The Things That You Do

41: That Doesn’t Scare You

Blinking sleepily, Alexa cuddled a little more into Lionel’s side, her legs softly entwining with his. It was early, the fact that her alarm clock had yet to make a sound confided that it was before half past eight in the morning, but she couldn’t help but wake up, even if she did have a little time before she needed to get out of bed, a small part of her was anxious to have a conversation with Lionel about what they’d agreed the previous night. It had crossed her mind, before their conversation the previous night, the prospect of them moving in together had entered her mind fleetingly, but she was a little awed by the idea that they’d agreed to do it, even if she was excited by it. The prospect of making such a big step forwards had yet to fully settle in.

Blinking a couple more times, she let out a soft yawn before she gently snuggled closer to her pillow, closing her eyes for a couple of seconds before she felt fingers lightly touch her head, tucking a few stray blonde hairs off of her face. Smiling a little at the tender touch, she allowed her eyes to open, peeking up at Lionel who laid beside her, a warm smile perched on his face. “Are you done fidgeting?” he posed “I mean, I know you have to get up soon, but some of us would appreciate the lay in” he added teasingly.

Alexa scoffed playfully. “You don’t sleep in” she quipped.

“I’d like the option” Lionel countered, a boyish smile on his face.

Alexa glanced at him, not missing his smile, before she rolled her eyes, something which made Lionel laugh softly before he shifted his hand, finding hers in amongst the sheets. “Is there a reason you’re awake early?” he posed, breaking the comfortable silence which had settled over the two of them.

He knew what was on her mind, with the giddiness of the previous night having worn off, he had little doubt that their moving in together was on her mind, and he wanted to encourage her to talk about it, even if did mean listening to her say that she regretted what she had said. He wanted her to know that she could talk to him. He knew what he wanted, with things going so well between the two of them, he wanted to start looking at making bigger steps forwards in their relationship, but he wanted to offer Alexa the chance to duck out, not wanting her to feel as though they were doing things too quickly.

Alexa, who’d been shyly messing with his fingers, stared down at the duvet for a couple of seconds before she shrugged. “I’m just thinking” she noted “I mean, we said something pretty huge last night” she added, her blue eyes peeking up towards him timidly.

Lionel smiled fondly. “We did” he agreed “But, if you’re having second thoughts...”

“I’m not” Alexa interjected gently “I mean, I still can’t quite believe that we said it, but I am not having second thoughts. I’m just a little in awe is all” she added reassuringly.

Lionel looked at her for a moment, mulling over her words quietly, before he gently lifted her hand, allowing him to press a soft kiss against her warm skin. “It is pretty huge” he fussed, lightly brushing his lips against her hand.

Alexa smiled a little at the soft touch before she slipped her hand out of his, moving to push it back through his dark hair. “You’re sure about this, aren’t you?” she mused, her voice caught between teasing and curious.

Lionel nodded without hesitation before he turned his head, pressing a soft kiss against the inside of her wrist. “You said it yourself” he noted “We might have only been dating for six months, but we’ve been friends for a long time, and I think we’d be pretty good at living together. You’ve not got that many annoying habits” he added teasingly.

Alexa let out a soft laugh at his joke, something which caused him to smile gently before he lifted his head, kissing the inside of her wrist gently once more. “I think it’s a good idea, Alexa” he mused “I really do, but I am not going to hold it against you if you’ve changed your mind. Until last night, we’d not even talked about it, and I wouldn’t blame you for wanting a little time to think it over. All you’ve got to do is tell me” he added, placing a few soft kisses against her wrist and palm.

Alexa, who was messing with his hair shyly, pondered his words for a few seconds before she quirked a timid smile. “I do like the sound of it” she fussed gently.

“You sure?” Lionel posed, a playfully dubious look on his face.

Alexa scoffed playfully before she nodded, an enthusiastic smile perched on her lips. “I’m sure” she quipped.

Lionel marvelled at her smile for a few seconds before he reached his hand out, lightly cupping it around the back of her neck before he guided her forwards, meeting her halfway in a soft kiss. Alexa melted into it happily, kissing him warmly for a few seconds, before she drew away from him slightly, keeping their foreheads pressed together. “I’ll start getting boxes together” she mumbled between light and innocent kisses “I’ll have to hand in notice on my apartment, but I think I could be moved in here in a couple of weeks, providing that that doesn’t scare you too much” she added, kissing the corner of his lips teasingly.

Lionel scoffed playfully. “I can’t wait” he quipped.

Alexa grinned at him playfully before she leant into him once more, kissing him a few more times before the sharp sound of her alarm clock filled the air, causing her to startle slightly before she turned her head, offering the clock a glare. “Way to ruin a moment” she mumbled with a crooked smile.

Lionel laughed gently before he nudged her side. “You should get up” he quipped “You’ve got to get back to your apartment, and I am not going to take responsibility for you showing up late for work. Go, and I will see you tonight” he fussed warmly.

Alexa pouted for a second before she leant over, kissing him quickly. “I should go” she mumbled “I love you” she added, her blue eyes mirroring his darker ones.

Lionel mirrored her stare before he leant forwards, kissing her as to return the sentiment wordlessly. He knew that it was big step, after only six months of dating, the prospect of moving in together did feel a little awing, but he was confident that it was good step for the two of them, and it was one that he wanted them to make, even if there was a little risk involved. He wanted to take a chance on them.
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