Status: In the Works

Twisted Ties

The past is common ground though they may never know. Each is biased in their own ways, while also accepting in others. Thrust together by force from unprecedented circumstances, the two have a choice, learn to live, or die in a fight.

Cursed from the start, these two worlds are so different from one another. When one tries to move forward, another pushes back. And yet, somewhere in the darkness, something begins to give, and a the faintest hints of light dare to reveal themselves in a fashion neither party had expected.

Follow their journey, learn their pasts, and perhaps you can put together the puzzle of their new lives.
  1. Prologue
    Jump in with both feet as we start this story off.
  2. Devastation
    How did this all start? You are about to find out.
  3. It's all Over
    Taking a run through the forest for the first time is never easy. How will she escape?
  4. Awake
    Waking up in a strange place could be a real nightmare.
  5. Death would be sweeter
    Just when she thought she was out of the woods.
  6. Humans Truly were Strange Creatures.
    POV Change
  7. What was Taking so long?
    You didn't think the POV would change back too soon did you?
  8. A Trial
    Wait, what trial?
  9. And so it begins.
    All this talk about a Trial. What were you expecting?
  10. Underway
    Will she make it?
  11. Almost There
    Speed is your friend
  12. Not Again
    This was not expected.
  13. No.