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MusicHouse74: and i do truly mean that. from the bottom of my heart lol.
Sent 19:22

pinkxxpower: I bet you say that to all the other girls you talk to. Sweet talkin will get you nowhere if there's no merit.
Sent 19:26

MusicHouse74: oh theres merit ;) and its just you, pink
Sent 19:29

MusicHouse74: hello?? i know you read my message
Sent 20:03

MusicHouse74: PINK
Sent 20:04

MusicHouse74: whatever.. bitch. be that way.
Sent 21:47

pinkxxpower: Sorry :/ Was helping my mom with something last night. We really need to meet up face2face. No interruptions.
Sent 07:11

MusicHouse74: yes. yes we really do
Sent 07:22
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AHHHHHH what the fuck am i