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Dangerous Slumber


Megan woke up to find Rick lying on the ground next to her, choking on his own blood and clutching desperately at his cut throat. Panic hit her like a freight train as she placed both hands over his to help apply pressure, but it was too late and she watched as the light faded from his eyes.

She fought back tears as she shook him, calling his name and receiving no response. This can’t be happening... I need him she thought to herself, laying her head on his chest in the hopes of hearing some sign of life and breaking down when her silent pleas were answered with an even deeper silence.

“Megan,” came a soft female voice from behind her.

Slowly rising to her feet, she turned to find Mildred stood behind her and watched her with anger burning in her eyes.

“Why did you have to do this?” Megan shouted as tears rolled down her cheeks, “He never did anything to you.”

“This part of the nightmare is not of my doing; I will tell you this though... the nightmare realm can be deceiving and I assure you that your godfather is fine,” Mildred said, beckoning Megan forward, “Please, we don’t have much time.”

Though confused and scared, something about the way in which Mildred spoke made Megan follow. What she felt was the complete opposite of the distrust she felt from Dan, but, as Mildred had already pointed out, wherever she was could be deceiving and that had her erring on the side of caution.

“If that part of this nightmare wasn’t of your doing, then who was it?” Megan inquired as Mildred came to a stop.

“The coven calls them the Ororian; they came before the Supreme Coven was established... they are men that hunt other men who they believe fit within their clan,” Mildred answered swiftly, her voice melodic and calming.

“So, these Ororian people were responsible for those men that went missing back in 1910?”

“They were, but the people of Little Barlon were not ready to hear about the Ororian and so, we fled,” Mildred explained, “You have to realize young one that people would rather believe in a God that they had no evidence existed, then believe that it was humanly possible for some to possess the power and skills to do extraordinary things. Now, there are a few things that you need to know about the coven, the Ororian, and your powers.”

“I’m listening.”

“I, much like yourself, stumbled upon my gift and struggled to come to terms with the fact that I was different. This is so much bigger than us, Megan and although I was seen as the highest member of the coven, I didn’t form it,” Mildred explained, “Each member of the coven that I have met has possessed only one power, but you seem to have numerous and that... that answers a prophecy that I’ve waited for my entire life.”

“I don’t understand, where do the Ororian fit in?”

“The Ororian clan was formed as I said before the coven, in fact, they were the reason the coven was formed. Those men that were supposedly kidnapped, they were new members of the clan... not kidnapped, simply chosen and taken away to train.”

“There’s nothing special about me though, so why was I given these powers?”

“You may not see it yet, but you are so special and in time you will learn to embrace it. Your mom was one of the strongest witches we ever came across, then you were born and we knew that you would be the same,” Mildred said with a sad smile, “I’m afraid that I have to go, but remember... the power of your sister witches is always around should you need it and it’s okay to trust those closest to you with your secret.”

With that Mildred faded into a bright white light, leaving Megan standing alone and more confused than ever. She turned back around as the scene around her shifted and suddenly felt herself falling, before she woke with a gasp.

Strong arms quickly encircled her and she panicked, struggling to get free.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Rick whispered reassuringly in her ear, kissing her head and tightening his hold.

It took a while, but, eventually, she calmed down enough to realize that she was at home in bed and instinctively gripped onto Rick’s shirt.

“You’re okay,” she mumbled.

“Of course I’m okay, you’re the one that collapsed... what happened Megan?”

“You died, I woke up and watched as the light faded from your eyes. There was so much blood and I tried to help, but it was already too late,” Megan stated, speaking fast and feeling the panic stir within her chest once again.

“It was just a nightmare, I’m right here and nobody is going to change that.”

“It felt so real, I could feel the blood on my hands and hear the desperation as you struggled to breathe. I don’t want to lose you, Rick, you’re the only family I have left and though, I don’t show it, I love you like a dad,” Megan mumbled, “I’m just scared that if I love you as a dad and not just my godfather, then I’m saying that dad didn’t matter.”

“Your dad will always matter; he was my best friend and I loved him like a brother. I had no hesitation about saying yes to being your godfather and I’ve always looked at you as if you were my own, ever since you were a baby.”

“Mildred was in my nightmare too,” Megan added, not wanting to cry again and changing the subject.

“We’ll talk about that later, let’s take a walk... it’ll do you good.”

With a nod, Megan followed Rick outside and knew exactly where they were heading as they turned left onto the road that led to the cemetery.
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