Status: I hope you like my story, please keep in mind I am 14 years old, my first memoir, and It took a little bit of courage to post it.

Kojack's Story

I believe it was April or May. School was almost out in June. The snow stopped hitting Michigan´s glove months ago. I had always liked this time of the year. Happiness filled the atmosphere. One day, I came home from school. It was just like any other day. I had hoped. My mother, and stepdad were sitting in the cardroom, where it would usually be filled with laughter and fun from their card game, but it was silent. Just so quiet. I could hear my ears ringing. Eventually, (feeling concerned,) I asked what was wrong. My mom looked at me for a few seconds in silence. Once again silence. She waved me over to her like I was across the street, but she was trying to be sweet.. I stood next to her. ¨This morning, before you went to school, Kojack was losing hair.” She pulled me a little closer. “Unfortunately, Kojack died a few hours ago.¨ I just stood there. He was my dog. I remember the pain that I felt. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I missed him. I already wanted to comb him and tell him he will be okay, but he is gone now. I just remember my mother holding him as a puppy. Now I remember him as a 10 year old boxer dog. I just stumbled out of the room. I went into my mom's room and cried. I didn't stop for a while. All I could think about was my dog. Kojack didn't actually live with me. He lived with my cousin. My father fell ill and could no longer take care of Kojack and so he gave him to my cousin Matthew. I opened the door to my parent’s room,door creaking as I came out, and the sun showed the wetness of the tears on my eyes. I already wanted my dog.

Later that night, I was watching videos. Just thinking. Wondering. Why did Kojack have to leave. I just wanted the feeling of having him next to me again. Sitting there wondering it hit me. I realized that Kojack was moving on. He had a horrible infection in his leg. He was in a lot of pain. Kojack was ten years old. I had to accept that it was the end of Kojack’s story.
  1. Chapter 2: Kojack's Story
    Chapter 2 The process