‹ Prequel: In an Instant
Sequel: Delilahs Darkness
Status: 2017 Nanowrimo Project!

City of Dark Angels

Six months after the accident that altered the path of Delilah Ivy’s life, Delilah realizes that she can see the dead. It starts off unnoticeable at first, but eventually she finds herself being able to speak with the dead. She also gets visions, and terrifying dreams begin to consume her at night. One morning after a night out with her friends, she is informed of the news that her father has escaped prison. Delilah and her friend Travis flee the city from the fear of her father finding her and avenging her and Travis for turning him and his corporation in. Along their travels they meet up with Death once again, he seems distraught and lets them know that his brother has taken over the City of Angels. Which once was a beautiful, peaceful place for the lost to find themselves becomes a baron city of torture and destruction.

  1. Prologue
    “Help me.” It whispers, in a not so threatening tone, and I recognize the voice. Someone I thought I lost long ago, only to be found once again. “Cecilia?”
  2. Mysterious Entities
    "I still worry about you." He says, a concerning look filling up in his eyes. We pull up into the parking lot of the mall and park near the entrance. "I know." I say smiling at him. "Believe me, I know."
  3. Parties, Pizza and Visions
    The sign above the city entrance is torn apart and shattered, and I can barely outline what it says. I am pushed closer into the city and I'm finally able to decipher the sign. "City of Angels."
  4. Hitting the Road
    "There's left over pizza, or we can go out for some bacon and eggs, the best hangover food in existence." "Ask me again in the next decade." I say burying my face in the pillow.
  5. The Angel Girl
    "Maybe you had another episode..." Travis says reaching out to me and placing his hand behind my back and ushering me towards the car. I stop and turn around to face where I seen the girl, feeling confused. "Delilah, there is no one there."
  6. Secret Notes
    Suddenly Death appears right in front of us, "Found you finally, anyone up for an adventure?"
  7. Not Heaven
    everything is gray, everything is so dark and gray.
  8. Finding the Angels
    "I found it." I murmer, snapping out of my vision and back into the reality of the cafe. "Tell me everything, and don't leave out a single detail." Death says becoming excited at the retrieval of his greatest creation.
  9. The Key
    The key appears in my hand and Travis looks down at it in amazement, able to see the gold of the object shine with the intensity that it has. "Please help us...please." She says disappearing into the shadows of the forest surrounding her.
  10. Shadow of Light
    "Welcome to the City of Angels, please do enjoy your stay. As we've been expecting you."
  11. Dark Angels
    The rules changed, everyone changed. He gave us our bad memories back, and the pain we felt when we were alive came back ten times worse.
  12. The Lost Sister
    "How do you know all of this about us? And don't say its because you know things, a real answer this time please." I say sitting down on a broken chair.
  13. Uncovered Secrets
    "The in between of it all, as I said for those to go and find themselves, the lost to become unlost, you can choose to stay here for all eternity or you can move on to heaven or wherever your soul believes in."
  14. The Nightmare
    Do you accept this task? To save the world from darkness as we know it? If yes, please say so now. If no, then walk out of this room and don't look back. Raviera will be waiting for you.
  15. Recruitment
    "This is not a joke, this is your salvation, your release from reality." He says in a serious but light tone. She considers it for a moment but still remains unsure.
  16. Three Days
    "What speech?" She asks me, dumbfounded about the whole thing. "City of Angels? Sounds like a fantasy novel."
  17. The Labratory
    Then reaches up to snap his fingers and before he can Travis gives him an annoyed look. Death sighs and says "Incoming scene change." Before we are transported some place else.
  18. In the Bloodstream
    "A dark angel, the opposite of a light angel, not a demon but possesses the powers of such. Used for the evils of the world, can read minds and use those thoughts against you to turn you into one of them. Even the best of the best can turn into a dar
  19. The Man
    "Be gone black eyed beasts!" He shouts, running from us. I put my arms up in defense to reassure him that I am still human and not one of them.
  20. Deaths Sacrifice
    "I made a friend, her name is Delilah...she made me realize there is so much more to life then getting high on the daily. She inspired me, she taught me about friendship and that I'm so much more than just a pill in a bottle." I explain to him, he sm
  21. 2745
    "The island from my dreams..." Travis says suddenly, and I remember him describing this place to me, I can feel the fright radiating off of him.
  22. Deaths AIs
    "It can be, if you like living centuries of solitude and war. Come with us." The woman insists us to do; we get up and follow both her and the man away from the fire and into a building in the ground.
  23. Before the Darkness
    "We're going to fix this okay, we are going to get this place back to what it used to be. But in order to do that, we need to get moving and not sit around reminiscing and feeling sorry for ourselves."
  24. The 60th Floor
    I do so and from the control room we are transported to the pond, the water in fact a deep brown sludge.
  25. Returning the memories
    "Fight it Delilah," He says, his words comforting. "Don't let the darkness take you, don't let it swallow you hole. We're going to make it through this, I just know."
  26. Welcome back addiction
    "I'm alive because of you, you gave me the strength to believe in myself, and what I am capable in. Delilah, I need you to come back to me, I can't save the world without you."
  27. Meeting the Wall
    “I’d rather have a broken world than a broken best friend.”
  28. Knowledge
    She breaks down the barrier and I run to Travis and he grabs me in a quick but warm embrace. “I thought I lost you for good.”
  29. Deaths Plan
    “Don’t be scared Delilah.” Travis says as we reach the bottom of the staircase. I try accept his advice but it doesn’t help my heart from beating a thousand times a minute inside my chest.
  30. Black Angel Hearts
    “So, we have to kill a dark angel.” Erika says, “Then we must head back to the real world to find one.”
  31. Erikas Blood
    “I saw how you where when you thought you lost me.” I tell him about the vision I had about watching him drink, he sighs at this confession and grabs my hand turning to me.
  32. Welcoming
  33. Return to the brink
  34. City of New Angels
  35. Take on the world