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Second Chance

Time To Think

The air around them seemed to electrify at the almost unbelievable words that were just laid out between them like soldiers marching into battle. Total shock riddled his wife's face, and every syllable of her response.

"What? What do you mean 'adopt him'?!"

"That was pretty much my reaction. Blew me away." his demeanor was calm only to try to diffuse the situation. They weren't exactly in a place that was known for anything other than peace and quiet. Let alone the fact he wasn't really up to trying to answer any of her questions while she was so upset. He certainly couldn't blame her, he just didn't think he had the energy.

"What does- why would- wait, Brian." she stuttered over a mix of anxiety, anger, and disbelief that was beginning to burn in her chest. "What in the world kind of parents would just give up on their son like that? Especially as sick as he is!"

"Honey, breathe for a second. Before you ask, I didn't give him an answer. Secondly, it isn't as terrible as a situation as it sounds, in that regard. They're a family of five as it is, before the little boy. While they're blessed to have him, it's also putting slot of stress on their family. James, the man I met with, is already working three jobs. The baby needs a lot of attention he's worried they can't provide. And... "

Taking in a quiet breath in an attempt to bridle her emotions, she paused to run a hand over her hair. He wasn't the enemy here, and he didn't deserve the tone she had begun lacing her words with. She just wasn't sure how she was supposed to react to this. Raising her eyebrows slightly, she urged him to go on, "And what?"

"The other thing is... I, uh, don't know if I should really repeat this right now. "

"It's a little late to stop now, Brian. Go on. "

"Okay, well. He said they also feel like maybe we met for a reason. We lost our son, and theirs was born with needs they're afraid they won't be able to stay on top of and see him through. If they were to actually put him up for adoption, he would go into the system and they probably wouldn't ever see him again. If they keep him, they're afraid the day will come that they won't be able to provide the medical care he needs and they could lost him. " one minute went by, then two, and once again, the heavy words hung thick in the air around them. "Baby, please. Say something. "

"I honestly don't know what to say. We're sitting here at our son's place, almost exactly a month to the day we lost him, and you're standing here telling me a man you met in a hospital waiting room offered us his son. "

"I know, baby. It's a lot to take in. I haven't even wrapped my mind around it yet. That's why I didn't come to you sooner. " he soothed, and moved closer to glide his hands down her arms. None of this made sense to him either, but everything had to be moment by moment. He clung to that.

Exhaling to further try to calm herself, she questioned, "So what did you tell him?"

"I told him I'm very sorry his family is going through this. I said I would definitely need time to talk to you and I would get back with him sometime next week."

A humorless laugh brushed over her lips as she began to pace. Formerly neatly tied back strands of brunette shook with her head in disbelief. "This is just crazy. It's insane. I can't even believe this."

"Baby, I'm sorry," he said as he carefully rose to his feet now, too. Brushing himself off, he let out a small sigh. "Look Em, I didn't know how to tell you. I know now isn't a good time, and I completely agree it's the wrong place, but I needed to tell you. I couldn't carry it any longer by myself."

"Oh Bri," she exhaled quietly. "Nothing is as it should be, and this place is just about as appropriate as anywhere right now."

"Please don't be upset with me. I had to tell you what happened. I'm every bit as confused and lost as you are."

"I'm not upset, " she reassured and lifted a hand to pull out the elastic band that had been holding her hair in place. Perfectly manicured fingers snaked into the strands to shake them out evenly around her shoulders. It was a miracle she lasted this long without taking it down in the first place.

"Then what are you, baby? I need to know where your head is. You've asked me to keep sharing what's in mine, " thin lips replied before he sent a bite into the inside of them out of nervous habit.

"I don't know what I am. I just need to get away."

"Want to head over to Matt's to surf?" getting a shake of her head, he paused to think. "How about we ask Zee if we can take his boat out? No?" his fingers tore through his own hair now, and before he had a chance to filter himself, the next thought shot through his lips, "Do you want me to get an eight b--"

"Don't even finish that sentence!" she snapped immediately. It was the one thing that could push her to and over the edge quicker than anything in this world, and he knew that well. "An eight ball? Seriously Brian?! You promised me! You promised Jimmy! I have never gone down that road with you, and you're asking me to start now?"

"Please don't get angry, Em. I'm sorry. I'm grasping at straws here. I haven't broken my promise to you. Not once. Please forgive me." stepping forward, he took her hands in his and stared deeply into anxiety stricken blue eyes. "Please, help me. Tell me what we need to do. I'm all ears."

"I don't care. Just take me away from here."


The car ride home was spent mainly in silence. Both were exhausted, and neither knew what to say about anything. Their hands stayed twined together, though, and that stood as a testament to their resilience. Things may be crazy and confused, but they were still each other's rock. Always had been.

No discussion was needed when they arrived home. They had traveled enough, both planned and unplanned, that they went straight to their work without hesitation. Brian always had the food covered. The man could eat like a hog at times, and one never knew what he would be in the mood for at any given time. His wife had long since given up packing all the snacks for a roadtrip.

Emily gathered pillows, blankets, and and toiletries. It did not matter that they didn't know where they were going, they pretty much brought the same things each time. Once she had gotten them neatly arranged in the back of the roomy suv, she came back in to grab phone chargers, power banks, and passports. One never knew where they might end up.

Once finished with all of the goodies, the guitarist put together a small bag to go by Emily's feet up front. Snacks and drinks always had to be handy when traveling, otherwise they would have to stop before they got on the highway to pick up some. Loading everything up that he had done so far, he made his way upstairs to get some clothes together. He found his duffel bag was already laid out on the bed, and because of that it only took him about ninety seconds to stuff what he needed in there.

In less than twenty minutes, the couple pulled out of the garage and got onto the road. The brunette tapped out a quick text to Val in which she asked her to pass along the message that they were skipping town for a few days. She then called her mom to tell her the same thing so she did not worry. Her parents tended to check on them once a day or every other day right now to make sure they were doing alright, and it was definitely appreciated.

"North or south, sweetheart?" he asked quietly, with a glance over at his love who was just finishing up her phone call.

"Love you too, thanks." ending the conversation with a tap of a button, she let out a sigh. "It doesn't matter to me, babe. Just get me away. I need time to think."

"You and me both."