Married at First Sight

Chapter Three: Reunited with the Family

Staring up at the house, Odette couldn’t believe that she had allowed Sergio to talk her into this; she hadn’t been here in years and she doubted that her parents would want to see her.

It had taken some convincing to get her to come with him and she still wasn’t sure if this was a good idea that she was here; Odette could just see how this was going to end for her.

Sergio stood next to his sister for a moment before he moved to knock on the front door; he had called and told their parents that they were coming, he knew that they were desperate to see Odette.

After their meeting, Sergio had wasted no time in talking to his parents about what had happened; they deserved to know what had happened to their daughter.

Of course, Leonel had been furious after hearing what Odette had been through and cursed the fact that he had allowed it to get to this point; he felt like it was his fault that Odette had felt like she couldn’t come to them.

“Come on… they’re waiting for us,” Sergio encouraged, he didn’t want her to worry about this and he knew that everyone was excited to see her again.

No matter how much Odette tried to pretend that everything was okay; Sergio could see straight through it and he knew that she was missing their parents.

Hesitating for a moment longer, Odette slowly walked after him; her stomach turning as the door opened before they reached the steps that lead into the house.

Adriana stared at the figures that stood outside of her home, her eyes rooted on the daughter that she hadn’t seen in years; she slowly stepped out of the house as tears filled her eyes.

“Odette,” Adriana whispered slowly making her way down the steps of her home before she rushed forward to wrap her arms around her daughter and hold her close.

Odette looked so different from the last time that they had seen each other, Adriana hated that she had cut her beautiful hair so short; it looked odd and Adriana was sure she could get used to it.

Sergio smiled watching the two hug as the rest of the family appeared at the door, he stared at his siblings knowing that he had asked them to stay way; he didn’t want to frighten Odette off now.

It had taken a lot of convincing to get her to agree to come back to their parents’ home and Sergio doubted that she was ready to face the rest of the family after everything that had happened.

Pulling back from her daughter, Adriana turned to face the rest of her children; she hoped that they would welcome Odette home, she had pleaded with them not to drive her away.

Slowly Odette’s siblings moved to greet her, she was nervous to see them after what had happened, and she knew that there were some that wouldn’t be happy with how she was returning.

Leonel appeared behind all of them and stared at his youngest daughter, his eyes fixing on the broken arm and he couldn’t help but let anger consume him.

He should have been there to protect his little girl when she had needed him most; he was her father and he had let her down in the worst possible way.

“It’s good to have you home,” Yesica said wrapping her arms around her sister, she knew that this couldn’t be easy, and she hoped that Gabriela would at least hold her tongue.

She couldn’t imagine what Odette had been through since they had last seen one another; judging from the broken arm and how thin she looked it couldn’t have been anything good.

What mattered now was that she was home, and nothing was going to stop them from helping her; her scumbag ex wasn’t going to hurt her again.


“How are things with Antonela?” Celia Messi asked smiling at her son, it had been a while since they had seen one another, she was eager to hear how things were going with her youngest son and his girlfriend.

They had been together for a while now and Celia was sure that Lionel would be popping the question sooner rather than later; it would certainly be a wedding to remember.

Looking up from his lunch, Lionel felt his stomach drop at the mention of Antonela; he had been meaning to tell his mother, but he wasn’t sure how to break the news to her.

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that,” Lionel started before Celia squealed in excitement, she clapped her hands before moving to shout for her husband, so he could hear the announcement.

Lionel groaned knowing that this wasn’t going to be what his parents were going to expect; he looked down at his food not feeling so hungry anymore.

Jorge Messi stepped into the kitchen and raised an eyebrow at his wife, he had been in the living room when she had shouted for him and he wondered what was going on.

“Leo has some news for us about Antonela,” Celia gushed with a smile on her face, she signalled for her husband to take a seat before she looked at her son expectantly.

The kitchen was quiet for a moment while Lionel tried to figure out how to break the news to his parents; he and Antonela had been together for seven years and he knew that this would come as a surprise to his parents.

“Anto and me… we broke up,” Lionel revealed softly, it was still strange to think that they weren’t together anymore, but it was for the best; Antonela hadn’t been happy anymore and had wanted to return to Argentina.

Their time together had been wonderful, and Lionel would always cherish it; he couldn’t even deny that he had been planning to ask Antonela to marry him when things had ended.

There was silence at his reveal and Lionel knew that they had expected news that he was now engaged; it stung, and he didn’t really want to talk about it with them when it was still so fresh.

Antonela had wanted to return to Argentina, it was where she had always imagined starting a family and spending her life; it had been nice in Barcelona, but it was nothing compared to being close to her family.

Celia stared at Lionel and couldn’t help but feel sad for her youngest son, he was her only child not settling down and she worried about him.

Rodrigo was married and had two children, Matias was also married and had two children of his own; then there was Maria Sol who was living with her boyfriend in Buenos Aires.

Lionel might have been succeeding in his professional career but the same couldn’t be said about his personal; he was thirty years old and Celia had hoped that he would be married by now and have children.

That was all that she had ever wanted for her son, he would be so lonely in Barcelona in that big house all by himself.

“I am sorry to hear about that,” Jorge stated not knowing what else to say, he looked to his wife knowing that she worried enough about their youngest son; it had been hard to send him away when he was a child.

Barcelona was so far away, and it was hard enough seeing their son often when they lived so far away, and he was usually so busy when they went to visit him that it was rare that they did so.

Lionel nodded his head before excusing himself, he knew that they would worry that he was all alone and he could only imagine who they might try and set him up with.

He didn’t want to be alone, Lionel wanted what his brothers had, and he couldn’t imagine going through the dating game again especially when there were so many gold-diggers about.
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So Odette has been reunited with her family and Lionel has revealed his break up... what will happen next?

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