Status: Ongoing

My Destined - EDITING

The Choosing Ceremony is a ceremonial two-day event observed each year by the pack Elders where young wolves between the ages of 20-26 gather to find their mate. Leia Oliveira is attending the ceremony that her pack, Crescent Sky, will host this year. Leia has only heard good stories from her mother, Rhea, and brother, Lance, about finding her mate. A mixture of excitement and nerves fills her as she spends her possibly last night home with her best friend Maia and her family.

She's had a crush on the upcoming pack Alpha, Marco, for a long time and secretly hopes he will choose her. But Leia knows that only the Moon Goddess can decide your perfect mate. What will happen when her moon tattoo reacts to a total stranger, and she has to leave her pack?

And what about this mysterious illness making its way around the packs, impacting wolves? Who's behind it, and how can it be stopped?