Where I Need to Be

You Don't Get To Do That

Melissa glanced around the room, Antonella's and Leo's little get together had turned into a rather big party, she had stayed in the corner with Jessica and Henry all night, being here just reminded her of Neymar and she was trying to move on from him, she came here tonight like she was trying to prove a point to herself. After her phone call with Bruna a few weeks ago, she had deleted and removed every single thing that reminded of Neymar out of her life. Well not everything she thought as she placed her hand on her barely there bump.

" You have been so quiet tonight" Henry noted as he handed Melissa another glass of orange juice.

Melissa smiled at Henry " I am just a little tired" she lied, taking her glass from him.

Jessica eyed Melissa carefully she had been a little off for a few weeks now, she knew Melissa still hadn't told Neymar about the baby and whenshe went to ask why she hadn't told him Melissa had snapped at her, so she had ended up backing off.

" You know we don't have to be here tonight" Jessica said quietly.

Melissa eyes landed on Antonella who was welcoming more guests to her house " We do, I told Antonella I would be around for a while tonight" she replied.

Henry moved closer to Melissa and placed his arm around her, he had just noticed that Neymar had walked into the room with his girlfriend and hadn't wanted Melissa to see Neymar, the mood she was in right now, she would end up starting world war three between them.

" Why don't we go out into the garden and get some fresh air" Henry suggested, as he looked back over at Neymar, the footballer didn't seem to notice that Melissa was here tonight as well.

Melissa shook her head " I am fine here" she replied, as she sat down in her chair.

Henry sighed a little as he sat down next to Melissa and placed his arm loosely on the back of his chair, he was just glad that Melissa hadn't spotted Neymar, maybe if they just stayed in this corner out of the way of everyone, Melissa would avoid any awkward runs in with Neymar, but he knew that was a rather too hopeful as Neymar was currently looking in their direction, it was only a matter of time when Melissa noticed Neymar was here tonight.


Neymar watched as the man placed his arm around Melissa and then leaned down to whisper something into her ear, he watched as Melissa face light up and it bothered him that someone else was clearly making her happy. He caught Antonella staring at him, with a knowing look on her face.

" What?" he asked.

Antonella moved closer to Neymar " You don't want Melissa, but you don't want anyone else to have her either" she smiled.

" I just want her to be happy" Neymar replied defensively.

Antonella looked over at Melissa then back at Neymar " She doesn't look that happy to me" she said quietly. " In fact she has been pretty miserable since you left" she added.

Neymar snorted into his drink " She doesn't look like she is missing me one little bit" he remarked, as he watched Melissa lean into the man, a big smile on her face.

" Who is the man Melissa is with?" Neymar asked curously, as Leo walked towards them.

Antonella smiled at her Husband before she turned back to Neymar " His name is Henry and he is her friend" she replied, stressing the friend part. " You should go over to her, she would love to see you" she added.

Neymar shook his head, as he looked around for Bruna, she would go crazy if he went anywhere near Melissa " I think I will keep my distance" he said, as Bruna rejoined the group.

Bruna smiled softly at Neymar as she moved to stand next to him, she wrapped her arm around him " What are you talking about?" she asked.

" Nothing much" Antonella replied, as she looked back over at Melissa, she was now being dragged outside to the garden.

Neymar watched as Henry put his hand on Melissa's lower back and led her outside, he knew it shouldn't have bothered him but he would be lying if he said it didn't. He knew Melissa would eventually move on from him, but it still bothered him more than it should.


Melissa yawned a little as she made her way through the house, she had left Henry and Jessica outside as she needed to go the bathroom, she was planning on going home soon, she was tired and just wanted her bed, as she was walking past the kitchen, she had heard that familiar laugh she knew all too well, at first she thought she had imagined it but then she heard the laugh again.

Instead of walking right past the kitchen like she should have, she moved into the room, the laughter stopped as everyone turned to look at her, most of the people in the room didn't matter to her, she looked right at Neymar, he smiled awkwardly at her, she was a little annoyed that he hadn't warned her he would be in Barcelona it would have been nice to get a little warning.

The crowd in the room started to disappear like they sensed a argument brewing between Melissa and Neymar, she bit on her lip nervously she didn't know what she wanted to say to him right now.

" How are you Mel?" Neymar asked, noticing that Melissa would not even look at him, she was upset with him and he didn't know what he had done to upset her. She had been avoiding his calls he should be the one who was pissed.

Melissa laughed coldly as she crossed her arms across her chest " Like you care" she retorted.

" I do care, you are still my friend" Neymar said quietly " I care about all my friends" he added.

Rolling her eyes Melissa reached for a can of coke and opened it " Friends is that what we are?" she asked, before taking a sip of her coke.

" What else would we be?" Neymar asked.

Melissa put her can of coke on the table " We are many things but friends is not one of them, not anymore" she smiled bitterly.

" Is this about me not loving you back?" Neymar sighed.

Shaking her head Melissa sat down " Get over yourself not everything is about you" she muttered unhappily " I don't love you anymore, I am over you" she lied.

" Are you sure about that?" Neymar asked.

Melissa glared at Neymar " I have moved on" she replied.

" With that guy you were with earlier?" Neymar asked curiously.

Confusion crossed Melissa's face she had no idea who Neymar was talking about " What guy?" she asked.

" The guy who had his hands all over you" Neymar muttered.

Melissa frowned as she stared at Neymar " You don't get to do that" she said spotting the less than impressed look on Neymar's face.

" Get to do what?" Neymar asked innocently.

Melissa stared at the wall in front of her, anywhere but Neymar was good " You don't get to come here and act like a jealous ex boyfriend, you made it clear you didn't love me" she whispered.

" Don't you think you are moving on a little too quickly?" Neymar asked, as he leaned against the counter, a sullen look on his face.

Shaking her head, Melissa laughed bitterly " Don't you think you are being a little unfair?" she asked " You moved on with Bruna quickly but the minute I try to do the same you act like a jealous ex" she said frustration clear in her voice.

Neymar sighed a little he knew he was being unfair, he was happy with Bruna, but he hated seeing Melissa with someone else " I just didn't expect you to move on so soon"he muttered.

" You have some nerve" Melissa yelled at Neymar " You don't want me but you don't want anyone else to want me either" she added.

Neymar moved towards Melissa " You need to calm down" he said, not meaning to upset her.

" Don't tell me what to do, if you really cared about me you would be happy that I am moving on" Melissa yelled back at Neymar " I told you I loved you, you didn't feel the same way back what am I suppose to do sit around in hope that maybe one day you will feel the same?" she asked.

Neymar rubbed his face with his hand lightly " Of course I want you to be happy I just didn't expect to see you with someone new so soon" he replied.

" Now you know how I feel whenever I see you and Bruna" Melissa spat angrily. " You're such a hypocrite" she added angrily.

Neymar took a step closer to Melissa " I am sorry if I have upset you" he said.

" I need you to leave me alone" Melissa muttered, as she stood up and moved towards the door.

Neymar quickly followed Melissa, and closed the door before Melissa could leave the room " I want us to remain friends" he said.

" I can't do this anymore Neymar, I thought maybe after some time we could try and be friends but it will never work, I will always want more " she replied.

Neymar stared at Melissa struggling to find words to say to her, he wanted her in his life but there was nothing he could do if she didn't want him in hers " I am sorry" he said.

" Yeah so am I" Melissa replied bitterly, as Neymar stepped away from the door, so she could " I just need time" she added,then left the room to go and find Henry and Jessica, she wanted to leave now.


Melissa was just heading back outside when Bruna appeared in front of her, she sighed a little not wanting to get into a fight with Neymar's girlfriend.

" You need to stay away from Neymar" Bruna smiled coldly.

Melissa was getting sick of people trying to tell her what to do first Neymar, now Bruna " You need to get out of my way" she retorted.

Bruna smirked as she moved closer to Melissa " You know he hasn't talk about you not even once since he moved to Paris" she taunted.

" I don't care" Melissa muttered.

Bruna laughed loudly " He doesn't care about you" she replied " So don't you think its a little pathetic that you follow him around like a little puppy" she added.

" I don't follow him, I bumped into him tonight for five minutes" Melissa yelled loudly " Its not my fault you are a crazy bitch that can't handle her boyfriend talking to other women" she sneered and turned to go.

Bruna pushed Melissa roughly, she turned back to face Neymar's girlfriend " You don't want to start with me" she warned.

" Why not?" Bruna smiled coldly as she pushed Melissa back, people were starting to stop talking and turned to watch the cat fight that was happening in front of them.

Melissa had enough and she pushed Bruna back, she was about to slap her but someone pulled her back, she tried to wriggle free but it was no use, she looked and saw it was Henry who had a tight grip on her.

" Get of me" Melissa muttered, as Neymar walked towards Bruna, he briefly looked at Melissa before he turned to his annoying girlfriend.

" What are you doing?" Neymar asked.

Bruna glared at Melissa " Just giving Melissa some friendly advice" she replied innocently.

" You're such a liar" Melissa said with a taunting smile.

Bruna took a step closer to Melissa but Neymar pulled her back " Come over here and say that" she replied.

Melissa moved but Henry kept a tight grip on her " You can't fight people in your condition" he said into her ear.

" We are leaving" Neymar said to Bruna, annoyed that she had almost started a fight with Melissa.

Melissa laughed coldly " Yes do leave, its what you are good at" she mocked.

" Melissa what are you going?" Henry groaned as he watched Neymar turn to face Melissa.

Neymar moved close to Melissa a thoughtful look on his face " You are right we can't be friends" he said.

" Do you want to tell your bitch of a girlfriend why? Melissa smirked.

Neymar glared at Melissa " Don't push me" he warned.

" What is the idiot talking about?" Bruna asked, looking at Neymar.

Melissa smile grew bigger " Yes what am I talking about Ney?" she said innocently.

Henry shook his head, trying to pull Melissa away from Neymar and his girlfriend, he knew she was spoiling for a fight " We should go" he said quietly.

Neymar looked at Henry "Yes you should, make sure she gets home okay" he replied.

Melissa snorted loudly " I am not a child I don't need either of you to make sure I get home okay" she snapped at them both, shoving Henry away from her.

" What was she talking about Neymar?" Bruna asked again.

Neymar shook his head " It doesn't matter" he replied harshly.

Melissa laughed bitterly of course she didn't matter to him she had known it for months " You don't matter to me either" she flung back at him.

" Come on Melissa, lets go" Henry said, trying to grab her arm and pull her away from Neymar.

Melissa struggled against Henry, she pushed him roughly and he grabbed her again and his hand slip and she went flying against the wall.

Neymar was the first person to reach Melissa " Are you okay?" he asked.

" Get away from me" Melissa spat as Henry helped her up.

Henry ignored Neymar as she turned to Melissa " We should get you checked out, make sure everything is okay" he said.

" It was just a fall, why wouldn't she be okay?" Neymar asked.

Henry looked at Melissa " You need to tell him" he said.

Melissa shook her head "" No I don't" she replied.

Henry knew Melissa would hate him for what he was about to do, but Neymar had a right to know " Melissa is pregnant" he revealed to the entire room.