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Charlotte Evans

On a mission gone awry, Steve is separated from the rest of the team and is exposed to some sort of toxic gas that turns him back into the 5'4", 90 pounds, riddled with ailments, man he was before the serum.

While Bruce and Tony try and figure out a way to bring the Captain back for the world's sake, Steve can't help but settle back into the hole of depression, worthlessness and self-loathing that he was in before the war.

Sure, the medicine in the 21st century is world's away from where it was in the 1940's, but he missed everything that came with the Super Soldier Serum; the even heartbeat, breathing and being able to hear clearly in both ears. But most of all he missed being useful.

Steve knows Tony meant well when he brought in Dr. Charlotte Evans to help him with his health, but he didn't want anyone else to see how weak and worthless he had become.

He was nothing without the serum, and not even a pretty dame could make him think differently.