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Year 3

Gift (6.7.18)

I gave the girl from track a graduation gift. It was like a postcard thing that she wanted to buy when we went to hang out, but she got something else, and so I figured it'd be a nice gesture to buy it for her. This was supposed to be my end all, be all, gesture to her and I thought I would finally let it go. But when I gave it to her, it was kind of awkward because like, the setting was there for a hug, but I'm too socially awkward to initiate that so it was just kind of awkward. But she really enjoyed it from how she was expressing her gratitude. It made me happy.

I also gave my girlfriend her late birthday present. She really likes books, so I ordered a bunch of books that our our mutual friends like, and I had them sign the books. She was really excited about it. It wasn't a big deal, and I'm feel kind of guilty because her birthday was during the time I needed space to evaluate our relationship, and I don't think I made up for it, so I'm kind of sad, but I'm glad she enjoyed her present.

I'm really considering texting the track girl to hang out. She is probably the person who has had the most influence on me in college. She is also probably by far the person who is happiest with her life. Not like, in terms of her career, or where she's going, or where she'll be financially; but just in terms of happiness and content, she seems to have it all together. She's like this wise guru in my opinion that like, I need to ask all these questions about life, because she's just this all-knowing person with so much sage advice. I really wish we could be friends and hope she thinks I'm at least kind of cool.
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Exams are coming up so will be awhile before I post again.