Call It What You Want

Do I know Him?

Aria sat in Cristiano's kitchen awkwardly playing with the ring on her hand, she had been at his house a little under half an hour and they still had to utter a word to each other. She watched Cristiano warily as he made himself a health drink, she smiled a little remembering how addicted to those health drinks he was.

" You still drink those then?" Aria asked cautiously.

Cristiano raised his brow at Aria questioningly " You didn't come here to talk about my health kicks Aria" he answered.

An awkward silence filled the room " You are right I didn't" Aria replied,her tone a little frosty towards him

Cristiano folded his arms across his chest " So why are you here?" he asked " I don't hear from you in three years and suddenly you show up at one of my games" he added.

" I was a Madridista before you came into my life Ronaldo" Aria snapped at him, almost kicking herself for letting Cristiano get under her skin.

Laughing harshly Cristiano leaned back against the counter " You haven't attended a single game in three years" he retorted.

" We all know why" Aria mumbled, not liking how this conversation was going, she just wanted to end this properly so they wouldn't have to have many more of these awkward conversations.

Pulling out a stool, Cristiano sat down and faced Aria, he smiled a little at how she wouldn't look at him, keeping her eyes on her hands, playing with a shiny ring on her finger. " So why are you here Aria?" he asked again " The last time we spoke you made it clear to me you never wanted to see me again" he added unhelpfully.

" The reason why I am here is the same reason why I came to you three years ago" Aria sighed. " Its time to stop dragging this out, you moved on and so have I" Aria mumbled.

Cristiano's eyes went back to ring that sat on Aria's hand " You are getting Married again? he asked, not sure how he felt about that.

Aria finally looked at Cristiano she always used to be able to tell how he felt just by looking at his face but right Cristiano's face was unreadable " Yeah I am" she replied, smiling a little.

" Do I know him?" Cristiano asked.

Aria shook her head " No, I met David through friends" she answered carefully. " Lets not make this more difficult than it has to be, I need you...

" I am perfectly aware what you need from me" Cristiano cut in rudely.

Just one look at Cristiano's face told Aria he was going to be really difficult about this " I am happy Cristiano,I have finally moved on from what happened between us, I just want to get this over with so we both can start a fresh" she added.

" You really want this?" Cristiano asked, sighing a little.

Aria nodded her head, as she looked away from Cristiano even though this was long overdue it was still sad, she had always thought that her future was with Cristiano. " I want to move on Cris" she replied, using the nick name she used to say all the time when she was with him.

Cristiano spared another look at Aria's ring frowning a little he wanted to tell her to go to hell but this had been dragged out for so long, that they needed to put a stop to it " Fine I will have my lawyers fix up the papers" he answered.

Surprise flickered across Aria's face she expected more of a fight from Cristiano, " Why the surprise, did you expect me to fight you on this?" Cristiano asked, a little smirk on face.

" Truthfully yeah I did" Aria replied, smiling back at him.

Cristiano ran a hand through his hair, a wry smile on his face, Aria admired him for a few seconds before she remembered why she was here " I guess am done fighting, I am happy with Georgina, and you are happy so what is left to fight for?" he asked.

" So you will definitely give me a divorce?" Aria asked.

Cristiano nodded his head, even though he was still a little torn about it he knew this was the right decision, they needed to remember that their marriage ended years ago this was just a formality " One one condition" he replied.

" And that is?" Aria asked.

Cristiano pushed his stool back getting to his feet he walked to Aria " You start attending games again, I know how much you loved football and I don't want our situation to stop you from going to games" he smiled.

" I will think about it" Aria mumbled as she stood up, quite pleased with how things had gone between them, she had expected more of a fight between them.

The door suddenly opened and Cristiano's girlfriend walked into the room, with a baby balanced on her hip, Aria smiled briefly before she looked back at Cristiano " Yours?" she asked.

" Yeah her name is Alana" Cristiano replied, not missing the pain in Aria's eyes, he was there for all of her miscarriages so knew this would be rather sensitive for her.

Aria forced a smile on her face " She is beautiful" she replied, then hurried out the room, she wouldn't lie it did sting a little that Cristiano couldn't have kids with her, but could easily with other women, shaking her head she needed to stop living in the past, it was over and done with, time to move on with David.

Cristiano watched as Aria hurried out of his house, he stayed at his door as she climbed into her car, he watched as she put her hands and head on the wheel, he was undecided about whether to go to her, Georgina calling his name, stopped him. Sparing one last look at Aria, he sighed a little as he closed the door, she wasn't his problem anymore, she was someone else's problem.


" You are awfully quiet tonight Aria"

Aria looked up from her phone and towards her mother, who stood in the doorway with two cups of tea in her hands. " Sorry I have been bad company, its just been a stressful day" she mumbled.

" You haven't been bad company sweetheart" Ana smiled " You have just been a little distracted do you want to talk about it?" she asked, handing Aria her cup of tea.

Aria gratefully took her cup of tea from her mother " I spoke to Cristiano today" she replied, sipping on her tea.

" Ah so that is why you are a bit down today?" Ana said quietly.

Aria placed her tea on the table " He is finally agreeing to the divorce" she mumbled.

" Isn't that good news, you have been wanting this to happen for years" Ana smiled, just glad that things would now officially be over, she had liked Cristiano but towards the end of Aria's marriage she hated him for what he did.

A frown appeared on Aria's face she didn't know how to feel about this, for years she had been wanting this now she just felt numb " I guess so" she replied.

" You don't sound very happy" Ana pointed out.

Leaning back against the sofa, Aria stared up at the ceiling feeling a little frustrated " Its just weird usually Cristiano fights me every step of the way" she mumbled " He must really love the new girlfriend" she added bitterly.

" He has a new girlfriend what happened to Irina?" Ana asked, a little surprised that Cristiano had moved on from the Russian from the pictures she had saw they had looked really happy.

Aria shrugged her shoulders " I don't know, I didn't ask him, he has baby now" she answered.

" I know he has junior" Ana smiled.

Shaking her head, Aria laughed lightly " No he has new baby too" she replied.

Ana suddenly realized why her daughter was so down " This is mood of yours is about the baby?" she asked.

" Maybe, I am not going lie it stings a little that he can have kids with other people, but every attempt we made failed" Aria mumbled.

Ana moved closer to Aria and wrapped her arm around her " When you are ready I am sure it will happen for you" she smiled. " It just wasn't meant to be for you and Cristiano" she added gently.

" Yeah maybe" Aria agreed, hoping her mother was right, but wasn't going to get her hopes up too much in case it didn't happen. " Seeing him after so long and with a new baby,I guess it affected me more than I thought it would" she smiled weakly.

Ana smiled a little, she knew how much Aria had loved Cristiano and she suspected a small part of her still loved the footballer, but she hoped that now Cristiano had agreed to the divorce Aria would finally get to move on and start building a life with David.

" Your time will Come Aria" Ana replied.

Aria forced a smile on her face " I guess we will just have to wait and see" she mumbled, picking her cup of tea up from the table and took a sip, avoiding looking at her mother, because all she would see was sympathy on her face and she was done with feeling pitied.


Cristiano eyes were on the game he was watching, he could feel Georgina's gaze on him, he knew what was on her mind, he hadn't told her once about Aria, so knew she would naturally be curious about his ex.

" Just say what is on your mind" he blurted out, his eyes still on the screen.

Georgina bit on her lip as she stared at Cristiano, he had always been honest about his past relationships with her expect the one with Aria, anytime she asked him about her, he would just cut her off and quickly change the subject.

" Why don't you ever talk about Aria?" Georgina asked carefully.

Cristiano shrugged his shoulder " I guess the right time never came up" he answered " I haven't spoken to her in years until today so didn't feel the need to ever bring her up in conversation" he added.

" What happened between you guys?" Georgina asked.

Cristiano looked away from the game, not sure what to say because he still didn't understand why everything had gone so perfect to really bad so quick, he knew what helped cause the demise of his marriage, the miscarriages and the fact he cheated with Irina, Aria wasn't totally blameless because when he admitted to Irina, she had also admitted to kissing a work mate, he just took most of the flack because he actually slept with Irina. They both cheated but he got blamed mostly for the break up and instead of telling everyone that Aria had kissed someone else too, he remained silent instead allowing everyone to be angry and upset with him, because the last thing Aria had needed at the time, was more stress.

" We just grew apart, we wanted different things" Cristiano lied.

Georgina smiled a little not sure if she believed Cristiano, he had a tell when he lied, he would fidget a lot more. " Then why you do never talk about her at all?" she asked.

" I am not going to lie it was a painful break up, its one part of my life that I am not proud of and would rather not talk about it" Cristiano mumbled.

Moving closer to Cristiano " She still seems to hate you" Georgina pointed out.

" A lot of stuff happened between us, she has a right to hate me, I did cheat on her with Irina" Cristiano replied. " It was a stupid mistake that cost me and one I couldn't take back" he added.

Georgina heard the regret in Cristiano's voice " Do you regret walking away from Aria?" she asked, a little scared of the answer.

Cristiano didn't know how to answer that, so went for a easy answer " She walked away from me, so I guess I don't really have regrets, I only regret the way we broke up" he mumbled.

" I just find it curious after all these years, you still defend her" Georgina smiled a little.

Shaking his head a little as he moved away from his girlfriend " I am not defending her, there is a lot I could say about Aria, but I chose not to because I am not that bitter" he replied " She has been through enough, I can't say much more because its not my place" he added.

" I just think you have a lot of unresolved issues with her and until you sort them out, you will never really move on" Georgina replied, she had noticed after just spending ten minutes in the same room as Cristiano and Aria, they had a lot that was left unsaid and until they were both ready to be really truthful neither would be ready to move on.

Cristiano pondered over what Georgina had said, his girlfriend had a point but he didn't want to go over old ground, Aria wanted to officially end their marriage and he was ready to do that for her, if they had unresolved issues they were going have to stay that way, because both himself and Aria were so stubborn and would not back down. Things would just have to stay how they were for the time being, and maybe down the line they could they actually try to sort their issues out. Right now he just needed to focus on his team and family, everything else would have to wait.