The Things That You Do

49: I’d Be Over The Moon

Letting a small irritated huff, Alexa rolled onto her side, her blue eyes glancing towards the alarm clock which sat on the end table. She knew that it was late, without glancing at the clock, she knew that it was likely to be nearing the early hours of the morning, but she couldn’t quite will herself to fall asleep, regardless of how hard she tried. She couldn’t seem to shake Marco’s words from her mind.

She knew that he was only trying help, when she had started to feel unwell, Marco had been more than keen to make sure that she was alright, but the mention of a possible pregnancy had gotten her mind whirring, something she hadn’t been able to stifle for the duration of the evening. It had caught her off guard, Marco’s suggestion that she could have been pregnant had been more than a small surprise to her, but she knew that it made sense, even if there was other reasons why she might be feeling ill. She knew that there was a chance that she was pregnant.

Sparing a tired glance towards the clock, she noticed that the time was a little before one in the morning, before she turned onto her back, her eyes staring up at the ceiling for a few seconds before the sound of someone clearing their throat reached her ears, causing her to turn her head, her blue eyes peeking up at Lionel who stood in the doorway, a small amused smile playing on his lips. “Hola” he chirped impishly.

Alexa blinked a couple of times, slightly surprised to see him, before she sat up slightly. “I didn’t hear you come in” she mused.

Lionel shrugged before he stepped a little further into the room, settling down on the side of the bed next to her. “It’s late” he pointed out “And I didn’t want to disturb you. I simply ducked in here to put my bag down and grab a clean t-shirt before I headed to one of the other bedrooms for the night. I didn’t expect that you’d be up. Is everything Ok?” he added as he leant towards her, pressing a soft kiss against her cheek.

Alexa closed her eyes at the feel of his lips against her skin, allowing a brief quiet to pass between the two of them, before she leant away slightly, her blue eyes looking at him shyly. “I...I do have something that I need to talk to you about” she stumbled out “I mean, it can probably wait until the morning, but if you don’t mind staying up a little longer...” she trailed off uncertainly as she dropped her stare, settling it on her hands which fiddled timidly with the duvet cover.

Lionel watched her for a moment, not missing the shyness in her voice, before he reached his hand out, gently placing it on top of hers. “What’s going on, Alexa?” he asked, offering her hand a soft squeeze.

Alexa glanced down at their hands for a moment before she shook her head, sparing him a nervous smile. “I...I haven’t been feeling myself” she admitted quietly.

Lionel frowned. “What?” he posed.

“I’ve been feeling nauseous” Alexa replied “It’s nothing too bad, but it’s there, and I think I have an idea what it could be” she added before she pulled the duvet away from her, allowing her to stand up before she padded towards the bathroom, returning a couple of seconds later with a small plastic bag in her hand.

Lionel offered her a look, more than a little confused by what was happening, before he shook his head. “Alexa, what is going on?” he posed.

Alexa simply offered the bag out towards him, something which caused his frown to deepen slightly before he reached his hand out, allowing her to place the bag into it. Sparing her another confused look, he opened the bag before he dipped his hand inside, his brown eyes widening a little as he moved to pull out the two pregnancy tests which sat inside.

“It could be nothing” Alexa babbled shyly, trying to break the silence which lingered between the two of them “It might just be a stomach bug that I haven’t shaken yet, but it is also possible that I might...that I could know” she added with a timid smile.

Lionel, who’d been staring down at the two boxes which sat in his hands, lifted his head at the sound of her voice before he breathed out an awed laugh. “You...You think you might be pregnant?” he babbled.

Alexa shrugged shyly. “I could be” she mumbled “Is that a good thing?” she asked hesitantly. It wasn’t something they’d talked about, with both of them wanting to keep their relationship moving at a slow and cautious pace, they’d shied away from conversations about their future, but Alexa knew that they couldn’t avoid it then, even if a small part of her was scared of the prospect of him saying that it was too much too soon, she knew that they couldn’t avoid it for much longer.

Lionel, who’d dropped his eyes back down towards the pregnancy tests, smiled a little at the hesitance in her voice before he lifted his head, mirroring her blue eyes with his darker ones. “I’d be over the moon” he noted.

“What?” Alexa spluttered.

“If you know” Lionel babbled “I’d be over the moon” he added, his smile widening.

Alexa blinked a couple of times before she tilted her head, returning his warm smile shyly. “Yeah?” she posed.

“Of course” Lionel replied as though it was the most obvious thing in the world “I know that it is still early between the two of us, and I know that that is probably what’s got you so worried, but I’d be thrilled, Alexa” he insisted knowingly.

Alexa’s cheeks flushed a soft shade of pink before she gently reached her hand out, wordlessly encouraging him to place the two boxes into her hand before she padded towards the bathroom, gently knocking the door closed behind her.

“How much longer do we have to wait?” Lionel posed as he padded into the bathroom, his arms gently settling around Alexa’s waist. It hadn’t been long, after Alexa had padded into the bathroom, only a matter of minutes had passed, but Lionel was anxious to see the results, wanting to know one way or the other. He was surprised, when Alexa had handed over the two pregnancy tests to him, he had been more than a little caught off guard by the notion that she thought that her being pregnant was a possibility, but he was excited by it, even if it was only a possibility. A small part of him liked the idea of the two of them starting a family.

Alexa, who was studying the instructions, rolled her eyes a little before she turned, offering him a small smirk over her shoulder. “You know that it’s only been a couple of minutes, right?” she posed amusedly.

Lionel simply offered her a sarcastic smile, something which made Alexa giggle before she leant over her shoulder, stealing a quick kiss. “You’ve only got to wait another minute or so” she mused as she pulled back.

Lionel nodded quietly before he dropped his head, settling in the gap which existed between her neck and shoulder as a comfortable silence passed between them. Alexa smiled a little at the light brush of his beard against her skin before she rested her head against his, allowing a few more seconds to tick away before her phone’s alarm filled the quiet bathroom. Reaching for the phone, she switched off the alarm, before she tentatively reached her hands out, collecting the two tests.

Lionel, who was watching over her shoulder, pulled away a little, allowing her to turn around before she offered the tests out to him. “You want to look?” she posed.

Lionel nodded swiftly before he leant towards her, gently taking them out of her hands. Taking in a small breath, he lifted them into his eye line to scan the results, before he dropped them again, meeting Alexa’s blue eyes which stared up at him, wide and tearful. “What...what does that mean?” he babbled.

Alexa let out a snuffly laugh at his question before she stepped towards him, tossing her arms around him as he drew her into a tight hug. “It means we’re having a baby, Leo” she whispered softly into his ear.
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