The Things That You Do

91: You’re Just Going To Have To Put Up With It

Attaching a piece of tape to the wrapping paper, Lionel neatly folded it over, ensuring that it was stuck down before he settled the neatly wrapped present down onto the table, a small yawn falling out of his mouth. It was late, after Alexa had headed up to bed a couple of hours previous, he had spent a little time wrapping the few presents that he had bought for her birthday the next day, and he was more than looking forwards to heading up to bed, even if Alexa was likely to be restless for most of the night, a small part of him couldn’t wait to put his head down on his pillow. It had been a while, after Zachary’s first birthday had passed, a couple of months had slipped by quickly, and Alexa’s due date was coming up on them fast, something which excited Lionel, even if he was slightly nervous about how they’d cope with the new arrival, mostly he couldn’t wait to meet their daughter.

Neatly arranging the pile of presents on the table, he moved to collect the unwritten birthday card which sat beside him before the sound of someone clearing their throat reached his ears, causing him to lift his head, his brown eyes settling on Alexa who stood in the doorway, her hand settled on top of her pronounced baby bump. “Did you leave wrapping my birthday presents until the last minute?” she quipped, a sleepy smile on her face.

Lionel shrugged nonchalantly. “Perhaps” he quipped boyishly “But, in my defence, I didn’t think I would see you again until tomorrow morning. I figured I could get these wrapped and then come up and join you in bed. What are you doing up again?” he posed.

Alexa, who’d waddled towards a seat at the kitchen table, smiled to herself gently before she lifted her head, smiling softly at Lionel. Lionel admired her smile for a moment, a small frown pulling at the corner of his mouth, before it hit him, something which caused him to blink a couple of times before he dropped his stare, his eyes settling on her bump. “You think...?” he trailed off, moving to settle his hand against the front of her pajama shirt.

Alexa nodded. “I think it’s early days” she mused “I’ve only had a couple of contractions, and they’ve been a while apart, so I don’t think we’re at the stage of tossing our bags into the car and making a dash to the hospital quite yet, but I thought I should probably come down here and let you know that our little girl is on her way” she added, her hand gently resting on top of his.

Lionel, who’d been quietly staring down at their hands, blinked a couple of times before he shook his head, a small smile spreading over his face. “She’s coming?” he breathed.

Alexa grinned at the soft tone of his voice before she nodded, offering his hand a gentle squeeze. “She is” she confirmed “And whilst it is still pretty early, I think I am going to go and give my madre a call. I’d like her to be here to sit with Zach as soon as possible, just in case things start to happen quickly” she added, struggling back up to her feet.

Lionel placed a hand on the small of her back, gently helping her up to her feet before he followed suit, his hand gently cupping her cheek. “You’re having my baby” he murmured softly, his thumb gently tracing the line of her cheekbone.

Alexa quirked a smirk. “You’re just catching onto that?” she teased “I mean, we’ve already got Zach and I’ve been pregnant for almost...” her words trailed off as Lionel leant into her, pressing a soft kiss against her lips. Smiling, she kissed him back happily for a few seconds before she pulled away very slightly, her nose still gently nudged against his. “I should go and call my mama” she murmured, stealing another soft kiss.

Lionel grinned into the contact, happily kissing her a couple more times, before he pulled back, offering her a soft nod. “You should” he replied softly “And I will go and check the bags to make sure that we’ve got everything we’re going to need” he added.

Alexa opened her mouth, preparing to tell him that it wasn’t necessary to do it so soon, but Lionel was quicker, stealing another soft kiss. “I know we’ve got time” he mumbled “But, I am probably going to fuss a lot for the next few hours. You’re just going to have to put up with it” he grinned before he stepped away, padding out of the room.

Alexa watched him out of the door before she shook her head, moving to collect her phone from the coffee table in the living room. She knew that they had a way to go, with her contractions still being a way apart, she was confident that they still had a few hours before they even needed to head to the hospital, let alone until the baby arrived, but she was excited, even if it was early days. She couldn’t wait to meet the newest addition to their little family.

“I need you to keep pushing, Alexa. You’re so close now. A couple more pushes ought to do it” Eva encouraged gently as she looked up at Alexa, a sympathetic expression passing over her features. It hadn’t been a quick labour, after Alexa’s waters had broken, Lionel had been quick to get her to the hospital, but still it had taken hours before they’d been ushered into the delivery room, something which had frustrated Alexa, even if she had tried her best to remain as calm as possible. She wanted nothing more than for her labour to be over.

“It isn’t close enough” Alexa spluttered “Can’t I just stop now?” she added, her blue eyes peeking up pleadingly towards Lionel who stood beside her, his hand tightly wrapped around hers.

Lionel shook his head gently. “You heard Eva” he mused “A couple more pushes and then it’ll be over. We’ll have a daughter, Alexa” he added, his voice warm and encouraging.

Alexa stared up at him for a few seconds before she let out a groan, squeezing her eyes shut as she attempted to push through the contraction. “I hate you for this” she hissed through gritted teeth.

Lionel’s eyes widened a little, surprised by her words, before he shook his head, offering her hand another tight squeeze. “Come on” he encouraged gently “You’re so close now, Alexa. Keep going” he added.

Alexa glared up at him for a few seconds before another contraction arrived, something which caused her to let out a loud groan as she pushed with all that she had. Gripping onto Lionel’s hand as tightly as she could, she grumbled a few curses under her breath before she rested back into the bed, allowing a few long seconds of silence to pass before the softest hint of a cry emanated away from the end of the bed, something which caused Lionel’s expression to relax into a soft smile before he leant across, peppering the side of Alexa’s face with soft, loving kisses. “You did it, Alexa” he murmured quietly “I’m so proud of you” he added, pressing a few more light kisses against her clammy skin.

Eva, who was stood at the foot of the bed, watched the two of them together for a few seconds, not wanting to ruin their moment, before she cleared her throat, something which caused both Alexa and Lionel to look up at her, tears quickly gathering in both of their eyes. “I think I have someone here who might be interested in meeting her mama and papa” she enthused, gently adjusting the towel that she had wrapped around the newborn.

Alexa and Lionel shared a tearful smile before she reached her arms out, allowing Eva to place the little girl down into them. Sniffling, she gently readjusted the towel slightly around the little girl’s face before she looked up at Lionel, mirroring the tearful grin which appeared to be stuck on his face. “We’ve got a daughter” she breathed “Leo, we’ve got a little girl” she added, a snuffly giggle tumbling out of her mouth.

Lionel grinned at her, allowing the words to hang around the two of them for a moment, before he ducked forwards, kissing Alexa’s forehead tenderly. “Happy birthday” he mumbled quietly “To both of you” he added before he dipped down, pressing a soft kiss against the top of the newborn’s head.

Alexa watched him for a moment, admiring the sight of him with the newborn, before she leant her head forwards, resting it against the side of his, something which made Lionel wrap an arm around her, wordlessly enjoying the moment.
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