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Dangerous Slumber


Mrs. Laubrey lived in a secluded cottage out in the middle of the woods, away from everything and Megan guessed that that was the reason she chose to live out there. Though she lived away from town, she still knew everything that happened and that’s why Megan had decided to talk to her first.

The cottage was nicely kept with different colored bricks forming the main structure of the quaint building and a straw-thatched roof, which completed the old-fashioned look. Megan walked along the cobble pathway that ran through the middle of a neatly kept garden and tapped lightly on the door, admiring the rose bushes that had been planted evenly along the fence as she waited for someone to answer.

Locks being undone soon drew her attention back to the door and she stepped back as it opened, revealing an angry-looking Mrs. Laubrey.

“What do you want?” she asked with a glare.

“I was hoping to ask you some questions about Little Barlon when you were younger?” Megan stated nervously, having heard many stories regarding the old lady’s temperament and not knowing what to expect.

“Well of course dear, come on in,” Mrs. Laubrey replied, smiling at Megan and practically pulling her over the threshold.

“Thank you,” Megan added, unsure what had brought on the sudden change in the lady’s mood and frowning as she took a seat in the small living room.

“So, what is it that I can help you with?”

“I was wondering if you can tell me anything about the Supreme Coven, or a lady by the name of Mildred Evans?”

“I was only young when Mildred lived in town, but I had ears and I can tell you what I heard. As a person Mildred was very mean, especially towards men and children,” Mrs. Laubrey told her, “Many people put it down to the fact that she had been hurt by a previous lover and couldn‘t have children as a result, which is about the time that the coven came about. It was made up of women from a particular background or heritage and a lot of strange things happened, but I was never able to figure any of it out.”

“What sort of strange things?”

“Men would disappear, vanish without a trace and people blamed the coven. There was no proof that it was them, beliefs can’t be used as evidence after all, but people accused them of witchcraft and they were run out of town for it.”

“They were run out of town because people thought they were witches?”

“Don’t be stupid child, this wasn‘t the Salem Witch Trials... they were run out because of the men disappearing.”

“Did any other men disappear once they’d left?”


“That shows that Mildred and the coven were guilty then, doesn’t it?”

“Perhaps, but nothing was ever proven and Mildred was never seen again after that. Her family was devastated and blamed the town for taking her away from them...”

“It was their fault in a way, do you know what family she left behind?”

“They were scared, angry and Mildred did not help matters with her hatred. She lived with her mother, father, and sister as far as I can recall.”

“Well, Mrs. Laubrey, thank you for all your help,” Megan said as she got up and headed to the front door.

“If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to return... it gets lonely out here at times,” Mrs. Laubrey replied with a hint of sadness, causing Megan to nod in agreement and wave.

It was getting dark as she made her way back down the path and entered the woods, quickening her pace. She ran through everything that Mrs. Laubrey had told her, piecing it all together in her head and attempting to make sense of it all. Had Mildred and the coven really been responsible for what happened to those men, or had something else been at play and they were accused based purely on their beliefs?

She couldn’t believe that, especially not after what had happened to her and how everything seemed to be fitting with her mom’s side of the family. She arrived home a little after eight and smiled at Rick, who was paying for the pizza that was just being delivered. Stood in the kitchen, Megan poured herself some juice and looked over as Rick placed the pizza box on the counter.

“Did you go see the nutty old bat as you planned?” Rick asked.

“She isn’t nutty, a bit nosey at times, but apart from that she’s... really nice,” Megan replied, grabbing a slice of pizza and taking a bite.

“Nice is a word people use when they don’t want to sound mean, but I’m on to you kid... did she have anything interesting to tell you?”

“She told me stuff that I didn’t know, which only adds more pieces to the ever-growing puzzle...” Megan told him, “Apparently, Mildred and the coven were accused of being involved with the disappearance of some men and were subsequently chased out of town because of it. Everyone thought that it was them, which is understandable since they left and no one else went missing.”

“Doubt that’s a coincidence.”

“If that is what these powers are supposed to be used for, I don’t want them...”

“Unfortunately, I don’t think you get to choose whether or not you have them Megs,” Rick told her, watching her closely and continuing, “We’ll figure it out and we will deal with it, but it can wait until the morning... you have school.”

“Okay,” Megan mumbled, kissing Rick’s cheek and heading towards the stairs, “Night Rick.”

“Night sweetheart.”
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