soon felt the presence of his brothers and sisters and hear the many wishes, thoughts, all the prayers of the humans walking around on Earth.

it might seem hard to decipher it all, but God gave all angels the ability separate the seemingly overwhelming thoughts and conversations, and focus on the task at hand. Eyes narrowed as he used the link between all angels to search the one he was tasked to find.