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Second Chance

Moment by Moment

Saddened pools of deep crystal blue stared out of the sun filled window into the backyard of the home she shared with her husband. Weary legs, sheathed in fluffy white pajama pants lay curled delicately up underneath her. Her usually fashionably styled hair was noticeably unkempt and lay in every which direction across her neck and shoulders. Nothing more than a quite sigh had passed through stress and anguish nipped lips in hours.

The guitarist made his way over to her and gently settled himself into the vacant spot to her right on the roomy window seat in which she sat. Leaning forward, he dotted a feather light kiss against the cool skin of her forehead.

"Hey baby, " he breathed quietly. "Do you want to go out for lunch?"

A slight shake of her head served as her only response.

"We have not left the house since your last doctor's appointment. That was eight days ago. Come on. Let's run over to that little place you like by Matt and Val's house. "

Another shake of her head greeted his suggestion.

"You have to be hungry, baby. " a sigh left him upon getting the same reply for a third time. "Sweetheart......." his pick hand came up to brush some stray locks out of her expressionless face. "I'll tell you what. How about we just go over to Matt and Val's for lunch? Maybe a movie." a thumb ran over slightly frowning lips that he would give anything to see smile again. "The kids are at the zoo with their grandparents for the day. Come on, baby. "

"I don't want to talk, " she almost whispered, and his heart fluttered at the words. Regardless of what they were, it was the first thing she had said since the previous evening.

"You don't have to. Don't even have to change if you don't want to. You're beautiful just the way you are. Please, for me. It will do us good to be with family. "

"I'm going to change if we're going, " the nearly breathless words were accompanied by the slow rise of her eyes to glance up at him. Chipped purple polished fingers came up to smooth over his cheek now.

His hand caught hers and chapped lips pressed a few butterfly kisses to the inside of her wrist and the palm. "I love you, Em."

"Not as much as I love you," came the whispered reply as she stood, though she bent to kiss the top of his head.

The guitarist sat for a moment to take in the scene taking place on the other side of the glass. He marveled at the way the leaves of the various different kinds of trees glistened in the noonday sun. Took the time to ponder how vibrant the flowers were in the garden, and watch birds flit about, chirping their love for being alive along the way. This was all such a stark contrast from the pain inside his and his wife's heart. To think that time marched on each day and he felt trapped in that horrific day in the beginning of the month. Trapped between worlds, in a way.

At night he dreamed about that day going differently, the way it should have. When he slept he lived in a world where Grayson was alive, and they took him to the park, to his grandparents, and the zoo. When he awoke, the grief hit him and he often felt it in a physical way. Square in his chest. But then he would roll over and see his wife, and though it still hurt, he honored his promise to thank God for allowing him to keep her.

He paused a moment to do so while it was on his mind, then stood to go find a phone. He wanted to catch the singer and his wife before they went out for the day. Just as he got a cell in his hand, his love appeared in the archway to the rather large kitchen. Noting the look on her face, he questioned what was wrong.

"I still can't fit in my jeans," she stated with the swipe of a hand over her still very sore stomach.

"You're still healing. You'll get there. Come on, finish getting ready we'll go buy you some new clothes. "

"I don't need new clothes, Bri--"

"I'll go in and get you a few things. You can change when we get to Matt's if you want. "

"I don't understand why, but okay. Ten minutes. "

"I never need a reason to dote on my baby. I enjoy it for one, and I like to see you smile. It's been a while. "

"I smile in my heart every time I see you. Just because we're going through all this doesn't mean I've checked out on you. You're my everything, babe. " the brunette returned to stand in front of him and pushed up on her toes to kiss his lips. "I swear I'm trying to be okay. "

"Hey.... " drawing her smaller frame into his, he held her close. "We are going to be okay. I don't know how, but I know we will. We just have to take it a moment at a time."
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Here it is, the sequel to God Please! If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you do. It is a oneshot, and won't take long to get caught up.

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