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My Destined

Chapter 9

The announcements quickly turned into a party of food, music, dancing, and mingling. By now, Adriel has introduced me to so many pack members that I was beginning to feel exhausted. For the most part, everyone was kind and offered their welcome, though some were not so keen on me. There was even a couple who completely ignored me and only spoke with Adriel! So rude… I hadn’t met or heard of his parents yet so I wondered if they were in the picture but decided to leave the subject till we were alone and maybe a bit closer.

I saw Autumn dragging Lucas around until she came to me and we chatted for a bit before she made him go dance with her. Adriel had branched off to speak with other pack members, leaving me alone with Nico and the refreshments.

After a while of just standing there chatting, Nico excused himself, leaving me by myself to people watch. That’s when I noticed Adriel making his way back to me. I straightened my posture and sipped my soda as I watched.

“How are you doing?” Adriel asked with genuine concern.

“Okay. It’s weird being with a different pack.” Adriel nodded in understanding as he stood next to me in silence. My shoulder touched his arm and we stayed like that until my favorite person walked over. Note the sarcasm.

“Addy! I haven’t seen you since you left for the Ceremony! Spend some time with me, I missed you.” Cami came strutting over with a flirty grin and batting her eyelashes. I couldn’t hold in my eye roll which Adriel thankfully didn’t notice.

Cami shot me a smirk before latching herself onto Adriel’s arm. That automatically made my blood boil and wolf growl. ‘My mate!’ Tala hissed in response. Adriel gave her a tired smile with a slight nod. He grabbed my shoulder, making me look at him.

“I won’t be long, okay? Come to me if you need anything or if anyone bothers you. Just try to mingle with the pack.” With those words, Cami dragged him away to the makeshift dance floor. I crossed my arms and huffed at the sight. This girl…

I hope Adriel notices her obsession with him soon. Although I’m pretty sure he’s too dumb. Feeling kind of awkward and homesick, I remained in my spot off to the side as I looked amongst the crowd. I avoided looking at Cami and Adriel, not wanting to get more annoyed. After a while, Selena and Bennett walked over to me with their arms linked.

“How are you doing Leia?” Selene asked softly with a smile.

“Um, it’s alright. This whole Luna thing won’t be easy.” I responded with an awkward smile and Selene gave me a sad look. “Don’t worry!”

“You’ll do great Leia!” Bennett spoke cheerfully and full of confidence, which made me feel just a bit better. Selene nodded in agreement. “Where’s my bro?” I tried not to roll my eyes at the thought of Adriel with Cami.

“With his best friend, Cami.”

“Cami? What is he doing with her when he has you? What an idiot!” Bennett let go of Selene’s arm and marched his way towards Adriel and Cami. I laughed loudly at his reaction and felt glad that Bennett thought it was rude too.

“Cami again?” Selene asked me as we watched her mate scold mine.

“Yeah. Adriel got upset at me when I brought up her claim to be his Chosen. He called me an outsider and said she was a dear friend that would never speak that way to anyone.” I sighed deeply, glancing sideways at Selene.

“Uh-oh. She sounds like trouble. Sorry Autumn, wherever you are.” I laughed lightly with a nod. Bennett had finally grabbed hold of his brother and started to drag him towards us. Selene and I both straightened our postures under Adriel’s intense gaze.

“Brother, sometimes I wonder how you can be so dumb!” Bennett scolded Adriel before letting him go. Adriel just silently rubbed off his arm with a glare to his Beta.
“Come on Selene! Let’s go dance!” Bennett ignored Adriel as he grabbed Selene’s hand with a charming smile. Selene waved to me and bowed to Adriel before letting her mate drag her away.

Adriel and I stood there kind of awkwardly as we watched the cute couple make their way towards the dance floor. I felt a twinge of jealousy at their ability to appear so comfortable and happy together already.

“Sorry, Leia. I guess I shouldn’t have left you.” Adriel gave me an awkward look but I remained silent. I’m still annoyed… Although Adriel cannot get into my head just yet, he must’ve realized what I was thinking. “I know you're annoyed. I just want you to believe me when I say she is just a childhood friend.”

I finally looked at Adriel and his beautiful blue eyes looked so honest, I couldn’t remain upset any longer. Damn it… I sighed before giving him a small smile and a nod. This seemed to relax him completely.

“Leia. May I have this dance?” Adriel held out his hand and surprisingly smiled genuinely towards me.

“S-sure.” I nodded stupidly as I took his hand and we moved towards the dance floor. I am not that great of a dancer, but I will try my best.

With his arms around my waist and my arms around his neck, we danced slowly to the music. This feels so nice. It felt like we were the only ones there as our eyes didn’t leave each other. That is until we started hearing claps, hoots, and hollers from the crowd which made me turn red.

>>>Fast Forward to Night (Party Ended)>>>

Now that the party is over, I changed into comfortable clothes and decided to call Maia before bed. Adriel said he would be working till late in the office tonight and going on a hunt with his Beta and Delta tomorrow. Of course, he told me not to leave the pack grounds while he was gone.

Sitting on the bed, I picked up my phone and opened my favorites contact list to find Maia’s number at the top. She is my best friend after all. I pressed call and after just three rings, Maia picked up.

“Leia! I miss you!” I laughed at the loudness of her voice.

“I miss you to Maia. How are things there?”

“U-um.” I could tell Maia still felt awkward about being mated to my longtime crush, Marco. But being mated to Adriel has made those feelings fade away rather quickly.

“It’s okay Maia. I won’t be hurt!” I tried reassuring her and she sighed.

“Well, Marco has been surprisingly awkward in the beginning. He refuses to sleep in the bedroom that we are supposed to share. Which is okay with me, because I am definitely not ready yet!” I could hear Maia laugh and couldn’t help but smile.

“Alpha Marco shy? That must be quite the sight!” We both laughed for a while.

“Anyway, what about you Leia? How’s dreamy Alpha Adriel?”

“Maia!” Maia laughed in response before I continued. “Well, things are okay I guess. I can’t tell if he’s only sleeping in his office because he dislikes me or because he’s shy…”

“He’s probably shy too!” I shook my head at the thought.

“And well, we had a nice dinner date yesterday but it turned into a fight at the end…” I heard Maia gasp.

“A fight?! What happened?? I’ll beat him up!”

“It’s okay. There’s just this girl, Cami. She approached me yesterday saying she was his Chosen and he loves her and all this bullshit.” I heard Maia scoff and I rolled my eyes at the thought of Cami. “So when I brought it up to Adriel that I felt uncomfortable, he got so mad! He said that I was just an outsider and should not speak ill of his dear childhood friend. He said she would never say things like that. How can he be so blind!” I felt my blood boil but tried to calm myself down. I can’t keep getting worked up over this girl.

“Wow! What a bitch! He’s probably just blinded by their friendship. Did he say anything about her being his Chosen? That’s against the rules!”

“I know. He said to believe in him because she is not his Chosen and they are just friends. But then earlier today at my introduction ceremony, he left me alone to dance with her! He didn’t even acknowledge her evil smirk towards me!” By now I was exasperated just talking about the whole situation.

“Omg! What a dummy! He probably sees no harm in spending time with his old friend and figured since he told you not to worry, you would be okay with him dancing. Boys can be real idiots sometimes!” I laughed loudly in response and Maia joined.

“I know… But his brother scolded him for it and he sincerely apologized to me. We even danced the rest of the party until we had to say goodbye to the guests. It was nice.”

“Oooooh is Leia getting a crush on her mate already??” Maia teased, making my face turn bright red.

“M-Maia! I’m going to get ready for bed. Goodnight!” Maia laughed full heartedly before saying goodnight. I sighed and slumped in my spot on the bed as I put my phone back onto the nightstand. She’s such a mess…

I moved under blankets and turned on the TV to a random movie so I can fall asleep. Today was such a long day.