Status: For those unaware, for years I've been working on the story "I Wanna Be Somebody" which, coincidently, had a main character who was a cousin of Chester's. The only way to make it through my own grief is to write about hers.

Promises That Never Came

Chester promised me he'd always be there for me. He saved me from death more than once. He knew what the needle was, the darkness of depression, and he said he'd always help me through it.

Now in my remains
Are promises that never came
Except this silent rain
To wash away the worst of me...

He saved me from the worst of me, but I could never save him from his worst.

A part of me will always want to join him because of that.

Come apart, falling in the cracks
Of every broken heart, digging through the wreckage
Of your disregard, sinking down and waiting
For the chance, to feel alive...

- "In My Remains" by Linkin Park

Rest in peace, Chester.