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Believing in magic is one thing the Dursleys refused to do, especially after what Petunia experienced with her sister. But her daughter, Violet "Lettie" Dursley gets a letter from Hogwarts, things seem to be not so normal like she thought. Lettie finds herself experiencing a brand new world, including the adventures of her "famous" cousin, Harry Potter.

Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling. The plot, excluding references or hints to or scenes from the books and movies (mostly the books), belongs to me. This story won't physically take on the books themselves, save for key scenes but otherwise, all the chapters in this story will be more like in between chapters or "filler" chapters that tell of Lettie's life at Hogwarts and how she reacts to all the events throughout the Harry Potter books. There will also be filler OCs as well.
  1. Chapter 1
    A small take on the first chapter of the first HP novel, but from Lettie's perspective. Three year old Lettie has her first encounter with magic late at night.
  2. Chapter 2
    A strange meeting on a train. 1,071 words.