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There's not a better way to prepare for an early October morning.

Sarah stood on the corner of the intersection, nervously shifting from foot to foot. It was cold. At least, colder than what Sarah had dressed for. The mornings dipped below sixty degrees, but by nine in the morning, it would be peaking at ninety. She made do: a long fitting cardigan over a t-shirt and pair of high waisted shorts.

Her backpack was a little heavier this day. Not only did she have books to return to the library, but as well as her mother had packed her a lunch. It was leftovers from last night's dinner adorned with a store-brand prepackaged brownie. Sarah was constantly adjusting the straps on her bag as if she could alleviate the weight.

She felt like she was buzzing. The straps roped around her hands, her feet scuffing in the dirt, she couldn't stop moving. If she stopped, then she would have to think. Thinking required too much effort. Thinking would only result in anxiety.

Her school bus would arrive in a matter of minutes. She would not get on the bus. She would not make it to class on time.

Sarah knew the saying, "Never, don't you ever, meet up in real life with men you met online." She knew the warnings, she knew the stories. She just felt like she was above those.

You only hear about girls getting abducted. You won't ever actually be the girl.

MusicHouse74 claimed that he was 43 years old. He said that he was tall but slender with blonde hair and a beard. He had been married once, but that had ended after a few short years. He worked as an accounting professor at the local community college.

Sarah had looked it up. There were four different accounting professors, and only one fit the profile that MusicHouse74 had built. Sarah was confident that she was about to meet Mr. Gerry Drake.

Once the school bus had passed, Sarah would text her mother saying that she had missed it and would have to walk to school. That would excuse any absenteeism call that her mother would receive. Only then, she would walk down the block to the Brown Crown Cafe.

The Brown Crown was locally owned and specialized in artisan coffees. It was a popular spot for college students to study, so it made sense for MusicHouse74 to recommend it. He would meet her there. He would be able to find Sarah easily.

She would be the only fourteen year old present.
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