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The Choosing Ceremony
The Choosing Ceremony is a ceremonial day observed each year by the pack Elders. The Choosing Ceremony is hosted by a different pack each year. Other packs in the area join and can be moved to a different pack. All females announced in order of rank and lined up. Attendance to the Choosing Ceremony starts at 18-years old. Not everyone finds mate first time, has until they are 26 to attend the Ceremony if no mate found one will be assigned by the pack Elders or they can find a Chosen to have as their mate.

The Running
The second day will be the Running. All females get a 2-minute head start to run to the end line through the forest. Males will then chase after females they want. If tagged by a male, their mate has been chosen. If tagged by multiple males, the one who makes the female's moon mark glow will be entitled. If not tagged before reaching end line, the female is able to go back home until the next year.

The Moon Goddess ultimately brings together two wolves as soulmates. Once a werewolf comes of age at 18, they received a mark somewhere on their body - a tattoo in the shape of a moon that changes with the real phases. This mark reacts solely to the destined mate by glowing and creating a burning sensation. It burns more the closer two mates become and aches when they are apart. Once two mates mark each other with a bite on the neck, they are officially claimed and will have both their minds and feelings linked. The claiming initiates the heat wolves experience as their instinct to have pups. Female wolves have an intense scent when they are in heat which attracts unmated Alphas and Betas as well as a strong urge for sexual contact. Male wolves senses become more heightened as well as the strong urge to knot their mate. The mating process is fully completed once they have claimed each other and mated.

Although uncommon, not every wolf finds their destined mate and may have to choose another to mate with or be arranged to mate with another by the pack Elders. There is also the possibility of rejecting a mate - which tends to be extremely painful to both parties physically and emotionally. If one loses their mate, there is also a chance of the Moon Goddess matching them with another mate..


Main Packs & Pack-Owned Companies
A/N: So I thought about how each pack can be 'stable & wealthy' and how they can be integrated into the real world - So each pack has a company/corporation that the Alpha family runs with most pack members can work. Everyone is home schooled by selected 'teachers' and Elders in the pack until they are 18. Once they turn 16, they begin training based on their rank and future positions to work. Everyone has a role in the pack whether it be soldier/guard, pack-mother, pack doctor, pack-teacher, or any position within the pack-owned company.

Shadowed Raven Pack - Alpha is Adriel Hutton, Beta is Bennett Hutton, and Delta is Nico Smith. The Hutton family owns a large clinic, Hutton Clinic, in the neighboring town where Adriel's father, Alexander, runs as the director. Many pack members are staffed as doctors and nurses in the clinic, there are also people from the town who are on staff.

Crescent Sky Pack - Alpha is Wade Grant (soon to be Marco Grant), Luna is Mae Grant, Beta is Lance Aldrich, and Delta is Hiro Cheung. The Grant family owns a 5-star restaurant, Hibiscus, and club, Starlight, in the neighboring town where Marco is learning to become CE. Many pack members are staffed as chefs, cooks, waiters/waitresses, bussers, and bartenders in the restaurant and bartenders, attendants, and bouncers in the club, there are also people from the town who are on staff.

Moonstone Snow Pack - Alpha is Cael Stern, Beta is Santiago Morales, and Delta is Mina Carlson. The Stern family owns a hotel/resort, Moonstone Resort, in the neighboring town where Cael is learning to become CEO. Many pack members are staffed as attendants, chefs, maintenance crew, and customer service members in the resort, there are also people from the town who are on staff.


Wolf Classifications
are the werewolf pack leaders. The most dangerous of werewolves, they are larger, faster, stronger, more powerful, more animal. They can also control their abilities and wolf tendencies very well. They guide their pack and are very protective of all pack members.

Lunas are mates to the Alpha and considered the pack mother. Slight authority and highly respected, always a part of decisions regarding the pack. Source of guidance for other females in the pack.

Betas are one of the most common types of werewolf and can be male or female (male Betas are more prominent). They are not as strong or powerful as the Alphas but every Alpha always has a right-hand Beta that they are closely related to or have extreme trust for.

Deltas are smaller werewolves and are thought to be the soldiers of the pack. Many Deltas are sent to guard the outskirts of the pack grounds and report directly to the Alpha or right-hand Beta. Alphas tend to have a Delta that they keep as another right-hand after the Beta and usually assign them as bodyguards for their Lunas and pups.

Omegas are the most common type of werewolf and are typically considered the lowest rank. Mainly consisting of female wolves, they take on sort of pack-mother roles and take care of the pack and pack grounds.


Wolf Monthly Moons
A/N: Sort of like the zodiac, there are different 'wolf moons' for each month that have an influence on a wolf's personality, interests, and familiars. So instead of the common zodiac signs based on the sun signs, I thought this would fit better with the story. It's Native American! It's really interesting stuff! If you're interested, take a look here!

January - Wolf Moon
February - Snow Moon
March - Crow/Raven Moon
April - Seed Moon
May - Flower Moon
June - Strawberry Moon
July - Thunder Moon
August - Sturgeon Moon
September - Harvest Moon
October - Hunters Moon
November - Beaver Moon
December - Cold Moon
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A/N: Please read! This is important information regarding this story. I'm sure many (if not all) of you know about the world of werewolf mate stories, but I figured I'd add a little info for mine. :)