The Things That You Do

27: It’s The Last Thing I Want To Do

“You do know that you’re only going away for a weekend, right?” Poppy quipped teasingly as she stopped in the doorway of Alexa’s bedroom, her eyes settling on the blonde who was sat on her bed, neatly folding her clothes into the open suitcase which sat beside her.

It had caught her by surprise, when Alexa had phoned her a few days previous to tell her that she and Lionel were planning on heading away for the weekend, it had caught Poppy off guard, but she was pleased for the two of them, even if it was still early days. She was pleased that neither of them was shying away from making steps forwards in their new relationship. She knew that neither of them wanted to rush things, both Alexa and Lionel tended to be cautious and think things through before they ran into them, but she pleased that things seemed to be working for the two of them, even if Alexa was a little reluctant to say too much about it. There was no doubting that the blonde seemed to be happier.

Alexa, who had moved to place another shirt into her suitcase, rolled her eyes slightly before she turned, offering Poppy a playful glare over her shoulder. “I don’t recall asking you for a comment on my packing ability” she quipped.

Poppy, who’d stepped a little further into the room, shrugged nonchalantly. “I know” she quipped “But, seeing as you roped me into giving you and Leo a lift to the airport, I think I am allowed to tease a little. I did give up part of my day off for the two of you” she added as she plopped down onto the bed, her eyes peeking curiously into Alexa’s suitcase.

Alexa followed the line of her stare before she shook her head, offering her a small smile. “Have I said thank you yet?” she asked.

“A couple of times” Poppy returned “But you really don’t need to. I’m happy to do it” she insisted.

Alexa offered her a dubious look, something which made Poppy shake her head, a small laugh falling out of her mouth. “It’s really fine, Alexa” she insisted “Besides, it gives me an excuse to ask about you and Leo” she added brightly, her hands folding a pair of shorts which sat on the bed.

Alexa, who’d moved to place another piece of clothing into her suitcase, scoffed playfully. “You need an excuse?” she poked.

Poppy offered her a sarcastic smile before she shook her head, her expression softening slightly. “You’ve not said too much about it” she mused “I mean, other than telling me that you’ve been out a couple of times, and now he’s invited you on a romantic weekend away, you’ve not said anything about it, and I just want to check in. Is it going alright?” she asked tentatively. She knew that Alexa didn’t like talking about it, since they’d been out on their first date, the conversations that she and Poppy had had about Lionel had been few and far between, and whilst Poppy didn’t want to press it too hard, she did want to check in, wanting to make sure that things were going as well as they appeared to be.

Alexa, who’d moved to close her suitcase, mulled her question over for a couple of seconds before she quirked a soft smile, her fingers shyly pushing her hair back behind her ear. “I think it is going well” she admitted “I mean, we’re still a little awkward around one another, and it’s a little strange that we kiss now, but it’s a good kind of strange. I’m pretty pleased with how things are going, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. It’s only been a couple of dates” she babbled timidly.

Poppy watched her for a moment, admiring the wide smile which had appeared on her lips, before she quirked one of her own, something which made Alexa shake her head. “You can save the ‘I told you so’” she quipped as she stood up, moving to slip her feet into the pair trainers that she’d left beside the bed.

Poppy lifted her hands innocently. “I wasn’t going to say it” she noted “I was going to tell you that I am happy for you, and that I hope it keeps working for the two of you. You two do make a pretty adorable couple” she insisted warmly.

Alexa scoffed, her cheeks flushing a soft shade of pink, before the sound of the doorbell filled the air, something which caused her to excuse herself. Padding out of the bedroom, she made her way through her apartment before she pulled the door open, her eyes settling on Lionel who was outside of the door, perched on his suitcase. Quirking a small smile, he pushed himself up to his feet before he gently lifted his hand, cupping it around her cheek before he leant towards her, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. Alexa stilled, slightly surprised by the soft kiss, but she warmed to it quickly, kissing him back gently as a soft smile appeared on her lips.


Alexa startled a little at the sound of Poppy’s voice before she leant back, turning to look at her over shoulder.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt” Poppy quipped, trying, and failing, to stifle the smirk on her face.

Alexa rolled her eyes, but couldn’t keep the blush off of her cheeks, something which made Poppy’s smirk widen a little. “Did you want something?” she asked.

“I was just coming to see who was at the door” Poppy noted “Hola, Leo” she greeted, offering a small smile towards the argentine who stood behind Alexa, an equally sheepish expression on his features.

Lionel quirked a small smile, offering her a small wave in greeting. “It’s good to see you, Poppy” he greeted shyly.

Poppy offered him a warm smile, not missing the nervousness in his voice, before she looked down towards her wrist, checking the time on her watch. “We ought to be going soon” she mused “Are you two nearly ready?” she added.

Lionel nodded. “I am” he noted “Alexa?” he asked, sparing a look towards her.

“I just need to go and grab a few things” Alexa noted “I’ll be right back” she added before she stepped out of the hallway, leaving Lionel and Poppy alone.

Poppy watched the blonde duck back into her bedroom before she flicked her attention towards Lionel, offering him a warm smile. “You’re excited about this weekend?” she posed.

“I am” Lionel confirmed with a small smile “I mean, I’m looking forwards to taking a couple of days away from here” he added.

“And a couple of days alone with Alexa” Poppy contributed.

Lionel’s cheeks flushed a soft shade of pink, something which made Poppy’s smile soften a little before she took a pace towards him gently patting his shoulder. “I’m happy for the two of you” she enthused warmly “I mean, I know that it’s only early days, Alexa’s made the pretty clear, but I am glad that you’re giving it a shot. I like you two together” she added.

Lionel lifted an eyebrow. “You do?” he posed.

Poppy nodded. “You’re good for each other, you always have been, but I do want to ask you one thing. Be careful” she noted, her voice softening slightly. She knew that it wasn’t her place, whatever happened between Lionel and Alexa was firmly between the two of them and didn’t need her interference, but she wanted to offer him a word of advice, even if she was sure that it was something he already knew. The last thing she wanted was to watch either of them get hurt or hurt the other.

Lionel paused for a second, allowing her words to hang between them, before he nodded. “I will be” he insisted “The last thing I want to do is hurt her, Poppy” he added.

“I know” Poppy mused reassuringly before the sound of Alexa padding back towards them reached her ears, causing her to clap her hands together “Let’s get moving” she encouraged as she stepped out of the door, Alexa close on her tail.

Lionel watched after them for a brief second, mulling over Poppy’s words, before he followed. He didn’t blame her for saying it, as his and Alexa’s relationship progressed, it was something he was expecting to hear on a few occasions, but he didn’t mind it, even if it did have the potential to add a little extra pressure to their relationship. He liked that so many people were keen to watch out for Alexa.
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