Where I Need to Be

You Need To Tell Him

A few weeks had passed Since Neymar had left for Paris and since Melissa had found she was pregnant, she had gone to call him a couple of times to tell him about the baby but she always talked herself out of calling him, he had just moved to a new Country he didn't need the added pressure of a new baby and that is how she tried to justify not telling him. The only people who knew about her pregnancy was Jessica and Henry the two people who she could trust most in the world, she knew they would not say a word about her pregnancy to anyone.

Melissa was seeing them today for lunch, she knew they would try and talk her into telling Neymar but she was determined to keep the baby news to herself for a little while longer, she wanted Neymar to enjoy his fresh start in Paris, her news could wait. She would have to tell Neymar eventually but right now she just wanted to get her head around the fact she was going to be a mother in around seven months time.

Making her way over to the table where Jessica and Henry were waiting for her, Jessica looked up and smiled at her " You are late" she teased lightly, as Melissa sat down.

" Sorry but my morning sickness was horrible this morning" Melissa smiled a little.

Henry smiled back at Melissa he didn't understand why she was refusing to even think about telling Neymar, the footballer had a right to know he was about to be a dad again for the second time.

" Yeah I head Morning sickness sucks" Henry replied, as he sipped on his orange juice.

Melissa picked up her menu and glanced down at it, she was craving something with cheese in in it, so she finally decided to go with chicken with a cheese sauce then ordered herself a bottle water. She handed her menu back to the waitress then turned back to Henry.

" I wouldn't recommend it" she joked with a smile.

Jessica laughed a little she had been worried about Melissa for a while when Neymar had first left but she needn't have worried, Melissa was doing fine and still seemed to have her sense of humor, she knew Melissa still missed Neymar even if she would never admit it, it was written all over her face, it was clear to see.

" So have you told Neymar yet?" Jessica asked.

Melissa shook her head " No, anytime I called him, it went straight to voicemail" she lied, looking down at her plate.

" You need to tell him Mel, you can't keep him in the dark" Henry pointed out " He is going to find out eventually you have the same circle of friends" he added.

Melissa nodded her head slightly " Yes here in Barcelona, he will make new ones in Paris" she replied.

" I know you miss him and don't want to tell him but he has a right to know" Jessica said softly, she knew Melissa's feelings for Neymar was stopping her from telling him about the baby and it wasn't right she was punishing him because he couldn't tell her what she wanted to hear.

Melissa knew her friends were right she had to tell Neymar but right now she just wanted a little time to get used to the idea she was pregnant with his child " I will tell him but in my own time" she replied.

" You will have to tell him before someone else tells him" Henry warned " I mean we won't say anything, but the further along you get someone will notice and tell him" he added.

Jessica saw their words were finally getting through to Melissa, she just hoped they would stick and that Melissa would finally tell Neymar the truth. " You know you don't have to worry about Neymar's reaction he will be there for you and the baby" she said.

" I know that, I just don't want to be around him right now, I need to get over him first before talking to him again" Melissa sighed.

Henry reached for Melissa's hand " You have to put your feelings for Neymar to one side, this isn't just about you two anymore" he said. " You need to put your unborn child first" he added.

" You are both right, I need to tell Ney" Melissa said quietly,she decided she would call him when she arrived home later today.


Neymar scrolled down to Melissa's number in his phone, he had called her a few times since he had left Barcelona, but all is calls went unanswered, he knew why she was avoiding him and he didn't blame her. Neymar wished he could have said what Melissa wanted to hear but he couldn't, he wasn't in love with her, he cared deeply about Melissa, but he had always been honest about his feelings from the start, what they had was just a little fun and that Bruna was the one he truly cared about.

Now he was back with Bruna, Neymar couldn't help but feel a little guilty even though he hadn't done very much wrong he wasn't totally heartless he knew Melissa would be hurting right now and that made him feel a little bad, he hoped that in a few months maybe they could be friends again, because he didn't want to lose Melissa totally she had been his best friend when he had been in Spain and he didn't want that to change but he knew that it changed the minute they started sleeping with each other and they couldn't go back to how things were before.

" Ney are you okay?" Bruna asked, she had noticed her boyfriend had been a little distracted lately.

Neymar looked up from his phone and smiled at his girlfriend, he didn't want her to find out about Melissa, because the two girls never really got on and he knew if Bruna found out she would more than likely end things for good and he didn't want that, he wanted to build a future with Bruna.

" Yeah am good, just a few of the boys in Barcelona asking me how I am liking Paris" he lied, as he locked his phone and put it back in his pocket.

Bruna moved to sit on Neymar's lap, he wrapped an arm around her waist " You would tell me if something was bothering you right?" Bruna asked, looking into Neymar's eyes.

Neymar smiled at Bruna " Of course" he replied, leaning in for a kiss.

Bruna wrapped her arms around Neymar's neck as they kissed, she pulled back slightly to look at him " I love you"she smiled.

" Love you too" Neymar replied, as he hugged Bruna, the feeling at the pit of his stomach not going away, he was going to try and sort things out with Melissa soon, he didn't want to feel like this for very much longer, he needed it gone and he knew it would not go unless he talked to Melissa and sort out their friendship once and for all.

" Thanks for Lunch" Melissa smiled at Jessica and Henry as they made their way out to of the restuarant, she was glad she had talked to them today, she had decided she was going to call Neymar and tell him about the baby.

Jessica hugged Melissa " Your welcome" she smiled " Now go home and talk to Neymar" she urged.

" Melissa"

Melissa pulled away from Jessica and turned round to see who had called her name, she smiled when she saw Antonella walking towards her, she had become good friends with Antonella and Leo through Neymar and now Neymar was no longer here she had wondered if things would change.

" Hey Antonella" Melissa greeted warmly as she hugged Antonella.

Antonella hugged Melissa then took a step back " I was just asking Leo the other day about you" she replied.

" Why?" Melissa asked.

Antonella smiled at Melissa " Because we haven't seen you in a while, since Ney left" she replied " Just because Neymar has left doesn't mean we stop being friends" she added.

" I have just been a little busy and distracted" Melissa sighed, feeling a little bad that she had been ignoring everyone who had been part of Neymar's circle, for the last few weeks.

Antonella knew all about Melissa's feelings for Neymar and had felt for her, as she knew Melissa would be struggling the most over Neymar's departure " Have you spoken to him since he left?" she asked carefully.

Melissa shook her head " I thought a clean break for us would be best" she replied, ignoring the looks Jessica and Henry were shooting at her.

" Well Neymar has been asking for you,he keeps asking Leo how you are" Antonella smiled awkwardly.

Melissa bit on her lip nervously " Well the next time he asks, just tell him I am fine" she said.

Antonella nodded her head, as she looked down at her watch " I have to go, but the reason why I came over here, is we are having a little get together in a few weeks I would love it if you could come" she smiled. " You can bring your friends with you" Antonella added, smiling at Jessica and Henry.

" I will think about it" Melissa said, not sure if she would really go.

Antonella beamed at Melissa " Great well you have my number if you can't make it, I will see you in a few weeks" she said.

Melissa watched as Antonella made her way back to her friends, trying to come up with reasonable excuses for why she couldn't attend Antonella's little get together.

" You are so screwed" Jessica whispered beside Melissa.

Melissa laughed a little " Not really, I can go its not like Neymar will be there" she replied, as they made their way out of the restaurant, Neymar would be too busy with his life in Paris to come back to Barcelona for night night. She would go to Antonella's little get together she had been right just because Neymar had left didn't mean they stopped being friends. She had to move on and get on with her life without Neymar and Antonella and Leo's little party would hopeflly would help with that.

Melissa sighed deeply as she connected the call, she had to do this and get it over with, Jessica and Harry had been right, she couldn't keep putting this off, Neymar had a right to know. After a couple of rings, a female voice answered the call, more then likely it was Bruna.

" Is Neymar there?" Melissa asked.

Bruna paused for a few seconds " Who is calling?" she asked.

Melissa rolled her eyes, Bruna would know who it was just by looking at the screen " Its Melissa, I need to speak to Neymar" she said slowly.

Bruna laughed coldly she had never liked Melissa or her closeness to Neymar she always felt threatened by it " Neymar doesn't want to talk to you" she replied coldly.

" I think I would hear that from his mouth" Melissa snapped back at Bruna.

Bruna tutted a little " Why do you think I have his phone, he saw who was calling him and didn't want to speak to you" she said. " He told me all about your feelings for him and it has made him feel uncomfortable" she added.

" He told you" Melissa whispered, hurt that Neymar would say anything to Bruna.

Bruna laughed coldly " Of course he did, we had quite the laugh about it" she replied " You need to leave him alone, he doesn't want you in his life anymore" she spat before she disconnected the call.

Melissa wiped away the tear that had slid down her face, shaking her head she refused to cry over Neymar, she quickly scrolled to his name and deleted his contact details from her phone, she couldn't believe he would betray her like that and tell Bruna everything, she thought she meant something more to him than a person he could laugh and joke about. He wanted her to leave him alone, well she would grant him his wish and would never speak to him again.