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88: Why Are You Staring At My Phone?

“So, where is Lionel?” Madeline posed as she plopped down into the seat beside Alexa, offering her a small crooked smile as she pulled her eyes hesitantly away from the screen of her mobile phone. It had been a while, after Madeline had introduced Jose to her children, a few weeks had passed, and with Lionel away on a pre-season tour with Barcelona, Alexa had asked her to attend her twenty week scan, something the older woman hadn’t hesitated in accepting. She was excited to see the newest addition to her family. It had been unexpected, after Zachary had arrived, Madeline had assumed that it would be a little longer before Alexa and Lionel welcomed a second baby, but she was thrilled for them, even if it had come along as a surprise. She couldn’t wait to meet the new baby.

Alexa, who’d been typing out a text, looked up at the sound of her mother’s voice before she shrugged. “He arrived in California a couple of nights ago” she mused “They’ve got a game this evening” she added, a soft smile pulling at the corner of her mouth.

Madeline admired her smile briefly, noting that it was one which she had reserved especially for her boyfriend, before she nodded, just about refraining from fussing about how sweet it was that Alexa grinned when she spoke about Lionel. “You’ve spoken to him?” she posed.

“A little” Alexa replied “It’s a little difficult with the time difference, but we’ve spoken a couple of times. He’s pretty disappointed to not be here” she added, her hand gently brushing against her stomach. It was something that they had known about, with the start of the new season only a few weeks away, they’d known that the date of her scan would clash Barcelona’s pre-season schedule, but still it disappointed Lionel that he wouldn’t be there, even if Alexa had reassured him that she would be quick to inform him how things had gone. He didn’t like the idea that he was missing out on another milestone of her pregnancy.

Madeline watched the movement of her hand before she gently reached out, taking a hold of it before she offered it a soft squeeze. Alexa smiled a little at the feel of the comforting squeeze before she heard her name being called, something which caused her to push herself up to her feet before she padded across the waiting room, Madeline following closed behind.

Eva, who was stood in the doorway of an examination room, greeted the two women with a warm smile before she stepped back into the room, offering Alexa a spot on the bed. “Lionel isn’t with you?” she posed.

Alexa, who’d moved to shuffle her shirt up slightly, shook her head. “He’s away with Barca” she mused “But my madre’s offered stand in. Mama, this is my midwife, Eva. Eva, this is my madre, Madeline” she added.

“It’s nice to meet you, Madeline” Eva mused politely “You must be excited about getting another little grandbaby” she added.

Alexa scoffed, something which caused Madeline to roll her eyes before she offered the midwife a small smile. “I think that was Alexa’s way of saying that excited might be an understatement” she mused.

Eva smiled. “This is your second grandchild?” she posed as she gently pushed Alexa’s shirt up a little more.

“My fifth” Madeline replied with a doting smile.

Eva admired her smile for a moment before she flicked her attention towards Alexa. “Am I going to be telling you the sex today or are you planning on keeping it as a surprise?” she asked, gently smoothing some gel over Alexa’s bump.

Alexa closed her eyes at the cool feeling before she nodded her head. “I told Leo that I would ask” she mused “So, if we can, I’d like to find out” she added.

Eva nodded her head gently before she gently ran the scanner over Alexa’s bump, allowing the soft thump of the baby’s heartbeat to fill the air. Alexa, who’d kept her eyes squeezed shut, relaxed a little at the soft thumping before she blinked her eyes open, sparing a glance up towards her mother who stood behind her, an awed smile on her lips. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” she murmured.

Madeline nodded before she lifted her hand, trying to subtly brush away a few tears from under her eyes.

Alexa watched her mother for a few seconds before Eva cleared her throat, pulling her attention back towards her. “I can tell you the sex of the baby” she noted “If you’re sure about knowing, that is” she added.

Alexa nodded. “I’m sure” she insisted.

Tapping his foot irritably, Lionel spared a glance towards the clock which sat on the wall ahead of him, its second hand ticking slowly around its face. It was dragging, with him waiting on a phone call from Alexa, the team meeting that he had been pulled into before breakfast seemed to be slower than normal, and he was anxious to get out of it, even if the match that the team were due to play that night was an important part of their preparation. A small part of him couldn’t wait to get out of the room and check his phone. Watching the clock for a few more seconds, he let out a quiet sigh before he turned his attention back towards his coach, trying to listen to what was being said.

“Can you stop doing that?”

Lionel, who’d still been quietly bouncing his leg, startled a little at the sound of Gerard’s whisper before he turned. “Huh?” he posed.

“You keep bouncing your leg” Gerard mumbled quietly “And it’s pretty annoying. You haven’t stopped since we sat down” he added.

Lionel smiled sheepishly. “Sorry” he replied quietly.

Gerard spared a brief glance towards their coach, making sure that he was still talking, before he turned back towards Lionel. “Is everything Ok?” he asked.

Lionel nodded his head quickly. “Everything is fine” he mused “It’s just, Alexa had an appointment with her midwife, and I’m waiting on her call” he added, sparing a subtle glance down towards his phone which was perched on his leg, the lock screen still blank.

Gerard quirked a small smile. “She’s about twenty weeks now, isn’t she?” he posed “Is she going to find out the sex?” he added.

Lionel smiled shyly. “If she can” he mused.

Gerard patted his shoulder gently before he spotted their teammates pushing themselves to their feet, something he was quick to mimic. “Come on” he noted “We should get some food and then you can go back to staring at your phone like a lovesick teenage waiting for his crush to call” he added impishly.

Lionel rolled his eyes before he offered the phone out towards Gerard. “I need to go to the bathroom” he noted “Can you watch this for me?” he added.

“I’ll guard it with my life” Gerard teased.

Lionel let out a scoff before he padded away, something which made Gerard chuckle before he padded through towards the restaurant. Finding a table, he quickly took a seat before he felt Lionel’s phone vibrate in his hand, causing him to look down at it before his eyes widened, taking in the text from Alexa which had appeared on the screen.

“Why are you staring at my phone?”

Gerard, whose eyes had been settled on the screen of the phone, jumped at the sound of Lionel’s voice before he looked up, his eyes settling on the argentine who’d slipped into the seat beside him. “It’s a girl” he breathed.

Lionel’s eyes widened. “What?” he spluttered.

Gerard grinned at the surprised tone of his voice before he turned the phone around, showing off the text which had appeared in the screen. “It’s a girl” he repeated “You’re going to have a little girl, hombre” he enthused brightly.

Lionel stared at him for a few seconds, the words ringing in his ears, before he shook his head. “A...A girl?” he spluttered.

Gerard’s smile softened slightly before he nodded. “You’re going to have a daughter, Leo” he repeated softly.

Lionel blinked a couple of times, allowing the word ‘daughter’ to hang in the air around them, before he breathed out a quiet, awed, laugh. “A daughter” he breathed “I’m going to have a little girl” he added quietly.

Gerard watched him for a few seconds, smiling at how in awe of the idea he seemed to be, before he slipped the phone into his hand. “You should give Alexa a call” he mused “I’m sure she’ll be happy to fuss about it with you” he encouraged.

Lionel merely grinned, something which caused Gerard to chuckle before he patted his shoulder affectionately. “Congrats, amigo” he grinned before he stepped away, making his way towards another group of their teammates.

Lionel watched him go before he flicked his attention down towards the phone, quickly dialing Alexa’s number before he pressed it to his ear, listening to the dial tone for a few seconds before Alexa’s voice drifted into his ear. “It’s a girl” he breathed, his voice warm and soft in awe.

Alexa let out a soft laugh. “It’s a girl” she confirmed.
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