Forever Young

Errands For the Day

It was early in the morning when Sephy had awoken me. He changed my from my messy diaper into a big boy pull-up like he had called. It still had Lightning McQueen on the front of them, which was hardly for such a 'big boy' like me that is. I used the potty before going into the kitchen for breakfast, which was because Sephy told me to. I still didn't like the idea of going on the big boy potty, but I knew there was no choice in the matter.

I finished going, flushed and washed my hands. I headed into the kitchen then sat at the table, waiting for breakfast to be ready hopefully soon. I started to wonder what we were going to do today but didn't really know how to ask. I just smiled as he offered me some French toast sticks with breakfast sausages and a side of applesauce. I began eating it with sudden happiness then.

"You'll have to get ready to go," he told me, but it just made me tilt my head. "We have some errands to run," he said when I gave him a nod.

"Okay!" I giggled and finally finished eating breakfast. "I'll go get ready right away!" I squealed after rushing towards my bedroom to change into some clothes.

I settled on a t-shirt with Reptar on the front and a pair of dark blue jeans. It had always been a dream of mine just to wear diapers full time, but I don't know if that would ever happen. I guess we would have to wait until things get better or something. I hoped Sephy would be able to give in sooner or later if I could only tell him, yet I had no idea whether the words would even come out.

"Are you all ready to go?" he asked while slinging a dinosaur bag over his shoulder. "I have your extra pull-ups, baby wipes and powder inside your backpack as well," he nodded, which had somehow perked me up.

"Okay," I beamed at him before slipping on my socks and shoes then. "What are we going to do first?" I tilted my head in sudden curiosity.

"We have to go grocery shopping at Walmart first," he told me when I squealed. "If you promise to be a good boy, I just might let you get a new toy," he smiled and made me flap my arms.

"Yay!" I jumped about with excitement.

"I'm only going to get you one if you're a big boy for me," he said as he shook finger at me. "That means when you have to potty, that you let me know," he replied in a firm enough tone.

"Okay. I'll try," I pouted, seeing that using the potty still made me uncomfortable.

We were finally on our way to Walmart when my bladder felt really full. I began to whimper heavily until Sephy realized the actual problem going on. There was really know way to reach a public restroom at the moment. I began to cry some when my pull-up suddenly felt wet with pee-pee. I loved the feeling of going in it because of how comforting it was.

"I need to change," I told him with pinkness in my delicate cheeks.

"We're almost at Walmart," he said with a nod. "By the way, this little accident doesn't count," he told me, which made feel relieved. "It wasn't your fault with us being in the car and having no place for you to use a potty," he smiled but kept his eyes glued to right to the road.

"Okay," I pouted once we pulled into the Walmart parking lot now.

Sephy heard me to the back of the store where the family bathroom was located. I hurried inside with backpack while he waited outside for me. I dropped my jeans to look at the saggy pull-up in the mirror with a smile. I enjoyed having these accidents in my pull-ups because they made me feel little. I took off the wet pull-up and put on a fresh one, and I also added a little baby powder as well.

I disposed of the yucky pull-up, washed my hands and left the bathroom. Sephy was still standing there waiting for me with a cart. I couldn't help wonder if he would still get me a brand new toy soon, even after my accident. I wanted to get one because toys were my favorite thing to play with. I didn't want ask him because he might take it as me being really impatient about it.

"Do you feel better now?" he asked when I gave him a light nod. "Good. Let's go get ourselves groceries," he said while getting me to follow beside him.

"What about the toy you said you would get me?" I blurted out and heard him chuckle.

"We'll see how you do while we get the things we need first," he nodded after seeing me agree. "I still have to get you more pull-ups before you run out," he said as he headed into the baby section.

I couldn't help feel mesmerized by all of the baby things. I wanted them so badly, but Sephy would just see me as a big boy and not get anything. He was only after two pairs of boys pull-ups for me to wear during the daytime. I ran my hand over the baby bottles with a sad look on my face then pouted at him.

"Big boys don't need baby bottles," he chuckled and pulled me away from the baby section.

The only thing for me to do was sigh send follow beside him again. I really wanted to have a baby bottle, but he just wouldn't get off the big boy kick of his. I felt as if I had to hide me true identity from my own best friend. I didn't really like that idea at all, yet I had to going along with it. Could I really convince him to put me in diapers all the time?
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Again, I really like the direction of this story. I do need to change the summary more, but I think it's fine the way it is. It'll just be a little longer before anything romance-related occurs...