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Dangerous Slumber


Before discovering her abilities, the cemetery had been a place where Megan felt comfortable and connected to her parents. Now, the huge iron gates instilled fear and stirred up anxiety within her chest.

She was on edge as they made their way over to her parent’s grave, looking around for anything that seemed out of place, and, despite finding nothing, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. Rick had just laid two roses down on the ground as Megan came up beside him, glancing down at the headstones and melting into his side when he put his arm around her.

“I’m sorry that I haven’t been to visit,” Rick said out loud just like she did, “There’s been a lot going on and adjusting has taken time, but I think we’re getting there.”

“We’re definitely getting there,” Megan agreed, looking up at Rick and smiling, “Neither of us wanted this, we’d rather have you both here with us, but I’m glad that it was Rick and not some stranger that took me in.”

Megan looked up at Rick again, tears rolling down her cheeks as she nodded and they left. As soon as they walked back through the gates, the atmosphere shifted and the anxiety faded. Back at the house, Megan went into the kitchen and started preparing the dinner that she’d promised Rick. She had just finished throwing together a side salad, when Rick joined her and set the table.

“I cleared it with principal Lennard so that you can have a few days off to fully recover,” Rick stated as they ate, breaking the silence that had settled between them, “You mentioned something about seeing Mildred?”

“Yeah,” Megan replied, not looking at him and continuing, “It was just after you died.”

“Did she speak to you?”

“She did this time, she told me some stuff that I didn’t know about...”

“How much of it do you believe is true?” Rick asked as he looked over at her.

“Talking to her was nothing like talking to Dan, the whole feeling was different and I kind of believe all of it. She was telling me about a clan who call themselves the Ororian,” Megan explained, “Apparently, these men hunted other men who they believed were chosen to join their cause, which is exactly what happened to those men that disappeared... that’s her side of things anyway.”

“Sounds like you learned quite a bit from her.”

“I did, Mildred also mentioned you and the fact that you’d be the one to help me fulfill my destiny.”

“You know that I’ll be here to do what I can to help, what destiny though?”

“She didn’t know,” Megan replied with a shrug.

Megan smiled at him, finishing her dinner in silence and saying goodnight to Rick as she headed up to her room. The next few days would give her time to do research on the Ororian and her destiny, whatever that was. Sat on her bed, she retrieved her diary and began writing as soon as she found a clean page.

‘The last nightmare was the worst by far. I can’t seem to shift the image of Rick lying in a pool of his own blood, but I got a little more insight into Mildred and how things were back in her day. It seems that I was wrong to jump to conclusions about the kidnapping and Mildred’s innocence, but there’s still too much that I don’t know (or fully understand) to let my guard down.

I don’t understand why I would be destined for anything, I’m just a girl and this puts a lot of pressure on my already weighted shoulders. How is that fair?’

With a sigh, she put her diary away and allowed herself to slip into unconsciousness. Unfortunately, this would be one of the worst decisions she’d ever made.
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Can Mildred really be trusted? Why would sleep be a bad decision?

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