Married at First Sight

Chapter One: Nightmare Ex-Boyfriend

"Are you sure that everything is alright?" the doctor asked staring at the young woman that was sat before him on the examination bed; he felt sorry for her and he wished that he knew how to help.

He hated cases like this were the women would come in and tell some lie about how they had gotten injured; he wanted them to know that this was a safe place and they didn't have to put up with what was happening to them.

Holding her broken wrist, Odette Agüero tried to ignore the look that the doctor was giving her; she knew what happened if she said anything and it was better that she stayed quiet.

"Of course," Odette replied focusing on her arm, she wanted to get out of here and she knew that the longer that she lingered the worst things would get.

Nodding his head, the doctor sighed and signed the paperwork that would allow her to head home; he couldn't do anything if she didn't want any help.

Handing over the paperwork to Odette, he offered her a reassuring smile as she spotted the number that he had left at the top of the paper for her.

"If you ever want help," the doctor told her, he offered her a reassuring smile hoping that she would take it; he didn't want to see another young woman ending up in the morgue.

Odette didn't reply, she stuffed the paperwork into her bag before she got down from the examination table; she didn't look at the doctor as she headed out of the door.

It wasn't the first time that she'd had this talk with a doctor, she knew what they were thinking right now and she was tired of having to do this every time something like this happened.

She had completely lost count of the amount of times that she had been in hospital after a fight with her ex; she was sure that the hospital staff all talked about it when she was out of sight.

She didn't linger at the waiting area already knowing that no one would be there, she didn't have anyone to turn to here and she guessed that was her own doing since she hadn't spoken to her family in years.

Odette truly wished that she had listened to them when they had expressed their concern about Antony Sousa; she doubted that any of them would want to speak to her now.

Her parents had disowned her when she had announced that she was moving in with him and Odette had been sure that they would see how wrong they were about Antony and come to accept that he was part of her life.

That had never happened and Odette wondered what they would say if they could see her now; leaving a hospital not for the first time with a part of her in a cast; at least this time she wouldn't have to wear it for months on end.

The cold night area greeted her and Odette hoped to get home quickly, the buses wouldn't be running now and she didn't have any money that would allow her to get a taxi home.

Clutching at her bag, Odette prayed that she wouldn't get mugged on her way home; the thought that could happen after the night that she'd had that was all her problems for now.

Her thoughts turned to earlier in the evening when Antony had shown up at her apartment, he had begged her to take him back and when that hadn't worked then he had lost his temper.

The cold night air whipped around her and Odette shivered as she looked up at the cloudy night sky; she hoped that it wouldn't rain as she started her walk home.


Reaching her apartment, Odette wrinkled her nose as she spotted the mess that had been left behind when she had hurried herself to the hospital; she was relieved to see that it there was no one inside.

Setting her bag down on the couch, Odette sighed wondering how Antony had found her this time; she had been so careful in making sure that he didn't get her address.

The two of them had broken up months ago and he didn't seem to understand that she wasn't going to take him back; there were times that Odette had feared for her life and she couldn't go to the police.

There was no way that anyone would believe her over Antony, he was a police officer and his co-workers would quickly side with him if she ever attempted to report him.

Odette scoffed at her naïve thinking when she had meet him that because he was a police officer that something like this would never happen.

Everyone had tried to warn her that there was something not right, he had told her who she could talk to and what she could wear and what she did and she had done it all.

Now there was no one that she could turn to now, that she wasn't dating with Antony anymore; she had been left with no one and she was just going to have to deal with that now.

Moving to start cleaning up, Odette turned on the television just in time to catch some highlights; she paused at the sight of her older brother and swallowed wondering if he thought of her at all.

Sergio was some amazing footballer and Odette was sure that he barely thought of the sister that had turned her back on their family.

They had six other siblings that would keep him busy and Odette knew that he also had a son that would keep him busy; she hadn't meet her nephew and she very much doubted that she ever would.

Sitting on the edge of the couch, Odette watched the replay of some Argentina match that was on the television; she smiled glad that things had worked out for him.

It had always been Sergio's passion and Odette knew that he had worked hard to get to where he was; she had always known that he would be able to do it and she remembered the times that she had spent as a child watching him play.

He had played for Independiente when he was little and the entire family had always gone to watch him play when they had the chance to do so.

Shaking her head, Odette got to her feet as she turned off the television; she had put all her hopes and dreams on hold to be with someone that had never loved her.

It was something that Odette deeply regretted and she had dropped out of college to keep Antony happy; she had tried to go back to her studies when they had broken up but that had only lead to more problems.

Turning her attention to her trashed apartment, Odette doubted that her land-lord would be thrilled by what had happened and she could only imagine what he would say when he saw the damage that had been done to the place.

She couldn't afford to be thrown out of another place, this was the third apartment that she'd lived in since breaking up with Antony and she doubted that it would be the last.

Starting to clean up her apartment, Odette hoped that Antony wouldn't come back tonight; she didn't want to fight with him again after what had happened earlier.

There was broken glass that covered the floor and Odette moved carefully as she tried to clean up her apartment with one hand; it wasn't easy and she was sure that there would be glass still on the floor tomorrow.

There were things that she would have to replace before her land-lord noticed and Odette was running short on money; she had gotten a job as a waitress and it didn't pay much but it was better than nothing.

She wondered how long any of this would last this time especially now that he had found out where she was living.
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So Odette is being harassed by her ex-boyfriend... what will happen next?

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