Sequel: Second Chance
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God Please

That Saturday in September was one Brian would never be able to forget. His morning started by kissing his wife and rubbing her almost nine month pregnant belly. It ended in a cold hospital waiting room praying to God that he would spare her and their baby's life.

And everyone just had to pick this weekend to go out of town, leaving him alone to face this.

Author's Note:

This story came to me several days ago out of the blue. His wife is an original character of my own creation simply because I was having a hard time writing Michelle into this situation. Made me feel better.

This Is A One Shot. Originally there was no plans for a sequel, but when I sat down to write the next time, the plotline just kept pouring out. Subscribe to find out how things turn out. Hint; may not be like you think! Second Chance!

Rating Guide:

The rating is as such for possible triggers. Nothing is graphic, nothing is anything specifically described. If you are sensitive, please read with caution. There is absolutely no language. The rating is simply for trigger warnings.
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