The Things That You Do

83: Something You’ll Want To See

Tapping her foot nervously, Alexa glanced down towards her phone which sat in her lap, checking the time which lit up the screen. It had been a while, after she had made amends with her mother, a few weeks had passed, and with her having reached the twelfth week of her pregnancy, she was due to visit her midwife, something she was doing without Lionel by her side.

It had been a last minute change of plans, with her usual midwife off sick, her appointment had been changed, and it clashed with Barcelona’s match in Madrid, meaning that Lionel wasn’t with her, something which made her slightly more apprehensive that usual. She felt better with him around, with Lionel at her side, she had his hand to hold, and without him she felt slightly nervous, even if she was sure that there was nothing to be worried about. A part of her regretted not calling to rearrange.

Gently pushing a hand back through her hair, she shifted slightly in her seat before she felt her phone vibrate in her hand, something which pulled her attention down towards it. Quirking a small smile, she spotted Lionel’s name on the screen before she opened his message, laughing gently at the content which told her to relax and not to worry. Shaking her head, she quickly typed out a reply before the sound of someone clearing their throat reached her ears, causing her to look up at the woman who stood over her, a polite smile on her face. “Miss Sanchez?” she posed.

“That would be me” Alexa replied “Alexa” she added, offering her hand out towards the woman.

“I’m Marie” the midwife replied “And I have been asked to cover your appointment. Would you like to follow me?” she mused with a pleasant smile.

Alexa returned her smile before she nodded, following Marie through towards an examination room.

“So, how are you feeling?” Marie posed as she sat down beside the examination bed, her eyes watching as Alexa settled down onto it.

“I’m feeling good” Alexa replied “I mean, I still wake up most mornings feeling like I am going to throw up, but it is starting to ease slightly. Other than that, I feel pretty good” she explained, watching as Marie took her blood pressure.

Marie, who was checking the reading on the blood pressure cuff, nodded. “Your blood pressure is looking pretty good” she mused “And I’ve looked over Eva’s notes from your last checkup. You seem to be progressing very well, Alexa” she enthused warmly.

Alexa’s face lit up with a soft smile, something which made Marie smile in return before she readjusted herself in her seat, her hand resting on the ultrasound. “You ready to see your baby?” she posed.

Alexa grinned back at the midwife and quickly nodded her head, causing Maria to push her shirt up slightly, moving to scan the small bump which she carried.

Quietly pushing the front door closed, Lionel rested his forehead against it, a tired sigh falling out of his mouth. It had been a tough day, between travelling and the defeat that Barcelona had suffered at the hands of Real Madrid, he had barely had a second to relax, but he was glad to be home, even if he hadn’t quite shaken the defeat from his mind. He was looking forwards to seeing Alexa and hearing how the scan had gone.

Gently bumping his forehead against the door, he let out another soft sigh before the sound of footsteps reached his ears, causing him to turn, his brown eyes landing on Alexa who stood at the foot of the stairs, a soft expression on her face. “I thought I heard you come in” she murmured “How was the trip home?” she posed.

Lionel shrugged. “Quiet” he replied “We were all pretty disappointed. It was a bad result” he added quietly.

Alexa offered him a sympathetic smile, but didn’t say anything, instead opting to step towards him, offering her hand out towards him.

Lionel stared down at her hand for a moment before he placed his into it, allowing Alexa to gently tug him through towards the living room. “I’ve got something I think you’re probably going to want to see” she chirped gently. She knew that he was upset, with Barcelona’s loss still fresh, it was likely he would be upset for a little while, but she wanted buoy his spirits, something she was sure showing him the DVD of her ultrasound would achieve. Offering him a light smile, she gestured for him to take a seat on the couch before she padded towards the television, turning on the DVD.

Lionel sat quietly on the couch, his hands fiddling with the zip of the jacket that he wore, before the soft thumping of a heartbeat reached his ears, causing him to whip his head up, his brown eyes softening at the image which filled the screen.

Alexa, who was still stood beside the television, smiled at the expression which had appeared on his face before she shook her head, her hand gently moving to rest on the front of her sweater. “Aren’t you going to say something?” she teased softly.

Lionel merely stared at the screen, something which made Alexa giggle gently before she shook her head. “I can come back” she quipped “I mean, I was thinking about making myself a cup of tea...”

“Is everything Ok?” Lionel cut in as he turned to look up at her.

Alexa blinked, surprised that he had cut her off, before she nodded, a soft smile on her lips. “Everything is good” she mused “I’m doing Ok, all the checks that she ran came back fine, and our baby’s got a good heartbeat. Everything is good” she insisted gently.

Lionel looked up at her for a few seconds, allowing her words to settle in, before he quirked a small smile, something which caused Alexa to step towards him, pressing a soft kiss against his head. Grinning, he wrapped one arm around her waist before he gently shifted his other hand, brushing it over the front of her shirt. “Gracias” he murmured quietly, his eyes not moving away from his thumb which traced a line over her stomach.

Alexa, who was gently pushing her fingers through his dark hair, tilted her head. “Gracias?” she poked.

Lionel nodded his head gently before he leant forwards, carefully resting his forehead against her stomach. “For cheering me up” he murmured quietly “And for getting pregnant again. I know that it’s something that worried you at first, but I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re carrying our baby again” he added, pressing a soft kiss against the front of her shirt.

Alexa smiled a little at the feel of his lips against her stomach before she carefully ducked down, pressing a kiss against the top of his head, wordlessly telling him that she was happy too.