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Twisted Ties

And so it begins.

It had been a few days, and he was the only one who knew what she was planning. At least he was fairly certain he was the only one who knew. There was no way for sure to know whether or not she had managed to tell anyone else. Once in awhile he had to have Tallah sit with her so he could take a break. That meant he wasn’t there twenty four hours around the cock. More than enough time for her to mingle with the staff if she so chose.

She still had a handful of days before she would be fully healed, but the information was eating him up. On the off chance he brought it up with someone and it wasn’t true, it wouldn’t go well. Or on the flip side, what if he brought it up and it was true but no one believed him? It would be best to remain oblivious. Perhaps he could pick a clearing somewhere around the halfway point, and see for himself. That would be the best idea, if she even made it that far. But it was so unlikely she would make it more than a mile or two. No matter the amount of time they gave her, it probably wouldn’t be enough.

A couple of times he watched as Tallah had come in, asking the human what she would like to eat rather than just bringing whatever was made. Ah yes, the last days of a good meal. Figures. The human already seemed to know what was going on and yet, that little smile was still flashed, and she was pleasant as always. He wasn’t sure how she could bear to do that. It made him sick thinking about it. Humans lied far too easily...and yet...was it a lie if at least one person knew it wasn’t true? Debating that for a short time he shook his head.

Tonight they would likely be meeting up to discuss things. Eliot always planned ahead. Whether it was for an advantage or just to get everyone hyped up Dare wasn’t too sure. But there was always a meeting a little while before a Trial like this, as well as early the morning of said Trial. Regardless, it wasn’t good, and while he was expected to attend, he wasn’t really able to say much about it. Maybe he could just skip it altogether, say something about having to keep an eye on her or whatever. Would that look suspicious? Then again, it wouldn’t be the first one he had skipped either. No doubt that would be his best option.

As the thoughts went over and over in his mind, circling around again and again as he tried to make up his mind, he was unaware of how the human was watching him, he hadn’t even heard Tallah leave for the second time so when she spoke up, he had been a little more than surprised.

“You’re thinking too hard.” An annoyed growl escaped him. Glancing up, he was surprised to see that the human was less than a foot from him, crouched down as though she had been there for a while. A scoff of sorts left him and he shook his head. Hauling himself up to his feet he watched as she slowly pulled herself up as well. “I’ve never seen you so distracted.” Didn’t she know when to shut up? Couldn’t she tell he was trying to ignore her? Turning his head, he moved his way over to the wall across from her, just to put some distance between them. “You don’t have to avoid me you know. I realize you don’t like me but.-”

“I don’t. I hate your kind.” He emphasized the word hate in case it hadn’t been clear enough. “There is no room for a ‘but’ I don’t want to be anywhere near you. You’re all alike. You’re two faced, liars, who would stab their best friends in the back just to get ahead.” His words flew out before he could catch them, defenses high from being caught off guard for even a moment.

He watched as her expression seemed to sink, he could almost feel it when her heart fell. And he wasn’t sure whether he was happy or not about that. It was hard to try and guess. A moment later however she was brushing it off, making some comment about understanding. At least she shut up after that, and he watched as she walked herself back over to the window.

“Do you think I’ll be able to go outside soon?” Dare just scoffed at her and shook his head. He was about to say something about it not being until her so called trial, but she beat him to it. “Or am I really stuck inside until this trial?” Casting his gaze to the floor he shrugged. It wasn’t the first time she had asked about it, and yet, she never asked for details. She didn’t try and talk others into explaining the paths of the forest, never questioned how long she would have to complete it. He was starting to think she was completely oblivious to the danger.

Maybe it was for the best. As the hours dragged on, and night fell, he watched her get back into bed to sleep. He had thought she was asleep anyway. He had made his way across the room when he thought she was sleeping, and had opted to take a look outside for himself. He probably should have known she wasn’t sleeping, but she hadn’t moved or anything in well over an hour. Rubbing at his forehead for a moment to ease away a headache he had shifted some of his hair out of his face in doing so.

Standing beside the window himself he looked outside, watching as a small fox slipped between the tree’s heading into the forest. Crossing his arms he leaned against the wall, relaxing a little as he watched the wind go through the trees. “Your eyes are glowing.” She had spoken so softly and in such a calm tone, he had to wonder for a moment if she wasn’t as oblivious as he thought. Turning his gaze towards her his expression didn’t change.

She was sitting up in the bed, her hands folded in her lap much like a child listening to a story, but it was the look on her face. She looked surprised, and yet, she had spoken so matter-of-factly he wasn’t sure how that was possible. “Is it any light that does that? Or just moonlight?” He scoffed again and looked back out the window. Maybe if he ignored her she would just shut up. Not that is worked much in the past but it was better than snapping at her and wasting his energy. As she repeated her questions he closed his eyes with a sigh. Why couldn’t ignoring her work just once? He didn’t speak up until after he opened his eyes again though.

“Moonlight. Dim light. All the same.” He hadn’t intended to say so much, but he was annoyed, and if it would make her stop asking questions then it was a bonus. However, she spoke up again, saying something about why the lighting in here didn’t do it. “Dim light.” He muttered again. “Go to sleep.” And then it came, the comment that he wasn’t human. It wasn’t even a question. Turning back to face her he frowned. “You got a problem with that?” Okay, he had said that a little more aggressively than he had meant to, but seeing her expression change was worth it. He almost smiled. She had been so taken aback.

“I have no reason to have a problem with it.” He hadn’t expected that answer. Humans were usually quick to freak out when they realized someone like him existed, and yet, she barely seemed to blink. “You didn’t even attempt to lie…” Another scoff and he shook his head, twisting his gaze to the window one more time. He muttered that she should sleep, but of course, she ignored him. “I like that you’re honest.” Rolling his eyes he figured he might as well ask why.

“Well, everyone else here seems to be playing nice, but I’ve heard them whisper about trying to kill me. You? You’re probably the type to tell me outright. Probably how you’ll do it too. Kind of like...a wolf?...You can tell by the expression, the way their fur bristles, or maybe how they bare their teeth.” It sounded less like an explanation and more like she was trying to dig for info. Did she think he was a wolf? That would make sense going by her words but...really? He had bite the inside of his lip to keep from a smile that threatened to turn into a chuckle. When he had that under control he shook his head again.

“Just shut up and go to sleep.” He half growled. A wolf, a freaking wolf. Bloody hell she probably thought they were werewolves or something. Pathetic. Did anyone know what was real and what wasn’t? She said something about hitting a nerve and another heavy sigh escaped him. “Gee, ya think? I’m not a fucking werewolf.” He hadn’t meant to use that word, but after her words it had been clear that was what she had been guessing...or maybe hinting at.

She didn’t even flinch, just tilted her head to the side. When he realized she was studying him for a long moment or two he frowned. “What?” He watched as she bit her lip. She was growing more annoying with each passing minute.

“If you aren’t that, then what are you?” Well now wasn’t that direct? He muttered something about it being none of her business. “Are you all the same?” Another scoff escaped him, and she shook her head. “Figures, just my luck…” He caught movement from the corner of his eye and looked over just as she came to stand at the other end of the window. “I know vampires are out, otherwise you wouldn’t be walking around in the sunlight.” Rolling his eyes he moved away from the window and sat down in a chair close to the door. “I’m insulting you at this point aren’t I.” He muttered something along the lines of no shit before leaning his head back against the wall.

At least she was finally silent after that, and the whole night was quiet. In fact, it had been so quiet, for the first time in days he had actually started to doze off. By the time he woke up in the morning, he was surprised he had slept at all. Then again spending day after day staying awake by sheer will, it had to happen sooner or later.

Standing to stretch for a moment he looked over and frowned. The girl...wasn’t there. Glancing under the bed he found nothing, and felt rather like an idiot for even thinking she might be there. Next, he went about checking the bathroom, he found nothing, looking outside the window, also nothing. He was pacing in a small circle trying to figure out what could have happened where there was a soft creaking sound, like a door opening.

Tallah came in a moment later. “Oh, you’re awake, I tried to wake you earlier but you snapped at me…” Her voice trailed off for a moment, and he ended up having to look her way. She didn’t look very happy. “They just started the Trial.” She finally finished. Dare frowned. They started earlier than he thought…
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I know you are all waiting for the big moment to happen, but yes, I did put it off a little longer. There was something I had nearly forgotten to put into play.

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