Call It What You Want

You Lied To Me

Aria smiled bitterly as she read the article that lay on her desk, it seemed like she wasn't the only one getting remarried, going by the pictures of Georgina coming out of a bridal shop. Closing the mag she pushed it aside not going to let it affect her, she had David now, she was happy or so she kept telling herself everyday. A soft knock at her door made her look up, to see a delivery man standing there with a bunch of red roses in his arms.

" Are you miss Aria Lopez?" he asked.

Aria nodded her head, as she made her way over to him, a soft smile crossed her face " I am" she confirmed.

" Then these are for you" The man smiled, handing Aria her flowers.

Aria quickly thanked the man and took her flowers, she pulled the card out, it simply just said Happy birthday, the smile grew on her face, David was too sweet sometimes, she placed her flowers down on the desk and picked up her phone and quickly sent him a thank you message.

" Who are the flowers from?" Emily asked, as she stood at the door.

Aria looked up from her phone, surprised to see Emily she was supposed to be out of the office all day today " David isn't he sweet? she gushed happily.

Emily smiled at how Happy Aria looked and she just wanted to give her a few more minutes to be happy before she broke the news Cristiano was in the office today, she wanted to warn Aria before she bumped into him.

" You are a lucky girl Aria" Emily replied, with a smile as she looked over her shoulder and saw Cristiano being surrounded by people, it was only a matter of time before he reached Aria's office.

Aria just smiled as she looked for a placed to stick her roses " Why are you in today?" she asked, " I thought you would be out of the office all day" she added.

" I was supposed to, but Rob has something to announce to us all" Emily answered as she leaned against the door.

Placing her flowers in a empty vase Aria raised her eyebrow questioningly at Emily " What could be that important?" she asked.

" I heard it has something to do with Real Madrid" Emily replied carefully.

Aria flinched slightly at the mention of Madrid " Those rumors have been flying around the office for weeks" she smiled.

" I wouldn't mind covering Real Madrid matches," Emily gushed " I mean have you seen how hot Sergio Ramos is these days" she smiled.

Rolling her eyes playfully, Aria made her way to her desk and leaned against the corner of it " You do know he is a father to two, about to be three kids" she replied with a teasing smile.

" I know but that doesn't make him less hot" Emily joked.

Aria laughed softly " What would Geri say about that?" she asked.

" oh please he drools over Irina shayk all the time" Emily laughed.

A frown crossed Aria's face at the mention of the women who had effectively ended her marriage, after all this time she still hated her.

" Oh my god I am such an idiot" Emily said quickly, realizing her mistake.

Aria tried to laugh it off " Its okay" she replied, just as Cristiano appeared at her door.

Emily glanced at Cristiano then looked at Aria " Yeah I was trying to warn you about him" she said, before she quickly disappeared.

Aria just stood staring at Cristiano, confused why he was here, never once in the last three years did he attempt to show up at her work " What do you want?" she blurted out coldly.

" I am here to talk" Cristiano replied firmly " Do you think we can actually talk to each other without screaming at one another?" he asked.

Aria sighed deeply the last thing she wanted to do on her birthday was talk to her soon to be ex husband but she was curiously what he had to say to her, so she just waved him in, hoping it would be a quick conversation.


Cristiano sat down in the empty chair, he glanced around Aria's office not much had changed, it still looked the same when he was last here, minus the wedding photo she used to have on her desk, he noticed the red roses in a vase and smirked slightly.

" Nice flowers" Cristiano said.

Aria folded her arms across her chest " They are from David" she replied with a stiff smile.

" Really" Cristiano smirked, as he leaned back in his chair.

Moving to sit down in her chair " You didn't come to my office to talk about my boyfriend sending me flowers on my birthday" she sneered at him.

" Happy birthday" Cristiano smiled softly.

Aria frowned at Cristiano, trying to work him out, it was a little unnerving how he could still put her on edge " What do you want Ronaldo?" she asked, getting right to the point.

Cristiano pulled an brown envelope out of his coat " I thought you might want these" he answered, the smirk back on his face " Great birthday present right?" he added.

Pulling the envelope open, Aria pulled the sheets of paper out and saw it was the divorce papers, she frowned a little then looked at Cristiano who had such a pleased expression on his face " Do you think this is funny?" she asked.

" What.. I don't know what you mean" Cristiano smiled.

Aria threw the divorce papers onto her desk " Don't play dumb Ronaldo its not a cute look" she snapped at him. " This couldn't wait one more day you had to serve me the papers on my birthday" she yelled at him,

Cristiano stared at Aria confused why she was lashing out at him, she had been wanting this for years " You came to me" he reminded her.

" Yes but I didn't expect you to deliver the divorce papers on my birthday" Aria muttered, unimpressed " Being Tactful was never your strong point so I don't know why I am that shocked" she added.

Cristiano just stayed quiet in his chair, his gaze dropped to the ground " Well like you said this needs to happen, I thought the quicker the better" he replied.

" Yet you were the one dragging this out for the last three years" Aria smiled sarcastically. " one more day wouldn't have hurt" she sighed, shaking her head as she sat down in her chair.

Cristiano raised his head to stare at Aria he hadn't meant to hurt her, this was what she wanted and he was only doing what she asked " Look I know my timing is lousy and I didn't mean to ruin your birthday" he replied. " I am sorry" he sighed.

Wow Ronaldo apologizing the end must be near" Aria retorted sarcastically.

Cristiano ignored Aria's little dig, he wasn't here to argue with her " I guess we are done here" he said, standing up.

Aria just nodded her head and kept her eyes firmly on her hands " Goodbye Ronaldo"she replied quietly.

" I am sorry if I caused you more pain today, it wasn't my intention, I hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday" Cristiano smiled, sparing one last look at the flowers that sat proudly on Aria's desk, he would let her think they were from David, she would probably just throw them back at him, if she knew he had sent the flowers.

Aria looked up to find Cristiano was gone, she sighed a little as she walked over to her door and watched as Cristiano signed a few things for people before he left the office, she hated how whenever she talked to him, the feelings she had tried to keep buried would come back, she would never admit it but she did miss him, he was a huge part of her life at one point and to go from that to not even talking to him for years made her a little sad. Things would never be the same again she had accepted that but at times like now, she felt a little regret that she had never fought harder for Cristiano before giving up on him.


Aria pushed her pasta around on the plate, it had been a pleasant evening with David, even if she had been a little quiet tonight, she hoped that David hadn't picked up on her mood.

" So my parents are coming to visit next week" David said, pulling Aria from her thoughts.

Aria forced a small smile on her face, she had met David parents a few times, but she always got the impression that they didn't like her and thought their son could do better.

" My mother wants to help with the wedding" David smiled.

Aria frowned a little wondering why his mother offered to help when she clearly didn't like her " We haven't even set a date yet" she replied, sipping on her wine.

" About that my mother and I thought a summer wedding would be great" David said, smiling warmly at Aria.

Aria put her fork down on her plate and pushed it to the side " You do mean next summer right?" she asked.

David shook his head " I want to marry you this summer" he replied, noticing the unsure look on Aria's face.

" That is a bit soon" Aria pointed out, not sure if she was ready to marry in a few months, she needed more time. " I want to marry you but we have only just got engaged I want to enjoy that for a while" she added.

David heard the hesitation in Aria's voice and was a little disappointed he knew about her history with her ex, although she was careful never to say his name, It had taken her a long time to get over it and he still wasn't that convinced she was fully recovered.

" I just want you to be my wife" David smiled, reaching for Aria's hand.

Aria stared down at their hands, hoping that David was not trying to pressure her into having a quick wedding. " I want that as well I just think we need to go slow" she replied carefully.

" How slow Aria?" David asked, a edge to his voice, they had been together a year and a half and he didn't want to wait any longer.

Aria bit down on her lip nervously, she wanted to give David the answer he clearly wanted, but the warning from her father, filled her head stopping her from doing something stupid.

" I just think next year will be better for us" Aria stammered nervously.

David stared at Aria, when he had proposed she had been so happy but now something was different " I don't want to wait a year" he mumbled.

" If you love me you will" Aria replied.

Pushing back his chair, David stood up a little disappointed " I need some air" he said, chucking a few euros on the table and walked out the restaurant without a backwards glance at Aria.

Aria sighed as she pulled out some money to cover the rest of the bill and was putting her coat on when she spotted Cristiano sitting in the corner with his brother and friends. She watched them for a couple of minutes, smiling slightly at how happy they all looked. Cristiano suddenly looked in her direction, he said something to his brother, before he got up from his chair and walked over to her.


" Are you Stalking me Aria?" Cristiano smirked a little.

Aria scoffed slightly " Yes because I don't have a life" she replied sarcastically. " I am here for my birthday" she added.

" On your own?" Cristiano asked.

Aria laughed a little shaking her head " No with David he went to get the car" she lied. " You should go back to your friends" she smiled a little.

" In a minute, so did you enjoy your birthday?" Cristiano asked.

Aria stared at Cristiano trying to work out why he was trying to make small talk " Are we really going to do this?" she asked.

" Do what?" Cristiano asked, a sly smile on his face.

Aria waved between herself and Cristiano " Making awkward small talk" she replied, a hint of a smile on her face.

" It doesn't have to be awkward Aria" Cristiano replied.

Aria shook her head she couldn't go where Cristiano wanted to go " We can't be friends too much has happened between us" she sighed.

" We were friends before getting together" Cristiano pointed out.

Picking up her purse from the table Aria spared a look at Cristiano " Yeah and then you had to ruin everything" she muttered bitterly.

" I wasn't the only one who cheated" Cristiano reminded Aria.

Aria breathed gently and counted to three before she spoke " This is why we can't be friends" she said, pushing past Cristiano, reaching for her arm, Cristiano pulled Aria back a little.

" We have both moved on, and I am tired of hating you" Cristiano smiled a little.


Aria looked over her shoulder to see David walking towards them she quickly shrugged Cristiano's arm off her and took a step back " Hey are you ready to go?" she smiled, ignoring the look Cristiano just gave her.

David nodded his head, but his gaze was fixed on the footballer standing beside Aria, he wasn't stupid he knew exactly who he was he was just a little surprised that Aria seemed to know him.

" Do you know Him?" David asked.

Aria eyes flickered to Cristiano wanting to deny knowing him, but knew David didn't deserve to be lied too " Yeah he is an old friend of the family" she replied.

Cristiano laughed a little " I guess you could call me that" he smirked.

" You never told me you knew Ronaldo" David said, ignoring the footballer.

Aria lowered her gaze to ground, feeling a little awkward that her past and future was standing beside her currently glaring at each other " Well it never came up in conversation did it" she replied quietly.

" I guess not" David muttered as he pulled Aria towards him " We should go now" he added, giving Cristiano another cold look.

Aria smiled nodding her head in agreement " Lets go home" she said quietly.

" Are you not going say goodbye to your friend?" David asked, a hard look on his face.

Aria frowned, she heard the jealousy in his voice and didn't like it, he had never been jealous before, looking back at Cristiano, she smiled stiffly at him " Bye" she mumbled.

" Goodbye Aria" Cristiano smiled, as his eyes drifted to her boyfriend, he got the impression the other man didn't like him.

David just started walking towards the door, pulling Aria with him, he got the feeling there was more to Aria's friendship with Cristiano, more than just old family friends, she had lied to him tonight and that didn't sit right with him.

Aria followed David out the restaurant, she could feel the anger coming of her boyfriend and knew an argument was brewing between them, she just hoped it would blew over quickly " Okay do you want to tell me what is bothering you?" she asked, pulling away from David.

Placing an hand on his hip David glared at Aria " You lied to me tonight" he accused.

Shaking her head Aria took a step away from David " I didn't lie, I just didn't tell you about Ronaldo" she muttered " He is an old family friend" she added quietly.

" There is more to it than just being old family friends" David smiled coldly. " We are engaged Aria and you can't keep hiding things from me" he mumbled.

Aria sighed a little as she stared down at the ground " I don't want to fight with you, he is not a threat to our relationship, can't we just leave it at that?" she asked. " We have had a lovely night and I don't want to end it in a argument" she sighed.

" Neither do I Aria, but you need to be honest with me" David seethed.

Aria took a step closer to David in an attempt to calm him down " I am being honest with you, Ronaldo is nothing but an old family friend" she lied. " He means nothing more" she added.

David sighed as he placed his hand on the back of Aria's neck and pulled her gently to him " I guess I just have to take your word for it" he replied, before he pressed a quick kiss to Aria's head.

" We should head home now, I have an early start in the morning" Aria smiled, taking David's hand and heading towards the car " Oh and I should have said this earlier but thank you for the flowers they were lovely" she gushed.

David frowned at Aria slightly " What flowers?" he asked.

" The red roses you had sent to my office this morning" Aria answered.

David stared at Aria, shaking his head " Those flowers were not from me" he replied stiffly, before he walking over to the driver side of the car and climbed in and slammed the door hard behind him.

Aria sighed deeply as she climbed into the car, she had just assumed they were from David, this was just going piss him off even more.

" Those flowers were probably from him" David spat.

Aria shook her head " It really is not Cristiano's style" she replied carefully " Plus why would he be sending me flowers?" she asked.

" You tell me Aria" David retorted.

Aria stared out the window not sure what she could say to ease some of the tension between them " We don't actually know if they are from him" she said quietly.

" You need to start being honest with me, all these secrets you have been hiding will have a way of coming out eventually" David warned. " You and Ronaldo were more than friends?" he asked.

Shrugging her shoulders a little Aria looked at David not wanting to lie to him, but not wanting to tell him about her past either " It doesn't matter what we were, its in the past and it should stay there" she muttered.

" We will talk more about this tomorrow" David warned, wanting to know everything that went down between Aria and the footballer.

Aria just nodded her head a little but said nothing, she knew he had a right to know but she just wasn't ready to talk about that part of her life with David, it was silly seeing as she agreed to marry him, but she just wasn't ready to talk about Cristiano with him. She would rather just keep pretending that everything with Cristiano didn't happen.