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My Destined

Chapter 7

I groaned as I turned over to be more comfortable in my bed when I heard loud banging on the door. I mumbled something along the lines of ‘5 more minutes mom’ while covering my ears to drown out the annoying noise. That’s when everything that’s happened flooded my head and I jolted upwards. There was still banging with a high-pitched voice calling for Adriel. Oh yeah… I found my mate who’s an Alpha of another pack and moved in with him… I wondered if he ever came to the room to sleep since the couch is empty.

I lazily got up and walked towards the door, desperately wanting the banging to stop. I opened the door to see an unknown girl about my height with long blonde hair, dark roots, and blue eyes. She sort of reminded me of Autumn. Which reminds me, where is Autumn? The strange girl looked angry as soon as she saw me and pushed past me into the room.

“Who are you? What are you doing in here? Where is Addy?” Addy? I wonder if she meant Adriel and shuttered at the dorky nickname.

“Um, I’m Leia. Who are you? And what do you need with Adriel?” I watched as she shuffled around the room, peeking in both the closet and bathroom. My wolf was getting antsy at another female in our room like she owns the place. Her head whipped to look at me with a scowl.

“I haven’t seen Addy since he left for the stupid ceremony. You don’t need to know why I’m looking for him.” I was too tired for this, I hate being woken up. Feeling grumpy, I folded my arms over my chest as we had a short staring contest.

“Addy? He’s probably busy. And as his mate, I think I should know.” I was surprised by the strength of my voice while the strange girl’s blue eyes widened in horror.

“What?! You’re not his mate.” She spat, obviously angry at the situation.

“I am! We found each other at the Choosing Ceremony and now I’m living here.” I felt my body tense as this stranger came close to me with angry eyes.

“No. You’re not! You can’t be. You don’t deserve him! I’m supposed to be his chosen!” My eyes widened at her words. H-he has a chosen?! What the hell! I could feel Tala clawing to get out, angry and threatened by this female who claims she’s our mate’s chosen. You’re not supposed to pick a chosen until after you’ve attended the Choosing Ceremony the right amount of times. It’s not completely unknown to have a chosen but it’s uncommon.

“What are you talking about? Adriel never said anything about you!” I half-shouted back. I can’t believe I’m getting so worked up over a guy I barely know, but my wolf’s feelings are coming out strong for our mate.

“Hm. Probably because you aren’t even worth it! Maybe he only brought you to please his parents just for show.” She grinned evilly as she stepped back and began walking away. “Remember me, Leia. I, Cami, am Adriel’s chosen.” With that, she walked away triumphantly.

I couldn’t shake the angry tears that started to fall from my brown eyes. What is happening? There’s no way that could be true. Why would Adriel continue going to the Choosing Ceremony and bring me home if he had a chosen? He acted so possessively of me around Cael and Marco, so he has to feel the bond, right? I’m not just here for show, right? Is that why he barely talks to me and leaves me alone all the time?

I couldn’t help all these stupid thoughts that filled my mind. I hate feeling like I’m desperate for him to like me. I barely even know him! Why do I have to feel like this? Lance and mom said finding your mate was the best thing in the world. Selene and Bennett look so happy already… So why can’t I be?

Finally relaxing, I decided I wouldn’t let this stupid girl Cami get me upset anymore. I’ll just have to talk to Adriel about it later. If I ever see him… He could’ve at least left a note or waited for me to wake up before leaving me. With a huff, I walked towards the closet to get new clothes and get ready for a shower. Forget her!


Once I was done with my morning routine, I got dressed in a pair of medium washed skinny jeans, dark grey cutout v-neck tank, and light blue pineapple socks. What? I love fun socks! I brushed through my hair, leaving it in its normal state and put my mom’s necklace around my neck.

I wanted to get that Cami girl off my mind and decided I would unpack all my things and put them away in my new shared closet. I was stopped from walking into my room with the delicious smell of breakfast being made. Is it Adriel? I couldn’t sense or smell him, so I doubted he would be out there in the kitchen. Feeling hungry, I left my dirty clothes on the floor of our room and headed towards the smell of breakfast. In the kitchen sat Selene, Autumn, and two elderly women who were cooking. Autumn! I ran to Autumn with a smile, missing her crazy self already.

“Leia! You’re finally awake!” Autumn laughed as she hugged me back.

“For some reason, I thought we’d all be together. But I guess Lucas doesn’t live in the pack house?” Autumn nodded which made me feel a little down.

“But we can still hang all the time!” Selene and Autumn both smiled, giggling at each other. “Now, you have to meet Stella and Carmen!” Autumn gestured to the two elderly women who went silent and bowed slightly.

“A pleasure to meet you, Luna.” One said with a soft tone. My face instantly heated up at this treatment as I shook my head hard.

“O-oh no, please don’t bow and please just call me Leia.” They both looked at me with warm smiles and nodded.

“As you wish, Luna. Ah-Leia. I’m Carmen, and this is Stella.” The woman with pale skin, green eyes, and short auburn hair spoke as she gestured to herself and the woman next to her. Stella, had dark skin, brown eyes, and black hair that fell in ringlets over her shoulders. “We help out as pack mothers around Alpha’s home and with the children of the pack.”

“Oh wow. Um, thank you.” I felt completely awkward and unsure of how to speak to them. I’ve never been Luna before, obviously, so I don’t know how to act.

“Sit down, dear. We are almost finished with breakfast.” I gladly took a seat next to Autumn as we waited for breakfast.

I’ve never lived in the pack house since my dad moved out when he had me (he used to be the Beta). It felt kinda weird being treated as a Luna when I haven’t done anything Luna-like yet. I only just got here yesterday! I looked at Selene and Autumn talking animatedly about their mates and sighed a little. They’re all so lovey-dovey already…

“Hey...Autumn, do you know a girl named Cami?” I asked, wanting both to change the subject from their mates and learn about this girl that claims to be my mate’s chosen.

“Yeah, that’s my big sister! Why?” My eyes widened in response. So they are sisters… I kind of guessed it since they looked alike, but they’re both so different I was hoping I was wrong. I shook my head, not wanting to complain about Autumn’s sister to her.

“Oh um...Nothing!” Autumn gave me a strange look and Selene just looked really confused.

“Did she say something to you? I know she was here earlier looking for Adriel.” Does she know? My breath hitched in my throat. I really like Autumn and hope she wasn’t cheering me on to be with Adriel if she knew Adriel had chosen her sister.

“Oh um, nothing really. She just asked about Adriel.” I looked everywhere but at Autumn, wanting to avoid this topic any further. Before Autumn could say any more, Stella and Carmen had placed the breakfast they just made in front of us with plates and silverware.

“You’re not joining us?” I turned to look at the two older women who looked at me in surprise before laughing.

“No Luna--I mean, Leia dear. We just came to make some breakfast for you under Alpha Adriel’s orders and must be on our way to work with the pack pups.” Stella spoke warmly while Carmen nodded in agreement.

“Okay. Thank you for everything. It was really nice meeting you both!” With a smile and wave, they both left. Leaving the three of us girls to chat and eat breakfast.


Breakfast with the girls was fun. We got to know each other some more and gossiped about the boys. I didn’t have much to say about Adriel, but Autumn told me to give him some time because he’s just shy. She seems so excited that her Alpha found a mate in me and I can’t help but wonder if she knows about her sister Cami supposedly being his chosen. The thought was still bothering me as we continued our morning.

After a while, my phone went off with a few buzzes, drawing everyone’s attention to me. I opened it to find a few messages from an unknown number. Who’s this?

U/N: Did Stella and Carmen make breakfast for you?

U/N: Dinner tonight. 7 pm.

U/N: Sorry I’m busy all day.

That’s when I realized it might be Adriel. Dinner? Like a date? My wolf began howling in delight at the thought of a date with our mate and a chance to become closer. I couldn’t help the heat that burned my cheeks. There’s no way Cami is his chosen. I kept that thought on repeat. My thoughts were interrupted by Autumn’s grinning face leaning over my shoulder.

Me: Is this Adriel?

“Oooo someone’s got a dinner date!” Autumn teased as she pushed my shoulder lightly. “That’s Adriel’s number.” My eyes widened at being right about who it was. How’d he get my number? “He probably asked around to get it!” Autumn was clapping her hands together happily while Selene beamed. I looked at my phone again as it buzzed.

U/N: Yes, sorry. Your friend gave me your number before we left the ceremony.

Me: Oh okay.

I saved the number under Adriel’s name after cursing myself for my stupid answer. There was no reply after that so I just pocketed my phone and looked up at my two new friends.

“What are you gonna wear?!” Selene asked and I sat there in thought.

“I have no idea… I haven’t really been on a date before…” My cheeks burned and I felt a little insecure at being a novice in dating. The two of them just laughed and smiled in response.

“Don’t worry, Leia! We will help you pick a super cute outfit!” Autumn cheered and Selene nodded. We finished up our breakfast quickly and put everything away in the sink. I’ll clean it up later…

I told them how I still haven’t fully unpacked yet but they said they would help me arrange my things. How can they be so awesome?! We ran to my new room like giggling fools as we started to rummage through my things for something cute. I didn’t know what kind of place we were going for dinner, so I didn’t want to be too fancy but I also didn’t want to be underdressed.

“How about this top, Leia?” Selene held up a beige, off-shoulder flowy blouse. I nodded, like the simple but pretty look.

“Hm gotta be sexier if you wanna really get Alpha's attention, Leia! What about this sexy number??” Autumn teased as she held up a mini, bold red sleeveless dress with a small cutout in between the chest area. My eyes widened. When did I get that?! Maia…

“Oh no no no! I’m not confident enough to wear that! I don’t even know why that’s here!” I covered my face in embarrassment as Autumn laughed.

“Autumn, I think that’s too much for their first date!” Selene said quietly, thankfully on my side.

“Fine, fine!” Autumn faked exasperation as she put the dress down with a grin. “What are you gonna wear with the blouse?”

I picked up a pair of light-washed skinny jeans and began searches for a pair of flats I knew would match the blouse perfectly. After a few minutes of my searching, I pulled out a pair of pale pink/beige, pointed toe flats that had openings on both sides. Selene nodded in approval and I smiled in return.

“Okay, I guess we can keep things simple for your first outing together. But you definitely have to wear that dress for him! You’ll look so hot!” The three of us laughed together as we went through my clothes and began putting them away.

Autumn decided to play music while we worked, so we were dancing around and acting silly the whole time. All my worries about this new life I have washed away as I fully enjoyed myself. We were so into it that we even went upstairs to Selene’s room to help her unpack as well. Can’t just be helping me, right?

After a while of talking about our families and lives before meeting each other, the gnawing feeling about Cami came up again and I mustered the courage to ask Autumn about it.

“Hey...Autumn?” I spoke quietly, fidgeting with one of Selene’s tops on a hanger. Autumn gave me a strange look before nodding while Selene remained silent. “Um about your sister... Does she like Adriel?” There. I said it. Autumn eyes widened in surprise before I looked away awkwardly.

“Cami? Did she say something to you earlier??” Autumn pressed me for answers as she walked closer to me. “What did she do?”

“U-um. She came looking for Adriel, got mad at me, and said she was his chosen while I was just for show…” The words came out so quickly I wasn’t even sure either of them heard me.

“What? She said that?!” Autumn face went from confused to upset rather quickly and I started to feel bad for bringing it up. “Sorry Leia, I know she likes him... But she won’t do anything. She’s probably just a little hurt and took it out on you. She’s a really good person. She didn’t mean it.” I felt even worse now after Autumn’s words. I got such a bad impression of her sister Cami, that I couldn’t see her being a ‘ really good person’.

“R-right.” I just nodded, not wanting to go further and upset Autumn. We just became friends!


The rest of the day went rather quickly as I spent most of it with the girls. It feels like I’ve known them for years as we just talk and gossip all day. As lunch came and went, I was getting more and more nervous about going to dinner with Adriel. Throughout the day I texted Maia, Lance, and my mom to tell them how I was doing and that I missed them already.

Eventually, Lucas whisked Autumn away and I was left with Selene as we decided on watching a movie in the living room. Neither of us knew where our mates were and didn’t want to get lost so we just stayed inside the pack house.

We were watching Pirates of the Caribbean when I realized it was already 5:30 pm. Oh shit! I gotta get ready! I jumped up in my seat, which startled Selene and showed her my phone so she could see the time as well. Her eyes widened in response as she paused the movie.

“I gotta get ready!” I said frantically. “I’m nervous!”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine Leia, Bennett says Adriel is a really nice guy he just has to get used to you. Now go get ready.” Selene’s calm words relaxed me a little as I nodded.

“I hope so...Let’s continue the movie later!” Selene smiled and nodded as she waved me off. I walked quickly towards the bedroom to grab the clothes we picked out earlier and went to the bathroom to shower.

Once out of the shower, I dried myself off and wrapped the towel around my body so I could blow dry my hair. I decided to leave my dark brown hair in its natural soft curls, rather than style it before turning to my make-up bag. I pulled out the foundation, warm pink matte lipstick, soft pink blush, black eyeliner/mascara, and my nude/pink eyeshadow palette. All gifts from Maia and Corina for my 18th birthday. They said I need to wear makeup now that I’m an adult.

Staying wrapped in the towel as I put on my makeup, I began singing quietly. That’s when I heard the door open and jumped in shock, dropping my mascara. Thank Goddess I didn’t poke my eye out! I looked towards the door, making my eyes widen and the whole body heat up as I gripped onto my towel. Oh this is awkward… Adriel. We both just stood there for a moment and I could’ve sworn his bright blue eyes darkened.

As soon as his eyes widened, he shook his head muttering a ‘sorry’ and shut the door hard. I finally let out the breath I didn’t know I was holding and gripped the counter as my heart raced in my chest. Oh my Goddess, I can’t believe he saw me in just a towel! I felt so embarrassed and did not want to leave the bathroom at all. Why didn’t I lock the door?!

Once my heart rate went back to normal, I calmed down and continued my makeup. I just won’t bring it up and forget it happened! I laughed nervously to myself. Makeup was done after about 15 minutes and I started putting on the blouse and jeans picked out earlier. I decided to accessorize with a black velvet choker with pearl beads, a silver beaded bangle, and black stud earrings. Smiling to myself a little, I put away my things and grabbed the clothes I wore earlier.

I got back to the room and saw that Adriel wasn’t there. Did he leave? Quietly putting the clothes in the hamper, I looked around the room briefly for any signs of him. Nothing. I looked at my phone to see it read 6:30. Not bad on time Leia! I was never one to take too long getting ready. I grabbed my simple blue wallet off the nightstand I used for my things yesterday and walked towards the kitchen. I felt a wave of relief wash over me as I saw Adriel by the door talking with Bennett.

“Leia! You look so pretty! Way too pretty for this guy!”

Bennett was the first to notice me with a huge grin and wave of his hand. I laughed at his comment and made my way towards the brothers. Bennett gave me a side hug and I smiled. Adriel cleared his throat, making me make eye contact with his beautiful blue eyes. It made me think of early and my cheeks turned a little red as I looked away.

“Ready?” Adriel held out his arm, which I gladly took and nodded. I took a second to admire him in his form-fitting grey button-up, dark blue fitted jeans, and all black vans. The smell of smoke was not on him, thankfully. But the smell of rain and cologne almost made me melt. “Leia?” I shook out of my stare and laughed awkwardly.

“Now have fun you two! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Bennett joked loudly as he waved us off. Adriel just rolled his eyes in response as he led me outside to his car and I couldn’t help but giggle.

The car ride was mostly silent, but not in an uncomfortable way. Music played softly through the speakers as my eyes took in the surroundings of this new pack. This is my new home… My wolf was getting excited being near Adriel and it was hard to suppress her feelings.

“Adriel? Where are we going?” I asked, looking at him as he stared at the road ahead.

“You’ll see when we get there. 5 more minutes.” I huffed in response, curiosity getting the best of me.

He wasn’t wrong. After another 5 minutes or so, we pulled into the parking lot of warmly lit restaurant. Carmelo’s Italian Ristorante. The name was lit up by red lights. He parked the car and quickly walked to my side of the car to open the door for me.

“Thanks.” Adriel just nodded in response before grasping my hand and walking me towards the front doors of the restaurant.

“You look really nice,” Adriel whispered his compliment lowly and close to my ear, sending a shiver down my spine.

“T-thank you.” I turned to smile at him but he already turned his head and went to open the door for us to walk through.

At the front were a really pretty hostess with dark skin, hazel eyes, and short black hair. She welcomed us into the restaurant, giving Adriel googly eyes and leaning just a little bit too close. I squeezed his hand, my wolf not liking this strange girl being flirty with our mate. Adriel just ignored her actions and gave his name so we could be seated. The restaurant was pretty packed and bustling with chatter. Adriel told me in the car ride that this was the main town by his pack house and most of the people here were werewolves or knew about us.

I turned my attention away from the hostess to look around the restaurant. It was warmly lit with round shaded lights that hung from a warm, tan ceiling. Thick columns of dark wood lined the ceiling, creating a squared shape of the plain wall. The walls were the same warm tan color as the ceiling. The squared or rectangular tables were covered in white tablecloths with red velvet chairs. It looked rather fancy but gave off a nice vibe.

“Right this way.” The flirty hostess winked at Adriel as she guided us to a two-person table by one of the windows. Adriel kindly pulled out a chair for me, scooting me in, before he sat himself down across from me. “Your server will be right with you, hun. I’m Nancy if you need anything!” She didn’t even look at me as she spoke, once again sending Adriel a wink.

“You’re pretty popular, huh?” Adriel gave me a weird look and just rolled his eyes with a shake of his head.

“Hope you like Italian. Sorry I wasn’t there all day.”

“I do like Italian. It’s alright, is it always going to be like that? You always gone?” I really was curious if I was just going to be left alone all the time. He shook his head which kind of made me feel relieved.

“It might be for the first week or so since we have new pack members and pack members who left. I have to make sure everything is in order. I’ll be giving you a bodyguard starting tomorrow and you will be introduced to the pack as my mate and Luna tomorrow night.” My brown eyes widened in shock. Wha? Already?! I was not ready for this at all.

“Bodyguard?? T-tomorrow? Already? Are you sure? When? What do I wear?” Questions flooded out of my mouth as I felt the nerves hit me. Adriel laughed deeply, which surprised me even more. He has a nice laugh…

“Yes, my Delta will be your bodyguard. As Luna of the Shadowed Raven pack, you are extremely important and if I’m not around you need to be watched and protected. Yes, tomorrow. The pack is very anxious to meet you and I think it’ll go well. It’ll be in the evening and as long as you dress formally, you will be fine.” I’ve never heard him say so many words. I tried to calm myself down but couldn’t shake the nerves completely. I don’t know how I feel about a bodyguard, I’m not useless… “And there are no buts about a bodyguard. I say you need one, so you will have one.” How did he…? I huffed in response, knowing I wasn’t going to win this one.

“Fine. But I know how to fight, okay? And you’ll be with me when I have to meet the pack, right?” Adriel nodded, his bright blue eyes catching the warm light of the chandelier in a perfect way. He rustled his styled black hair, making it a little messier.

“Let’s choose our orders, shall we?”

We sat silently as we looked through our menus. Our waiter, Rob, had come and gone as he introduced himself and brought us our drinks. Adriel got a glass of wine and I got a cup of sprite. I tried making some small talk with Adriel but as usual, he didn’t talk very much. When Rob came back around, we finally ordered our meals. Mozzarella sticks as an appetizer, I got good ol’ spaghetti and meatballs, and Adriel ordered chicken francaise with linguine.

After we got our meals, Adriel slowly started talking more as we ate which made me relax. He mostly talked about his pack and his brother, I can tell they are both very close. I told him about my own family and how Lance found Corina.

“Adriel? Um...Are you glad to have found your mate?” I wanted to say me but felt really awkward so I decided on just saying ‘your mate’. Adriel’s bright blue eyes widened before they softened a bit. He surprised me by reaching out and place his hand on mine. Warm…

“Yes. I’ve been waiting 3 years to find you. It didn’t help that I’m the Alpha and the whole pack has been anxious as well.” I felt my face heat up and nodded quietly. “I told you, Leia. He’s going to be a perfect mate!” Tala whispered in my head gleefully.

“What will I be doing as Luna?”

“Well, you will, of course, become my calm. You may attend most meetings with me and give your opinions you feel necessary. Make sure I remain calm. You’re like the mother of the pack in a way. So you’ll have to be strong and dependable for the pack. Give guidance when needed. You can do whatever you wish as far as helping the pack. It may seem like a lot. But you have me and now Selene who can help you.”

“R-right. It sounds scary…” I looked down at my half-eaten pasta, feeling slightly insecure.

“Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. I was nervous too before I became Alpha.” I found that hard to believe as I looked up into Adriel’s mesmerizing eyes with shock. “I’ve done some reckless things, believe it or not.”

“You? You’ve been so serious that it’s hard to believe.”

The rest of the night went well, he opened up more and even laughed a few times. I slowly started to feel that maybe this won’t be so bad. Maybe, we can be mates like my parents and brother. Adriel paid for our meals, which I happily thanked him for before we went back out to the car. I didn’t even pay attention to the time or several messages on my phone from the girls and Lance. Always the gentleman, Adriel opened the car door for me and closed it once I was situated. As we drove, it was a comfortable silence with light music and I couldn’t help but smile the whole way.

“Leia? Um...I’m sorry about earlier. In the bathroom?” My head turned to Adriel who was focused on the road and I could’ve sworn his cheeks were pink.

“Oh! Um...It’s okay! I should’ve locked it and let’s just forget about it.” I laughed nervously and turned to stare out my window in embarrassment. I was hoping he forgot about that…


We finally made it to our room as I took off my shoes and jewelry, ready to get into some comfy pajamas. I grabbed some pajamas from the closet before heading to the bathroom and double checking that the door was locked. I changed from my dinner outfit into a plain white tank, navy blue shorts with pink flowers, and white socks with black stripes.

As I walked out the bathroom door, my earlier outfit in hand, I saw Adriel standing in front of the bed in black sweats and no shirt. My eyes widened and cheeks flushed as I took in his sculpted torso and v-line. Oh my Goddess… Realizing that I was staring, I quickly turned around and squeezed my eyes shut.

“Oh, sorry.” I heard Adriel’s raspy voice say lowly.

After hearing some shuffling, I slowly turned around and felt somewhat relieved but also disappointed that Adriel had put on a plain white shirt. I cautiously went to the side of the bed I slept in last night after dumping my clothes and placed my phone and wallet on the nightstand.

“Hey, Adriel... Um this girl, Cami, was looking for you earlier.” Adriel turned to look at me with a confused face. “What’s your relationship with her?” I don’t know where this sudden bravery came from, but I could feel my wolf’s feelings pooling over.

“What does it matter? She’s a member of my pack and a childhood friend.” His bright blue eyes got slightly darker as he started to look mad.

“She seems to think it’s more than that though…” I spoke quietly, slight sadness lacing my voice. “He’s ours!” Tala growled within me.

“It isn’t.”

“Are you sure? She even threatened me! I don’t think she’s a good person, Adriel.” Adriel was inches from me within seconds and I could feel his warm breath on my face. My eyes widened slightly as he grabbed hold of my arm.

“She would never do that to anyone. Don’t talk about her like that.” I could tell he was angry and couldn’t help the anger boiling in me. Why is he so defensive about her if it’s nothing?

“Well, she did to me!”

“Enough. I don’t want to talk about this any longer. I’m going to sleep in my study. Cami is a dear friend to me and I don’t want some outsider accusing her of things!” He let go of my arm roughly before storming out of the room.

He called me an outsider...I mean, I guess I am...but that surprisingly hurt a lot. I can’t believe I’m getting this riled up over someone I just met. I wasn’t being myself, and I didn’t like it. I felt tears fall down my cheeks as I walked towards my side of the bed and grabbed my phone. I instantly called Lance.

“Leia? It’s 10 pm, what’s wrong?” Hearing Lance’s voice made my tears fall harder.

“L-lance. I wanna go home. Please take me home…” I sniffled.

“Leia? What are you talking about? You know you have to stay with your mate. Are you crying? What happened?” I tried to hide my crying but from hearing the worry in his voice I couldn’t help it.

“I don’t belong here, Lance… I already got into a fight with Adriel. And I’m not myself. And he has a chosen!”

“What?! He can’t have a chosen! If it’s not after he’s attended the proper amount of ceremonies, the Elders will be furious with him for breaking that rule! Besides, he took you home!”

“I know, I know. It’s this girl. She told me I was just for show.” I could tell he was angry now.

“Leia. Li, don’t worry. I don’t know this Adriel very well, and I’m gonna kick his ass when I see him. But I don’t think he would come to the ceremony and bring you home if he really had a chosen. Just give it a little more time. I don’t want you to reject your mate after only one day, okay?”

“But what if he rejects me?” My worries finally became words.

“He won’t. Just get some sleep, okay Leia? Everything will be okay in the morning. I love you, lil sis.” I hoped he was right and nodded even though he couldn’t see it.

“Okay. I love you too big bro. Thanks.” I hung up with a large sigh, finally having calmed down. I must’ve been exhausted because soon after I got comfortable in the bed, I fell asleep.
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Who does this Cami girl think she is?!

And everything was so great with Adriel's cute self until he became a meanie!