The Things That You Do

92: You Didn’t Have To Do That

Readjusting himself slightly in his seat, Lionel quirked a soft smile, his dark eyes not moving away from the little girl who sat in his arms, her blue eyes gazing up at him. It had been a little while, after Alexa had pushed the little girl into the world, the hospital room had been busy for an hour or so as both the baby and Alexa were checked over, but with both of them being given the all clear, they’d been left alone for a while, something which had allowed Alexa to fall asleep whilst Lionel kept an eye on the baby, something which had had a grin stuck on his face. It had been a surprise, with Alexa’s due date still almost a week and a half away, he had been caught off guard by her telling him that she was having contractions, but he was thrilled with the result, even if she was a few days earlier than expected. He couldn’t quite wrap his head around the idea that he and Alexa had welcomed their little girl into the world.

Gently brushing the tip of his finger against the little girl’s cheek, he watched as she blinked her eyes sleepily before he gently pushed himself up to his feet, moving to settle her down into the bassinette which sat beside the bed. Ensuring that she was comfortable, he carefully readjusted the hat which had been neatly placed on top of her blonde hair before he leant down, pressing a light kiss against her forehead. “Dulces sueños, mi princesa” he mumbled quietly before he stepped back towards his seat.

Sitting back down, he rested his head against the back of the chair for a few seconds before the sound of Alexa stirring reached his ears, causing him to glance towards the bed, a small grin appearing on his lips as he watched Alexa sleepily blink her eyes open. “What are you doing up?” he cooed softly “I thought you’d be out for a couple more hours yet” he added.

Alexa stared at him for a few seconds, trying to wake herself up slightly, before she quirked a tired smile. “You’re not happy to see me?” she mused, a soft yawn tumbling out of her mouth.

“I didn’t say that” Lionel countered with a soft laugh as he moved to sit down on the side of the bed “I just thought that you’d want to sleep a little longer. You had a pretty long night” he added, sparing a brief look towards the baby.

Alexa followed the line of his stare, admiring the baby for a moment, before she turned back towards him, not missing the doting smile which was spread across his face, a sight which made her own smile widen slightly before she gently shifted her foot, nudging it against his side. “I’m taking the fact that you haven’t stopped grinning as your way of saying that you’re happy she’s here” she quipped impishly.

Lionel, who’d turned back to look at her, let out another soft laugh before he nodded. “Of course I am” he mused “I mean, have you looked at her? She’s perfect, Alexa, and that’s all you. She’s definitely inherited her looks from her mama” he fussed as he moved his hand, taking a hold of Alexa’s which fiddled with the thin blanket which covered her.

Alexa’s cheeks warmed a little at the compliment, before the sound of a light knock at the door filled the air, causing them both to turn, their eyes settling on Madeline who stood in the doorway with Zachary in her arms, a sheepish expression on her face. “Am I interrupting?” she asked “I mean, I asked Leo when he called if it would be OK to drop by...”

“It’s fine, mama” Alexa interrupted “If anything, I am surprised that you weren’t here sooner” she teased.

Madeline scoffed. “Can’t I be excited about my new grandbaby without you teasing me for it, Alexandria?” she fussed.

Alexa smiled. “Of course you can, mama” she mused “Why don’t you come inside and we can introduce you and Zach to his little sister” she added.

Madeline spared a brief glance towards Lionel, wordlessly asking if it was OK that she come inside, before she stepped into the room, her eyes quickly landing on the little girl who was fast asleep in her bassinette. Stepping a little closer to the bassinette, she watched the little girl for a few seconds before she lifted her head, her eyes tearfully mirroring Alexa’s who sat at the head of the bed, a proud grin on her lips. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” she fussed softly.

Madeline blinked a couple of times, trying to come up with something to say, before she shook her head. “She’s gorgeous” she fussed “I mean, I had no doubt that she would be given her mama and her papa, but she’s...she’s perfect. You two must be so smitten with her” she breathed.

Lionel, who’d moved to take Zachary from his girlfriend’s mother, grinned. “We’re very proud” he enthused.

Madeline returned his smile gently before she stepped towards him, pressing a quick kiss against his cheek. “Congratulations, Lionel” she enthused warmly before she padded towards the head of the bed, wrapping Alexa in a warm hug that she was quick to return, happily fussing over the new addition to their family.

“Is everyone gone?”

Alexa, who was quietly dressing the baby, smiled a little at the sound of Lionel’s question before she lifted her head, settling her stare on where he stood in the doorway, a warm smile perched on his lips. It had been a long day, not long after Madeline and Zachary had arrived to visit them, Marco and Isabel had arrived too, and it had meant that getting a second to themselves with their newborn had been difficult, even if both she and Lionel were thrilled that everyone else was as excited about the new baby as they were. Alexa was looking forwards to a little time for just the three of them.

“A nurse came by about ten minutes ago to tell them that visiting hours were up” she replied “There were protests, my mother in particular didn’t want to go, but Marco convinced her to go eventually, though, I am sure she’ll be back with Zach first thing in the morning” she added, her voice warm and teasing.

Lionel, who was still stood in the doorway, nodded. “Was Zach Ok?” he posed.

“A little grumpy” Alexa replied “I don’t think he was happy to be going home without us, but it’s only tonight. Eva seemed pretty happy with me and baby when she was here earlier” she added as she carefully leant out of the bed, settling the baby down into the bassinette.

Lionel merely nodded his head again, something which caused Alexa to lift an eyebrow, a slightly amused smirk appearing on her lips. “You have somewhere else you need to be?” she quipped.

Lionel quirked a small grin before he shook his head. “No” he noted “But I do have something for you” he added before he ducked back out into the corridor, returning seconds later with a bouquet of flowers, a balloon and a small cardboard bakery box.

Alexa tilted her head. “What’s this?” she posed.

“It’s your birthday” Lionel replied with a small shrug “And, seeing as the gifts I lovingly wrapped for you are still on our kitchen table, I thought I ought to duck out and grab a couple of things, just to mark it. I know your mama and Marco bought you a few things but I thought...” he trailed off, grinning at her warmly.

Alexa stared at him for a moment, mulling over his words, before a soft smile appeared on her lips. “You didn’t have to do that” she mused.

“I know” Lionel replied “But I wanted to. It’s your birthday, Alexa, and I couldn’t just let it go by without marking it somehow” he added as he stepped towards the bed, tying the ribbon of the balloon to it.

Alexa watched him for a few seconds before she gently reached her hand up, cupping it around his cheek. “I love you” she murmured, her thumb gently brushing along his cheekbone.

Lionel leant into her touch before he turned his head, pressing a soft kiss against her palm. “I love you too” he replied.

Alexa’s cheeks warmed a little at his reply before she gently pulled him towards her, allowing her to press a soft kiss against his lips. Lionel stilled fractionally, surprised by the kiss, but he quickly warmed to it, kissing her happily for a few moments before the sound of the baby’s snuffles reached their ears, causing him to reluctantly pull away from her. “My turn?” he posed.

Alexa nodded. “I got her last time” she quipped.

Lionel nodded his head dutifully before he stepped towards the crib, gently lifting the little girl up into his arms before he padded across the room, settling her down onto the changing mat that they’d set up. “It’s Ok” he murmured soothingly “Papa is here” he added.

Alexa, who was watching him from the bed, smiled softly at the two of them for a moment before she shook her head. “Are you still sure about the name?” she posed “I mean, I didn’t tell anyone about it when they were here, so if you wanted to change it...”

“I like the name” Lionel interrupted “But if you’re not happy with it, we can change it. We don’t have to have it figured out right now” he added, sparing her a glance over his shoulder. It hadn’t taken them long, after they’d found out that they were expecting a girl, they’d quickly settled on a name that they both liked, but he wanted to offer Alexa the chance to change her mind, even if he did like the name they’d picked out. He wanted to offer her the chance to change her mind before they shared it with anyone else.

Alexa was quiet for a moment, mulling over his offer, before she shook her head, a soft smile on her lips. “I love it” she mused “Our beautiful Thalia” she fussed happily.

Lionel smiled gently at the warmth in her voice before he stepped back towards the bed, settling Thalia back down into her mother’s arms before he leant across, pressing a soft kiss against Alexa’s temple, something which caused her to lean her head against his shoulder, enjoying the moment.
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