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My Destined

Chapter 8

Rolling around in the sheets, I finally opened my eyes slowly to the morning light. I turned my head and my whole body froze as Adriel was sitting next to me on the bed just watching me. What the?! I pulled up the blanket to cover me more and moved to sit up as far away from him on the bed as I could. I didn’t forget last nights fight and his words.

“What?” I asked harshly, glaring at him through my hazel eyes.

“Leia.” He was scratching the back of his neck awkwardly and looking around the room. “I know you’re mad…”

“Yes! I’m mad!” I nearly shouted and he instantly looked at me with darkened blue eyes. My wolf cowered a bit but I tried to remain unaffected.

“Let me finish.” I just nodded with a sigh as Adriel ran his hands through his soft, black hair. “I wanted to apologize for upsetting you and calling you an outsider. As my mate and Luna, you are not an outsider. However, I would like you to respect the members of this pack as well as my close friends.”

“I don’t belong here…” I muttered softly, feeling the tears start to come back again. No! Don’t cry! I felt the bed shift as Adriel scooted closer to me and I refused to look at him. His warm hand rested on my shoulder and I jolted away quickly. “Don’t.”

“I’m sorry. Cami is a very close childhood friend and she has never acted the way you described. I just want you to understand she is a good person and good friend.” I sighed deeply. Adriel is obviously blinded by their friendship and I can’t step in.

“Fine. I will believe you. But I just want to make sure she is not your chosen and I am not just here for show.” My voice was barely a whisper as I responded, but I knew he heard me when he sighed deeply.

“Leia. I don’t have a chosen. That would be going against the Elders. You are my mate and you are here because the Moon Goddess has chosen you to be with me from now on. I want you to be here.” Adriel lifted up my chin with his slightly tanned hand to look up into his face. His blue eyes have returned to their bright and mesmerizing color. I didn’t realize earlier that he had bed hair still and stifled a giggle at its messiness.

“Okay.” I nodded with a small smile. I hope he’s telling the truth…

“Forgive me?” My eyes widened with surprise at Adriel’s softened voice as I nodded. “Good. Now I have to go continue with preparations for tonight, feel free to roam around a bit but make sure you stay with Nico.”


“Yes, my Delta that will be your bodyguard. He should be here within an hour to introduce himself and show you around a bit.” I nodded as he finally let go of my chin. I moved from under the covers to stand and stretch my body. “Also, don’t leave this room in that.”

“What?” I gave Adriel a confused look as I turned to look at him now standing as well.

“Your pajamas. Don’t go out there in that.” I looked down at my pajamas and felt a little embarrassed but confused. What’s wrong with it?? “It’s too revealing.” I blushed.

“But there shouldn’t be anyone else here, right?”

“The pack house is open for members unless I state otherwise, so there is a possibility that someone may be working or visiting. Nico is coming so that’s enough reason.” I sighed. Maybe he’s the jealous type? I mean, I don’t wanna walk out to people with no bra but my clothes aren’t bad.

“Okay. I was going to get changed anyway.” Adriel nodded as he started walking towards the door.

“Don’t leave the pack grounds. I’ll be back before the dinner to tell you about the introductions.” With that, Adriel left and closed the bedroom door behind him.

“He sure is weird… I guess I won’t get to know him today either.” I let out another sigh as I started to fix up the bed. Once it was neatly made, I went to the closet to get clothes and bathroom to get ready.


I walked out of the bathroom ready and dressed in a pair of dark grey leggings and a plain white v-neck. After putting my pajamas away and grabbing a pair of burgundy vans to put on, I walked out into the kitchen. I decided to look around the cabinets, fridge, and pantry to see what things were here.

I found plenty of fancy dishes and silverware, pots and pans, and food. It was amazing how stocked they were for only two guys! But I guess other people eat here too. I wondered if they stocked up before the ceremony in case they came back with mates. Deciding on cocoa pebbles cereal and milk, I fixed myself some breakfast and ate silently.

I was looking through my phone at the dining table, texting my family and checking social media. From behind me, I started to hear voices outside on the patio. There stood a group of people huddled by the front entrance talking amongst themselves. I didn’t recognize anyone and assumed they were just other pack members. Walking a little closer to the front, I started to hear what they were talking about. Me.

“Have you seen the girl Alpha Adriel brought as his Luna? She’s so pretty.” One woman gushed.

“I just hope she knows what she’s doing.” Another woman spoke skeptically. I scoffed to myself. I don’t...But give me time people! I felt a little annoyed at her tone when she hasn’t even met me yet.

“She’s hot! Alpha Adriel sure is lucky…” One man said with a wink as another man nodded in agreement.

“Finally, I was beginning to wonder if Alpha would ever find a mate. It’s unusual for Alpha’s to take this long.”

“I’m disappointed. I really thought Alpha Adriel and Cami were going to be together. Cami would make a great mate and Luna for Alpha Adriel. They know everything about each other!” The skeptical woman from before spoke. Her words made my blood boil and I started feeling more upset about this Cami girl. Even the pack members want her with Adriel? How am I supposed to feel like I fit in here!

“I don’t know if Cami would be a perfect Luna. But from the looks of this new girl, I don’t think she can handle being Luna. She didn’t even acknowledge anyone when she showed up and just hid. Let’s hope she does not embarrass our Alpha.” The third man’s words stung and hit right where it hurt. I felt tears prick my eyes when another person walked into the house loudly.

“Hi, Luna!! The name’s Nico. It’s nice to meet ya, doll.” A tall guy with tanned skin, black curly hair, and bright brown eyes spoke loudly and cheerfully.

The group of gossipers all turned around and gasped in horror when they realized I was standing there. Most of them blushed and scurried in embarrassment but the skeptical man and woman just scoffed before strutting away.

“Hey, are you okay Luna? Don’t worry about them. Just a bunch of old gossipers with nothing better to do.” The guy named Nico was right in front of me as he lifted my head with his tanned hand to look up into his warm smile.

“R-right.” I quickly wiped away the tears and offered a smile. “You must be Adriel’s Delta and my bodyguard. Please call me Leia.” I stepped back from Nico to outstretch my hand for a shake. He was quite handsome and gave off a goofy and cheerful vibe.

“Okay, Leia. How about we go walk around the pack grounds a bit? What do ya say, doll?” I laughed a bit with a nod.

“Sure! Thanks, Nico.” He gave me a cheesy smile before grasping my hand and leading me out of the house.

I haven’t really explored since I got here two days ago, so I was a little bit excited. Leaving Adriel’s long driveway, I noticed all the other homes down the road and plenty of open field. Everything was surrounded by a thick forest. I took in every detail, enjoying the fresh air and how different everything looked from my own pack grounds. I felt a little homesick but Nico’s jokes and personality made me feel better. I can tell we will be great friends.


We’ve been walking around for almost a half hour now just talking to each other as he points out the different homes and some of the people. Most people greeted me very formally while others kept their distance. It felt awkward and I can only hope things will get easier after I’ve been here a bit longer.

“Here’s the park! It’s mostly for the kids, but it’s probably my favorite part.” Nico grinned as he ran towards the playground. I giggled as I watched, taking in the park. It had a huge field, swings, a slide, a sandbox, and monkey bars. I ran towards the swings to play with Nico.

“Hey, Nico. Do you have a mate?” I asked suddenly, wondering if he found someone.

“Unfortunately Mr. Right has yet to appear before me, doll.” My eyes widened in surprise as I stopped my swing to look at him. His tan skin glowed in the sunlight as he laughed at my face.


“Yes, doll. I’m very much gay. Hopefully, Moon Goddess pays attention to that!” I gave him a surprised look before laughing. That’s why Adriel is okay with a guy being my bodyguard...

“I’m sure she knows.” We both smiled at each other and laughed once again.

“Adriel is a hottie, it's too bad he's not swinging my way. You’re quite lucky Leia.” Nico teased. I hit his arm lightly.

“He is very handsome. But he hasn’t really been around...And we had a fight yesterday.”

“A fight already?! What did he do?” I almost laughed that Nico assumed it was Adriel first rather than me.

“Well...This girl, Cami. She came looking for Adriel and blew up on me. Saying she’s his chosen and I’m just for show. I told Adriel, but he didn’t believe me and got so mad. Called me an outsider…” I started to feel a little upset again as I thought about it. Nico gasped dramatically.

“I never liked that bitch! She’s always around Adriel way too much. Don’t worry about her, doll. She’s not his chosen. Adriel has been anxiously waiting for his mate. You.” I sighed in relief that someone else believed me. I knew Autumn probably wouldn't since it’s her own sister, but I thought Adriel would. “And the way she calls him ‘Addy’? Ugh!” I laughed loudly at his comment and look of disgust.

“I’m glad I’m not the only one...And I only met her once!” Nico shook his head with a ‘tsk’.

“Nevermind her. She’ll just ruin your day. Have you met anyone else in the pack?”

“I met Bennett and Autumn!” I smiled, thinking about Autumn and Selene. “I also made friends with Bennett’s mate from a different pack, Selene.”

“Ooo Bennett is a hottie too! Sooo, how is his mate? Give me the details!” By now we had both stopped swinging as we sat on the swings still. Nico moved closer, clearly interested in gossip.

“Selene is so sweet. She’s very quiet and shy, but I can tell they’ll both be great together. Plus, she’s really pretty!” Nico nodded in satisfaction.

“So, the two hot brothers that lead the pack both found gorgeous mates. Lucky bastards.” I blushed at his comment and smiled. “Hey, wanna race?”

Mine and my wolf’s ears perked up at the offer. I’ve been dying to run and change into my wolf form. I nodded excitedly while Nico laughed and stood up. He started undressing to switch forms without ripping his clothes. I quickly turned away, moving to hide behind the slide as I did the same. Nico’s wolf was only slightly bigger than mine with dark brown fur and golden eyes. Pretty.

“Ready?” Nico’s wolf spoke, looking at me. Tala nodded in response as we both positioned ourselves to get ready. “Let’s run straight ahead, a little way into the forest to the pond there, then back to the pack house.” I nodded again as we both grabbed our clothes in our mouths. “Go!”

We both ran fast, Nico taking the lead at first. Luckily, Tala was pretty fast so we caught up quickly and surpassed his wolf as we made into the forest. The wind on our fur and dirt beneath our paws felt great. I really needed this freedom after all those stuffy clothes all weekend. We ran faster as I got more excited and came up to the pond that Nico had talked about.

I didn’t have much time to relish in the view as we continued forward. “Just a little further, then we can head back. Nico is way behind.” Tala agreed, enjoying the freedom as well as we ran deeper into the forest. We finally stopped at a random spot and sat down for a rest. Being in the forest felt nice as we took in the surroundings and enjoyed the quiet for a while. I hadn’t noticed the time that went by until I heard my name being called from the pack grounds. Uh-oh.

We quickly got up and turned around, trotting back towards the pack house to meet with Nico. It wasn’t long before we made it to the pack house to find Nico and Adriel. Adriel looked mad with his arms crossed over his broad chest and eyebrows furrowed over his darkened blue eyes. Nico looked awkward as he stood in human form, dressed behind Adriel with his head down.

“Leia. I told you not to leave the pack grounds. Then you go on a race into the forest that you don’t know?!” Adriel’s voice was thick with anger as he glared hard at me. Still, in wolf form, we dropped our head and whined. “You could’ve been lost.” Adriel’s voice was a bit softer now as I looked up. He had uncrossed his arms with a worried look on his handsome face. Nico had looked up at me to mouth ‘Sorry’.

I shook my head to tell Nico it was okay as I trotted back into the house to change back to my human form and put on some clothes. Adriel followed closely behind but still let me get dressed in the room with the door closed.

“Come in.” I let Adriel know he could come into the room as the door opened.

“Leia, you can’t just leave the pack grounds.”

“Sorry Adriel, but we were just having a bit of fun. Nico was with me until I went a little further out. We didn’t do anything wrong.” Adriel sighed as he moved closer.

“I know. I would just prefer you stayed with Nico and learned your way around before running off. I don’t want you disappearing.” Disappearing?I felt confused by his words until things clicked. Did he think I was trying to run away?

“I wasn’t and will not run away. I’m not like that.”

“I didn’t mean it like that, Leia. I just know everything has been a rapid change for you and I haven’t been around much these last two days.” Adriel scratched the back of his head before running his hand through his black hair. I almost had the urge to move forward and run my own hands through his hair. I didn’t.

“I just needed a run. You’re right, everything has been a big change and I wanted a little breather.”

“I get it. Now, about tonight. I’m sure Nico showed you where we have a stage and open field. That’s usually where we hold ceremonies, large parties, and special announcements. We will go there together to meet the pack and officially introduce you. Dress formally.” Trying to take in everything, I nodded slowly. “It’ll be fine. They’ll love you.” I blushed slightly at his kind words and smiled.

“Thank you. Hopefully, it’ll go smoothly. After that, will I be able to help around with the pack and explore a bit more?”

“Yes, with Nico or I with you at all times of course.” I huffed a bit but knew he just wanted to protect me. “I’m going to finish preparing and I’ll meet you here around 6 pm so we can go to the center together.”

“Okay. See you later.” With a nod and tiny smile, Adriel left the room to go do whatever it is he needs to do. Now what do I wear?


After Adriel left, Nico came in to watch me and apologize for getting us in trouble. I told him not to worry, which made him laugh and relax. We decided to cook lunch together for us, Selene, and Bennett who had come home from wherever they went. Nico loved Selene as he teased Bennett all afternoon. We had a great time the four of us as we ate, talked, and played games that Bennett brought out.

Hours went by when I realized it was time to pick out my outfit and start to get ready. Nico and Selene happily came with me to help choose my outfit while Selene had already picked her out earlier. I learned that they will be announcing Selene joining the pack as well as all our new pack members. It made me feel a bit better than I wasn’t the only one going up on their little stage.

With lots of giggling and chatting, the three of us had picked out an outfit for me to wear. I quickly to my things into the bathroom to shower once more after that run from earlier. Once everything was done, I put on my clothes and decided to do some makeup. I put on some light foundation, blush, a burgundy lipstick, nude eyeshadow, black mascara, white eyeliner on my lower lids and a thick line of black eyeliner over my top lids.

I looked in the mirror approvingly, looking over my whole ensemble. We picked out a black halter skater dress with large purple and red painted flowers that fell right above my knees and a pair of simple black velvet strappy heels. Of course, I had to put on my favorite necklace; the silver crescent moon from my mom. Maybe Selene or Nico can help me with my hair!

I walked out of the bathroom and room to the kitchen area to find Nico and Bennett watching some TV. As I walked closer they both turned to look at me. Nico was wearing a light pink button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and light blue jeans. Bennett was wearing a dark blue button-up shirt with the top 3 buttons undone and black pants. Guys have it so easy!

“Wow doll, you’re slaying!” Nico whistled his approval with a wink and cheesy grin. I blushed bright red and shifted awkwardly.

“T-thanks Nico.” He nodded his head with a laugh as Bennett gave me his thumbs up and a nod. “Thanks, guys, hopefully, Adriel likes it too.” I instantly cursed myself for wanting Adriel’s approval. He hasn’t even cared to spend any time with me since I got here…

“He will,” Bennett said with a grin.

“Nico, can you do my hair?” I walked towards him with a brush, bobby pins, a ponytail, and a dark grey satin bow.

“Sure, doll. I’ll put half up in a wraparound braid ponytail and pin the bow in the back.” I smiled happily as I sat on his lap so he could do my hair.

As if on cue, as soon as Nico was done, Selene had walked down the stairs already. She looked gorgeous in her knee-length, dark green A-line dress with off-shoulder criss cross sleeves and a pair of black closed-toe pumps. Her red hair flowed in beautiful curls around her face and past her shoulders. Bennett just sat there and stared before he jumped up and ran towards her. I stifled a giggle as Nico and I watched Bennett lift Selene up and twirl her around.

“You look beautiful, Selene,” Bennett said with a handsome smile as he put Selene back down. Her face turned as red as her hair as she mumbled a thank you. Selene surprised all of us by giving Bennett a kiss on the cheek which made him jump up happily. Cute. Watching them made me think about how Adriel will react when he sees me.

Selene broke away from Bennett, moving towards me with a shy smile and her cheeks still tinted red. Now that she was closer, I could see her glossy pink lip gloss, golden and green eyeshadow, and thin winged black eyeliner. The eyeshadow made her blue eyes pop more than usual. I have such cute friends!

“You look so pretty!” We both shouted at the same time before erupting into giggles.

After some more chatting, the three of them decided to start heading out towards the center to since the announcements will begin soon. I waited another 10 minutes or so before Adriel had finally walked out of our room already dressed and showered. I didn’t even realize he was home… He smelled delicious and looked really handsome in his burgundy button-up top and black slacks.

“You look beautiful.” I was stunned by Adriel’s blunt words and instantly felt shy as blood rushed to my face.

“Thank you. You look really nice too, Adriel.” I gave him a bright smile as he walked towards me.

“Nervous?” I nodded my head in response. “Don’t worry, Bennett, Selene, and I will be up there with you.” Without looking at me, Adriel walked towards the door pulling me with him.


Minutes later, we arrived at the center where everyone was waiting. The stage was brightly lit with strings of yellow lights, the crowd was huge with chatting pack members, and there was a line of tables with foods and refreshments. The nerves started hitting me hard as my palms began to sweat and we got closer to the stage. Adriel helped me up the three steps to the stage before moving to the center where the microphone was. Bennett, Selene, and Nico were standing off to the side as they smiled or waved at me.

“Attention, everyone. I would like to thank you all for meeting here today, I have some important news for you all. And as always, I will introduce all new members to our pack.” Adriel’s voice was smooth as it boomed through the microphone. The crowd instantly silenced as their focus went to their Alpha.

“First off, I’d like to introduce my mate and your new Luna. Leia Aldrich from the Crescent Sky pack.” The crowd was mostly filled with cheers and hollers as they clapped. Adriel turned to me with a slight smile before gesturing me forward. I felt like I was shaking a bit and nervously pushed my hair back before moving to the mic. The crowd quieted down from a gesture given by Adriel but hushed whispered could still be heard.

“H-hello, everyone. It’s nice to meet all of you.” I cleared my throat as I looked around the crowd at the expectant eyes. Adriel placed his hand on the small of my back which helped calm me down instantly. “My name is Leia. Thank you all for welcoming me and I hope to work together with everyone soon. Please come to me if you need anything and I will try my best to help out.”

The crowd cheered and I took a deep breath as I looked at Adriel. He gave me a small smile and nod as if to say ‘good job’, making me smile brightly. Adriel stepped forward again to call over Bennett to introduce his mate, Selene. Bennett was overly excited and making jokes with the crowd before pulling her into him and kissing her cheek. Selene’s face reddened as the crowd cheered and laughed. They all seem excited we are here. Except those few from earlier…

Adriel continued introductions of a few other members and told them of a member who left to their newfound mate’s packs. For the most part, everyone listened intently; only cheering and clapping after Adriel finished announcing someone. That was until Adriel was about to let everyone start eating at mingling. Various shouts were heard from the crowd.

“When are you going to mark our Luna?”

“Does she know how to be a Luna?”

“Isn’t she too young?”

“Will you train her, Alpha?”

“Mark her! Mark her! Mark her!” Some people started chanting, making my eyes go wide. No! I’m not ready… My hands went to cover my neck as I stepped backward.

“Silence! Do not embarrass your Luna. You all know very well marking is a special moment and only works well when both parties are ready.” Adriel’s words instantly hushed the crowd. “Now. Everyone, please eat and enjoy yourselves.” And enjoy themselves they did.
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