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Dangerous Slumber


The man was pale as chalk standing in front of her, tall and skinny, wearing blood-stained clothes. It almost seemed as though he was dead, murdered maybe, but still standing clear as day in front of her. His eyes seemed to look straight into hers, but that was impossible, it’s not like she was really there… was she? A bitter cold wind seemed to swirl around her, snow-covered every surface that Megan could see, but that’s all she could see, no buildings or people except him; he didn’t move, didn’t even blink like he was in a film that had been paused. 
Megan moved closer and that’s when she saw that his mouth was moving, creating sentences, she could tell that much, however, what he was actually saying Megan had no idea. She took another step towards him, he raised his hand, fear flooding his face as his mouth opened as if to shout out and then everything went black. The darkness had engulfed him and everything around Megan was still; she thought she was alone until the piercing scream broke the silence and echoed in the space surrounding her. 
She could hear her heartbeat now picking up pace as fear sunk its sharp claws into every inch of her existence. It was just a nightmare she repeated over and over in her head, but then again, if it was simply just a nightmare then why did everything feel so real, why could she feel the coldness on her skin, hear the whispers of so many people that she had only just noticed were audible coming from the darkness? It was then, as she concentrated on those voices that the icy, invisible hands grabbed her arms and she screamed, jerking awake
… in the cemetery. 
Megan found herself frozen to the spot for a few minutes … how had she got there? She sat up taking in her surroundings properly, this wasn’t the part of the cemetery she was in earlier. The grounds were untouched, overgrown with weeds and stinging nettles, the headstones were simple stone blocks, crumbled and cracked, the names unreadable. This must be the old part of the cemetery, forgotten over the years and left to just sit there. 
History of the very first inhabitants of Little Barlon Town spread across acres of what Megan could only describe as a jungle; it was only when the cold chill hit Megan that she realized just how dark it was, plus the fact that she was alone in a cemetery wearing only her pajamas. She found herself thinking that this scenario would make a great horror movie scene, but then snapping her thoughts back to reality, she decided it really was time for her to get home and try to explain everything to Rick. She ran home, stones digging into her bare feet as she fled through the streets, back to Rick’s house where he was sat waiting on the doorstep. 
The relief that was so obvious in his face was also obvious when he threw his arms around her, and pulled her into his tight embrace. He led her into the house where the warmth washed over her body causing her to shiver; she didn’t hang around long before she ran upstairs getting changed into some warmer, drier clothes before joining Rick back downstairs in the living room where he was waiting. 
On the table in front of the seat where Megan sat was a cup a hot chocolate; she picked it up, taking a few sips before telling Rick everything that had happened. There was a long silence after she had finished as Rick looked confused, but interested. It was a lot to take in, she understood that, so she sat quietly and waited for him to respond. 
“Well you weren’t sleepwalking, I know that for sure because there were no windows or doors left open, plus the doors were still bolted,” Rick said, finally breaking the silence. 
“What other logical explanation is there, Rick?” 
“There isn’t one that I can think of … I’m going to tell you something that I promised your dad I wouldn’t tell you unless it was necessary, and I need you to listen with an open mind. When your dad first met your mum things were fine but after a couple of months weird stuff started happening, weird signs drawn on the walls, the lights would go on and off on there own, kind of like the place was haunted, but your dad had it checked out and nothing was found.” 
“What do you think it was?” Megan asked. 
“If you look into the history of Little Barlon there are stories about witchcraft and magic, people with powers beyond their control; they didn’t want them but they were born with them. It’s normally passed from mother to daughter, father to son not missing one generation… your mum was born here in this town and when me and your dad researched your family history we discovered that two of your female relatives that were also born in this town may have had strange abilities too.” 
“So, what you're saying is that mum passed on her abilities to me?” Megan inquired. 
“I don’t know how much of the stories are true, Megs, but I will say this, be careful who you trust with this information because there are still people out there who very much believe and don’t accept it,” Rick warned, looking at her. 
Megan just nodded, could these stories really be true? Could Megan really have these abilities that her godfather read about, and if she did have them what was there purpose? 
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