Return to the City of Evil

Synyster Gates is a master mage and a monster hunter, who solved many supernatural cases but what happens when his most recent case brings him back to the one place he'd prefer to avoid?

Characters and Their Powers:

Brian Haner Jr aka Synyster Gates: Brian is a wizard who left Babylon for personal reasons. He gained the title of Guardian of the Gates Between when he was younger and his job is a bounty hunter/supernatual investigator. His powers include magical energy, casting, inter-dimensional portal casting, summoning and sixth sense.

Captain Matt Shadows: The person who hires Brian. He is also the head of the royal guard and can use inter-dimensional magic and shadow magic

The Wizard Plague aka The Rev aka Jimmy: Brian's best friend and ex mentor. He trained Brian how to use the magic he was born with and is his best friend and ally. He is the guardian of the West side of Babylon.

Johnny Christ aka Jay: The Rev's apprentice and lover. Johnny isn't much of a prodigy as Brian was and doesn't really know much magic but he can cast and is in love with Jimmy who returns his feelings.

The Wizard Brooks: A wizard who is the rival of the Rev and the guardian of the East Side of the city. He said very little but will always do what's right.

Arin Ilejay: Brook's apprentice and friend. A man of little words.

Valary Shadows: Matt's wife and friend of Brian's.

Frankie Iero II: The prince of Babylon who went missing after his father's death.

Frank Iero I: The king of Babylon who was brutally murdered.

Zacky Vengeance: The other apprentice of the Rev, the eldest son of the royal family, and Brian's ex lover. Zacky and Brian's relationship ended when he was married off for political reasons. He was almost as skilled as Brian at magic, especially in possession.