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Dangerous Slumber


Unsure of exactly where to start, Megan uploaded a picture of her mom’s pendant onto a couple of jewelry forums and hoped that the information gathered would explain why she found it so strange... if that was the right word. Sat on her bed with the laptop resting on her lap, she stared at the search bar and finally typed in ‘Information on the Supreme Coven, Little Barlon.’

Surprised by the number of hits she got, she read through the information on the first five links and jotted down anything that she thought could be important or was relevant to what she was looking for. The problem was that she still had no idea what was true and what had simply been added to make the stories seem more interesting, so she decided to talk to Dan, when she returned to school.

She wouldn’t tell him what she really needed the information for, just that it was for a personal project and that it wouldn’t interfere with her school work. The search brought up nothing on Mildred Evans, but Megan had suspected that that was something that she’d need to ask the older residents about and shut down her laptop for the night.

With dinner made, she arranged to meet the boys at the movie theatre the next day and headed to bed. Normal nightmares plagued her sleep that night, meaning that she woke up in her own bed on a rainy Sunday morning and she couldn’t have been happier about it.

“Good morning,” Rick greeted as she practically skipped into the kitchen a while later.


“I’m assuming from the Cheshire cat grin on your face that last night's sleep was uneventful?”

“Just the usual nightmares, you know, killer clowns, murderers, giant wasps.”

“Oh yes, I’ve had many nightmares that involved killer wasps... totally normal,” Rick replied with a chuckle, “How did the research go?”

“I found a couple of photographs that were interesting, but also kind of freaky,” Megan explained, handing over the photo’s and continuing, “That is Mildred Evan’s who, from what I can tell, was the leader of a coven back in 1910... the weird thing is that all the women are wearing replicas of the necklace my mom always wore and not to mention the uncanny resemblance Mildred has to her.”

“Wow, she is the spitting image of your mom, isn’t she?” Rick said, “You know, your grandmother’s maiden name was Evans before she married your grandfather... so it could be her sister. I also vaguely remember mention of a secret sister or some relative that no one spoke about, there’s no denying that she’s related though.”

“If she is, why would mom be wearing the exact same necklace? Does that mean that the Supreme Coven is still running and that mom was a part of it somehow, or is the necklace just something that was passed down to her?” Megan rambled, “I do know that the necklace makes me feel weird, like it’s pulling me in...”

“Those are all things that you will have to find out, nobody’s ever mentioned a coven or witchcraft. You should definitely try to find out more about Mildred and this Coven.”

“I’m going to ask some of the older residents about Mildred and talk to Dan about the Supreme Coven on Monday, maybe he’ll be able to shine some light on what I’ve found so far.”

“That sounds like a plan,” Rick agreed, “We need to keep this all pretty low key for now, only involve the people that need to be involved... this could be dangerous.”

“I’m going to meet Mason and Logan to catch a movie, then drop by Mrs. Laubrey’s place on the way home to see if she knows anything.”

“Okay, have fun and don’t be home too late,” Rick told her as she left.

She met Mason and Logan outside the movie theatre, which was only a fifteen-minute walk from Rick’s house. The building itself was old and only big enough to hold one screen, plus a small snack counter. They had been watching for about an hour, when Megan’s mind drifted far from the reality of the space she was in and back to 1910.

Her clothes changed as her surroundings flickered from the movie theatre to an old church, dusty and worn from lack of use. Mildred was knelt on the floor with her hands clasped and head down, whispering what Megan assumed was a prayer.

She stood staring as the room fell silent, watching closely as Mildred pushed herself effortlessly to her feet and turned to face Megan with a smile. Her mouth had just opened to speak, when Megan felt a sharp dig to her ribs and everything snapped back to normal.

“We came to watch the movie, not daydream,” Mason teased as Megan looked over to find him grinning at her.

“Sorry, I am watching... just got lost in my own world. What have I missed?”

“Not much, some explosions, a few deaths... the usual for any action film. I’m sure wherever you were was probably a lot more exciting, care to share?”

“Shh,” came an annoyed voice from behind them as Megan went to answer, causing them both to roll their eyes and laugh.

The film didn’t get much better after that and despite the company, she found that she was glad when it finally came to an end. Relieved that both Mason and Logan had errands to run for their parents, Megan hugged them both and made her way towards Mrs. Laubrey’s house.
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