The Things That You Do

56: Aren’t I Lucky?

Gently rolling onto his side, Lionel spared a sleepy look towards Alexa, his dark eyes watching as her chest gently rose and fell. He wasn’t surprised that she was still asleep, with it still being early, her alarm clock had yet to sound to let her know that it was time to get up, and he had little doubt that she would sleep until the alarm sounded, even if she had always been a slightly early riser. He had little doubt that she would want to make the most of the opportunity to stay curled up in bed.

It had been long week for her, with a couple of deadlines sneaking up on her, she had spent a lot of time at work, and whilst it meant that they’d spent less time together than he would have liked, Lionel knew better than to get in the way, even if he did enjoy spending time with her. He knew that they’d get more time once the season was over and Alexa had a couple of weeks of holiday to spend with him.

Allowing a quiet yawn to fall out of his mouth, he pushed his hand back through his hair before he stretched his arm out, settling his palm against Alexa bump. “Buenos dias, baba” he mumbled sleepily before he leant over, pressing a brief kiss against the duvet which covered Alexa’s frame. Scattering a few light kisses over the duvet, he grinned to himself gently before he pushed himself up to his feet, moving to collect a sweater from his dresser.


Lionel, who’d moved to pull his jumper over his head, startled a little at the sound of his name before he wheeled around, offering a small smile to Alexa who stared up at him from her pillow, her blue eyes soft and sleepy. “Hey” he breathed softly as he stepped back towards the bed, sitting down at her side “Did I wake you?” he posed.

Alexa shrugged gently. “Perhaps” she mumbled with a sleepy smile.

“I didn’t mean to” Lionel replied “I was just saying good morning to baba” he added as he spared a small glance towards her stomach, his expression softening slightly.

Alexa watched him for a moment, not missing the fond smile which had appeared on his face, before she gently leant up, pressing a tender kiss against his cheek. “You’re adorable, you know that?” she mumbled quietly.

“You might have mentioned it” Lionel replied, slipping his hand beneath the duvet “But I never tire of hearing it” he added impishly.

Alexa rolled her eyes playfully before she leant back against her pillow, smiling a little as she felt Lionel’s cool hand brush against her skin. He liked to touch it, since her bump had become obvious, Lionel had developed a habit of reaching out and touching it whenever he could, and Alexa had to admit that she found it pretty sweet, even if she did tease him a little. She loved seeing how excited he was about their little boy.

Gently reaching down, she settled her hand over his before she brushed her thumb over skin, allowing a brief silence to pass between the two of them. it had been infrequent, with Barcelona’s season reaching its climax and her having been busy with work, opportunities for her and Lionel to spend time together had been few and far between, and she was keen to make the most of them, even if they were just a couple of stolen minutes. She wanted to enjoy a little time with her boyfriend.

Running her thumb over the back of his hand, Alexa closed her eyes sleepily for a few seconds before the shriek of her alarm clock filled the air, causing her to let out a squeak in surprise.

Lionel, who’d been quietly playing with her fingers, let out a small amused chuckle at her reaction before he leant over, flicking the alarm clock off. “I should have warned you that I’d left that on” he quipped impishly.

Alexa glared at him. “You think?” she grumbled.

Lionel flashed her a boyish smile before he leant over, kissing her gently, something which made Alexa grin. Gently lifting her hand, she pushed it back through his dark hair before she pulled away slightly, leaving a matter of millimeters between their faces. “I have to get up” she murmured between soft kisses.

“I know you do” Lionel replied “But a few more seconds won’t hurt” he added, kissing her again.

Alexa pushed her fingers through his hair, kissing him back eagerly for a few seconds, before she drew back, offering him a shy smile that he was quick to return. “You should get up” he mused “You can jump in the shower and I’ll go and make us some breakfast” he offered.

Alexa lifted an eyebrow. “You’re offering to cook?” she quipped.

Lionel shrugged. “I’m feeling generous” he teased impishly.

Alexa, who’d moved to push herself up to her feet, giggled. “Aren’t I a lucky girl?” she quipped.

Lionel merely grinned up at her boastfully, something which made her laugh once more before she leant over, stealing another quick kiss before she stepped away, padding towards the bathroom.

“Have you got plans for lunch?”

Alexa, who was sipping on her glass of orange juice, looked up at the sound of Lionel’s voice, her blue eyes settling on where he sat in the seat opposite her. It had been a good morning, with both of them having woken up in good moods, they’d spent a lot of time playfully flirting and stealing kisses here and there, and Alexa had to admit that she had enjoyed it, even if she knew that she had to leave for work shortly. She had enjoyed spending a little time with her boyfriend.

“Huh?” she spluttered.

Lionel, who’d been drinking from his mug, smirked over the rim of it before he set it down. “I asked if you had plans for lunch” he repeated “I’ve got a later training session and that means I am free. I thought maybe we could go out together. It has been a while” he noted. It had been a while, with both of them being busy, it’d been a while since they’d headed out on a date, and it was something he was keen to change, wanting to spend a little more time with her.

Alexa nodded in agreement. “It has been” she mused “And lunch sounds pretty wonderful. I mean, I did have plans with Henry and a few of the others from work, but I cancel them. Lunch with you sounds like it will be a lot more fun” she enthused with a grin.

Lionel frowned a little at the mention of Henry, but didn’t comment on it, instead quickly fixing a smile on his face. He knew that he didn’t have anything to be worried about, after what had happened after they’d run into Andres, Alexa had been quick to reassure him that she only had eyes for him, and it was something he trusted, but still he couldn’t help but be a little wary of Henry, even if he trusted Alexa completely. There was merely something about the other man that irked him.

Smiling gently, he shook his head. “You don’t have to change your plans” he noted.

“I know” Alexa replied “But I want to. I can have lunch with them some other time, but today, I want to have it with you. Is that alright?” she added playfully.

Lionel shook his head amusedly. “I think that that sounds doable” he played along.

Alexa scoffed playfully before she pushed herself up to her feet, moving to press a quick kiss against his lips. “I’ll see you later?” she posed.

“I’ll drop by and pick you up” Lionel replied.

“Sounds good” Alexa mused “Adios, Leo” she added as she moved to step away, something Lionel was quick to stop.

Settling his hand on her wrist, he gently tugged her back towards him before he pulled her into a soft kiss, something which made Alexa smile gently before she pulled away. “I love you” she mused tenderly.

Lionel’s expression warmed a little at those three words before he leant up, kissing her gently as to return the sentiment.
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