Enemies or Friends

enomes or friends 14

Honzo stops at Sub-zeros door he Quietly walks in and says" Sub-Zero are you awake?... No responses... Honzo walks over to his bead He says" Sub-Zero he touches his Friends, Shoulder, he Pulls his head away and says" he's way to warm he checks his pulse Freezes when he didn't find one... Aurora wakes up after a fu minute she goes to see her father but sees Honzo and asks" Honzo?... Honzo says" h he's gone he must have died Last night I am so sorry Aurora... Aurora tries not to cry she says" w we must tell the others pleas Honzo g get him ready ill call you when we are ready to burn his body... Honzo says" ok he gathers Sub-Zeros things so he can tack them with him to the afterlife when they burn him to set his soul free... Aurora walks back inside and says" we are ready Honzo... Honzo Carefully picks up his Friends died Body And carrus him outside and places him on the dry hay that was on top on the logs... Aurora says" I don't know what to say tears wore falling from her eyes... Honzo says" Sub-Zero was a good Husband a good bother a good father A good Friend and a good leader Sub-Zero will be greatly missed but he lives on in his Daughter and in all of us He will watch over us I hope you Find your wife and bother Sub-zero tell them I am sorry and we will be ok Rest well my friend... Aurora says" go ahead Honzo... Honzo uses his fire and lights the logs and hay on fire... The clan watches as their clan leaders body's ashes join the stars than the bow to their new headmaster... Aurora says" everyone may tack some time to grave she heads inside with Honzo just behind her... once alone Aurora cries... Honzo hugs her and says"I am here for you Aurora I am not going anywhere Aurora hugs him she head stops crying she says" Hanzo you are strong you know that... Honzo smiles then he says" so are you... Aurora says"I never get to tell him Hanzo we are going to have a baby... Hanzo smiles and says"I know he would be so happy I know I am he kisses her gently... Aurora blushes and says" that means a lot to me thank you Hanzo she hugs him...
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