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Dangerous Slumber


The cemetery was quiet at night, which was why Megan preferred it then; she could talk to her parents and write in her journal without any interruptions. The moon hung low over the graves casting ghostly like shadows across the floor; a light mist seemed to weave majestically through the history that the gravestones told of war, disease, and sorrow. 
Megan knew the grief that death left behind and it was the feeling of sadness and despair that made her want to live through the next day; it sounded weird that feelings such as those could do it but that’s the way it was. She sat, leaning against her parent's gravestone, tears welling just on the surface but not quite ready to fall as she stared up at the stars, knowing in her heart that somewhere out there her parents were looking down on her and all she hoped was that they were proud of their little girl. 
“Found today really hard at school; it’s like you never even died… they don’t remember like I do but then again, why would they. I suppose they have their own troubles and worries to deal with; it’s days like today that I realize how much I really do miss you and want so badly to be able to tell you I love you. I hope I’m making you proud,” Megan mumbled to herself. 
Coming down to her parents' grave and just talking seemed to help a lot, even though she wasn’t sure whether they could hear her or not, it made her feel better at least thinking that they could. Megan looked around as she heard footsteps approaching her, fear starting to take hold as the anticipation of what was to come swam through her mind; a drunk, a murderer, or both, but that feeling was soon replaced with relief as her best friends Logan and Mason walked onto the moonlit path. 
Didn’t they know not to sneak up on people in a cemetery? Hadn’t they seen horror movies Megan found herself thinking as they joined her? 
“We brought some candles to light for your parents; hope you don’t mind,” Mason stated smiling warmly at her as he pulled the candles and a lighter from his pocket. 
“That’s really sweet of you, thanks,” Megan replied, giving him a small smile. The fact that they had turned up made Megan feel a little less alone. 
“It’s customary to say something when you light them,” Logan added. 
“Okay… I’ve known the family for a long time and I know how much you all loved each other; I miss seeing and being apart of that,” Mason mumbled as he lit his candle and placed it in front of the headstone, handing the lighter to Logan. 
“You always made me feel like I was a part of your family no matter what we were doing; it could be something as simple as watching a movie together, and I would feel as though I was meant to be there. I’ve watched Megan change from the little doll obsessed girl that she was to the amazing person we see and love today.” 
Logan lit his candle and placed it on the ground, then it was Megan’s turn, but all she could think about was what do you say to two people that you loved more than anything. 
“You taught me right from wrong, how to tie my own shoelaces, to be grateful for everything that I had because you never know when that thing will get taken away, but most importantly, you taught me to never give up on my dreams no matter what anyone said… after all, anything is possible if you just have a little faith.” 
Tears slid slowly down Megan’s face as she lit her candle and placed it in the middle of the other two, watching the flames dance around in the summer breeze for a few seconds before smiling. With one more glance up at the stars, she blew out the candles, collecting her bag, and leading the way out of the cemetery. 
In school, the other students whispered about her and made up nasty rumors about her parents, but she never really took any notice; after a while, it became easier to ignore them. Megan wouldn’t lie, it still got to her, in fact, it hurt a lot but she was not going to give them the pleasure of a reaction… that’s what they wanted. 
After her parents died, Megan had moved in with her godfather, Rick, who had been her dad’s best friend; they had known each other since they were small, more like brothers than best friends, which is why her dad chose him, Megan guessed. Rick told her many stories about her parents when they were her age, which somehow made her feel more connected to them; maybe because they had never really spoken about their school years and so the stories filled the gap. 
Rick was a teacher at the school where Megan attended, which added a reason to why she was often bullied, but that didn’t bother her because Rick was her family and she wouldn’t give that up for anything. She sat in her room that night, journal open upon the bed staring at the blank pages, for years, she had written her feelings between the lines on the pages; everything she had ever thought or felt was written in this little book that she hid under her bed, and no one had ever seen it. 
Some things she guessed should have been voiced rather than concealed, but her journal was her own little world where there were no barriers on what she could or couldn’t write, and she made sure she took full advantage of that. Things were tough on her at the minute, her parents had been gone less than two months and everything seemed messed up, wrong in a lot of ways, but she knew that time would heal all the gaps that she felt. 
She took her pen out of her mouth and began to write, this was her entry: 
‘My godfather told me that people are only mean to mask the pain in which they felt in their own lives, but if that is true then surely they know better than anyone how bad they are making others feel. I have learned over the last couple of weeks that ignoring them is the best option because they thrive off of your reactions, it gives them the ammunition they need to carry on their cruel and horrible game, at least I know that I don’t need to tear others down in order to make myself feel better’ 
Megan smiled as she closed her journal, just being able to get all her feelings down on paper made things seem a lot less important or worrying. She slid the book back into its hiding place, switched off her reading lamp, and went to sleep, but as usual, instead of being full of peace and sweet dreams, the nightmare that had been haunting her slumber returned. 
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