Last Life

They thought she was gone forever. She felt like she didn't belong. When the ThunderCats recieve a distress signal from within space, they meet Catrina, a young girl who seems like their missing friend, Lina. Together, the ThunderCats help Catrina on her path to her destiny.

I do not own ThunderCats, obviously but i do own the idea behind this story and any characters not original to the series.

Author's Note: Okay so this story was written way back in August of 2011, after hearing that ThunderCats was going to get a reboot at the end of that summer so in my excitement and with much encouragement from my good friend, Gatsby, I started this epic adventure of well, adventures, excitement, friendship, and good triumphing over evil. It was written in the true spirit of the original series and thus it remains my most fondest story to date. I've been working on it off and on for the past six years and now i'm proud tp bring back to its birthplace here on Mibba. Thundercats ho!
  1. Exodus
    The Thundercats witness the destruction of thier home.
  2. Dreams
    Catrina wakes up from a weird dream. She discovers the secret of her necklace and what she believes to be space pirates break into her house after disrupting the signal she had unknowingly sent to the Thundercats.
  3. S.O.S.
    2917 words. The ThunderCats receive a distress signal and come to Catrina's rescue.
  4. The ThunderCats
    Catrina recieves some bad news after more of her past comes to light.
  5. Memories
    Catrina remembers her mother and a random memory from her childhood.
  6. Sight Beyond Sight
    Catrina come to a realization and the Sword of Omens begins to glow.
  7. The Test
    Catrina comes to a realization about her separation from the ThunderCats.