‹ Prequel: In an Instant
Sequel: Delilahs Darkness
Status: 2017 Nanowrimo Project!

City of Dark Angels

Welcome back addiction

I lay on the cold hard floor of a hospital, tired out from all that I've done. I hear the panic all around me develop as I lay there. Even after all I've done, I still feel a sense of remorse somewhere inside me, a sense of guilt taking over.

"No, that's the humanity talking." I say to myself standing up, and flying towards the doors of the hospital. I don't want the humanity, I want the evil inside my veins. I want to keep killing, to keep on turning. I'm starting to find it fun, a little game to play.

"Delilah! This isn't you!" I hear a familiar voice call out to me, I groan and turn around and it's exactly who I suspect.

"Travis. I don't want to hurt you." I say, even though part of me does want to hurt him, to sink my teeth so far into his skin he doesn't know the meaning of the word scream anymore. "But, if you don't leave and never return to me again I will hurt you. And trust me, it will hurt me then it will you."

He stands his ground and I let out a growl in frustration, but he still doesn't move.

"Delilah..." He starts and I turn my head away and wish I can shut off my hearing or make him shut up somehow. "Remember in the brink, after I told you that I remembered that it was your father that killed my parents and you told me, that I am so much more than what I think I am, and I shouldn't let drugs or the pain of losing my parents control me? Remember that Delilah, I know you do. Your humanity isn't gone."

I do remember that, but I'd rather chuck myself off a building or slit my own throat before admitting it to him. I just want him to leave.

Nonetheless, despite my pleading for him to leave he still stands his ground and goes on talking about memories, "I'm alive because of you, you gave me the strength to believe in myself, and what I am capable in. Delilah, I need you to come back to me, I can't save the world without you."

"What world?" I scoff. "The world of darkness, the world of destruction and chaos and self loathing. We don't need a dark angel apocalypse for that to happen, the world was just as shitty as it was before. Don't depend on me to fight your battles for you, I'm not your body guard." I try to hurt his feelings, maybe that will get him to leave. But he shows no hurt or saddness on his face from my words.

"That's not you talking Delilah, it's the curse." He insists, not giving up on his speech. I turn and get ready to fly away before he reaches out and grabs my hand and spins me around. I'm face to face with him now, he holds up his hand on my cheek and places my hand on his.

"Remember this? Coming out of the coma and running towards my room, only to be greeted by my empty hospital bed, I heard you crying Delilah, you were heartbroken that you thought you lost me, and then I tapped you on the shoulder and I swear I've never seen the joy in anyone's eyes brighter than what I seen in yours that day, you were more than thrilled I was real. You put your hand on my face, and said you couldn't believe it was all real, I couldn't believe it either."

I turn my face away from him and step away, I force my hand away from his and walk away from him. Leaving him standing there heartbroken, I want to come back now but something inside me still won't let me. The curse is still strong within me, and nothing Travis can do or say will bring me back at this point.



I cry in frustration as she walks away from me again, I feel useless. I need her to save the world, the world she believes can't be saved. But I know it can be, she's still in there, and she wants to come back to me. What's stopping her from doing so? What do I have to do to bring her back?

I suddenly feel a hard weight inside my pocket, I slide my hand inside and can feel the stone and move it around with my hand.

I call out to the AI, wondering if she can hear me 'What do I do with this thing? How do I reverse the curse with this stone, you never told me anything about the stone, just to grab it from the gross muddy ravine.'

'Tomorrow night is a full moon." She starts saying, and I groan. Oh great, another cliche. Why does everything happen during a full moon?

"You need to take your blood, Delilahs blood, Erika's blood and Riley's blood, a dark angel feather, to the center of the City of Angels. At 9:32 PM the moon will begin to rise, place all of these things inside the stone, set it down and wait for the moon to rise, you'll see things and you'll hear things that you don't want to hear but ignore them, let it all happen. Once the moon has risen, it will ignite a light on the stone, it will glow and rise up. You need the concentration and power of all four of you to destroy the stone, destroying the stone will break the curse."

"How am I going to get Delilah back in time?" I ask the AI.

"The curse should be wearing off soon. Don't forget, she's only a dark angel by blood... once the blood is washed out of her system she will be back to herself, and will be 100% ready to focus on the task at hand."

"What do I do until then?" I ask, wanting something to distract my mind from it all until the time has come that Delilah is back to me.

The AI snaps her fingers and we are inside a little house, "Do what you wish, I'll keep you posted on the status of Delilah."

She disappears leaving the three of us alone in this little house, Erika takes off towards the basement and Riley goes towards the kitchen. I feel tired but depressed, I want to sleep but my brain won't shut off, I head towards the basement of the little house. It's a small living room that I am met with, a bottle of what used to be my favorite vodka sitting temptingly on the counter. I've gone through so much effort to get clean, I know that just a small sip of this dangerous concoction will only have me spiral down a never ending pit into addiction once more. I grab the bottle, and without a care in the world I take the biggest chug I have ever taken in my life. It burns my throat, but the thought of losing Delilah burns my heart worse. I put it down and walk away, the satisfaction of the deed I shouldn't of done turns to guilt as I sit down on the comfortable little couch and close my eyes.