Call It What You Want

Walking away from people you love is never easy, but its something Aria Lopez had to do, five years ago she walked out on the man she had promised to love always and forever, it hadn't been an easy decision for her, it was just made easy by him.

Aria always believed in her relationship with Cristiano, never for one minute did she think he would betray her, but he did. It was one mistake, a costly one that Aria could not forgive, so she did the only thing that was available to her, she walked away, effectively ending their relationship and marriage.

Now Five years later Aria is ready to marry again, but she must do something first, she must get Cristiano to agree to a divorce, for five years he had rejected every attempt made by her to sort their divorce out.

Heading to Madrid, to talk to Cristiano, can she get him to agree to a divorce, or will spending time with him, make Aria realize that she never really fell out of love with him.