The Things That You Do

77: I’ve Already Told You How I’d Feel

Stepping down to the foot of the stairs, Alexa carefully shifted her hold on Zachary, her blue eyes peeking hesitantly towards the doorway which led back through to the living room. She had taken her time, after she had received the two positive pregnancy test results, she had spent a while sat in the bathroom, simply letting the news settle in, but she knew that she couldn’t hide away for the rest of the night, even if a part of her was tempted to. She knew that it would only raise eyebrows if she spent any more time away from her family.

Gently smoothing out Zachary’s little Barcelona shirt, she hesitated for a few more seconds before she took a couple of steps across the hall, stopping short of the door as Lionel stepped through it, his expression brightening as he spotted her. “I was wondering where the two of you were” he quipped as he stepped towards her, greeting her with a soft peck on the cheek.

Alexa’s cheeks warmed a little at the soft touch before she shook her head, her eyes not straying far from the floor. “I...I had something I needed to take care of” she babbled softly “Have you been here long?” she added, sparing him a slightly hesitant glance.

Lionel frowned slightly, not missing how hesitant she was to meet his gaze, but he didn’t comment on it, instead opting to offer her another warm smile. “I’ve only been here about ten minutes or so” he mused “But that was long enough for your neice and nephew to decide that I have to play their video game with them. I was on my way to see if you wanted to join us” he added warmly.

Alexa shook her head. “I’m alright” she mumbled quietly.

“You sure?” Lionel pressed, his voice warm and encouraging.

“I’m sure” Alexa replied “I’m pretty sure that my niece and nephew would much rather play with their favourite uncle than me. Besides, it’s about time that Zach had his feed” she added, forcing the best smile that she could muster onto her face.

Lionel looked at her dubiously, noting the smile that she wore as forced, but before he had the chance to press it, Ariana’s voice called his name, something which caused him to let out a soft sigh.

“You should get in there” Alexa mused “Ariana inherited her patience from Marco” she joked weakly.

Lionel spared a glance back towards the living room before he turned back, looking at Alexa curiously. “Is everything alright?” he posed.

Alexa nodded. “Everything is fine” she mused.

“Are you sure?” Lionel pressed concernedly “I mean, Marco mentioned that you weren’t well during the match and Isabel said that you were upstairs for a while. If there is something wrong...”

“Leo!” Ariana’s voice cut in “Are you coming or not?” she added as she padded into the hallway.

Lionel blinked a couple of times, caught off guard by the little girl’s interruption, before he fixed a smile on his face, offering her a nod. “I’m on my way” he mused.

Ariana nodded her head before she scampered out of the room, something which allowed Lionel to turn his attention back towards Alexa, offering her a soft look. “Are you sure that you’re alright?” he posed “Because if you’d rather go home, I am sure that it can be arranged. Just give me the word” he insisted. He knew that there was something on her mind, her forced smile and avoidance of his eyes was all he needed to see to know that there was something bothering her, and he wanted her to tell him what it was. He didn’t like the idea that there was something he was missing.

Alexa admired the soft look on his face for a moment before she gently shook her head. “I do need to talk to you” she mused “But, right now, you should go and play the game with Ariana and Adrian. What I need to talk to you about can keep for a little longer” she added softly.

Lionel hesitated momentarily, mulling over her words, before he leant towards her, pressing a quick kiss against her cheek.

Alexa smiled a little at the feel of his lips against her skin before she gently nudged his shoulder. “Go” she quipped.

Lionel flashed her a boyish smile before he ducked back into the living room, wordlessly noting that he would catch up with Alexa before the night was over with.


Alexa, who was quietly looking out over the garden, smiled a little at the sound of Lionel’s voice before she lifted her head, looking up towards the doorway here he stood, a curious expression etched onto his features. She wasn’t surprised to see him, with Isabel having disappeared to settle her children down for the night, and Marco having stepped out to take a call from a work colleague, she had figured that it was only a matter of time before he appeared, and she was glad to see that it was just him, even if she had enjoyed spending the night with her brother’s family. She was a little glad that they had a moment alone. “Where’s Zach?” she posed.

“Isabel finished up with the kids” Lionel mused as he stepped towards her “She said that she’d keep an eye on him for a few minute so that I could come out and check on you” he added, gently settling his arm around her waist as he sat down in the spot at her side.

Alexa merely turned, cuddling into his side slightly.

Lionel smiled a little at the embrace before he dipped his head, kissing the top of hers softly. “What did you need to talk to me about?” he mumbled into her hair.

Alexa, who’d closed her eyes at the feel of the kiss, blinked them open. “Huh?” she posed.

Lionel smirked to himself before he leant back, levelling his brown eyes with her blues. “You said that you had something you needed to talk to me about earlier” he pointed out “Did you forget that?” he teased boyishly.

Alexa offered him a small glare before she shook her head, pushing a few blonde hairs away from her eyes. “Of course I didn’t forget” she mumbled “I just...I thought we’d wait until we got home” she babbled.

“We could do that” Lionel retorted, gently running his hand up and down her side “Or you could just tell me now. There’s clearly something on your mind, Alexa, and I’d kind of like to know what it is. Perhaps I can make you feel a little better” he encouraged softly.

Alexa spared a glance down at his hand, watching it skim up and down her side, before she gently shook her head. “I did another pregnancy test” she breathed after a couple of seconds of quiet.

Lionel, who’d been watching his own hand, stilled. “What?” he spluttered.

“Isabel suggested doing a second one, just as an insurance” Alexa noted “I bought a couple on the way here and I took them. They...uh...they both showed the same thing” she stumbled out.

“They were both negative?” Lionel posed, his forehead furrowed.

Alexa spluttered out a breathless laugh before she shook her head. “No” she muttered “They were both positive” she added.

Lionel stared at her for a few long seconds before he shook his head. “Can you repeat that?” he spluttered.

“They were positive” Alexa repeated “Both of them were. I don’t know why the one I took last week came back negative, but these two didn’t. I think I might be pregnant again, Leo” she hurried out.

Lionel stared at her, trying to wrap his head around what she had said, before he gently lifted his hand, cupping the back of her neck as he pulled her into a strong kiss. Alexa let out a squeak, surprised by the sudden kiss, before she pulled back, her blue eyes searching his darker ones. “What?” she spluttered.

Lionel grinned at her. “What?” he mimicked impishly “I told you how I’d feel if you were pregnant” he pointed out.

Alexa merely stared at him wide eyed, something which made Lionel laugh softly before he leant into her, pressing kisses to both of her cheeks before he met her lips. “I love you” he murmured, tenderly brushing his hand over her cheek.

Alexa closed her eyes at the feel of his hand before she lifted her arms, tossing them around his neck as she pulled him into a tight hug that he didn’t hesitate in returning, fussing about how excited he was quietly into her ear. He was surprised, after the negative test result, he had assumed that it would be a while before they talked about her being pregnant, but he couldn’t hide his excitement, even if it was soon. He was over the moon by the idea that they would have another baby in the near future.
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